Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Setting Apart of
ELDER Tanner John Lambert
Blessing given by President Robinson on March 24th 2015
in the Lambert home

Tanner John Lambert, by the power of the Melchizedek Priesthood, and as your Stake President, I lay my hands on you to set you apart as a missionary with the assignment to serve in the Philippians, Manila Mission. I set you apart as a missionary and give you a Priesthood blessing to guide you and to give you spiritual gifts. You have been called to represent the Savior in a foreign land. I bless you with the combined faith of the brethren in this circle.
Elder Lambert, may you know like never before that you are a Son of God and you are called to teach and preach salvation to people who are waiting for you. Their lives will be blessed because of you.
I bless you that your tongue may be loosed and you may have the ability to teach and bear testimony like Enoch. You will change lives and perform miracles. I bless you with a great love for the people of the Philippians, that you might see them as they may become, and see through their poverty. You will be teaching the gospel of joy and happiness.
I bless you with the gift of discernment that you will be able to recognize where NOT to be. I bless you with charity, which is a spiritual gift. I bless you with an “overwhelming love” for the people, that you may know their needs and be able to see them a portion of the way the Savior sees them. I bless you with health and strength, and that you may be wise, knowing clearly good from evil.
I bless you with a love for your companion and President, even though they may not love you back like you want. I bless you that you might serve and have strength.
I bless you with faith. Know that your family is praying for you and that you will “literally have angels on your right and left to lead and guide you”. Be sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Ghost, this is more important now than ever.
Teach with power, to lead people to do ordinances. You have a great friend in the Holy Ghost, in all circumstances. May your tears be of joy, to sustain you in hard times. Live and suffer with those you serve. Feel his refining influence and be what Heavenly Father knows you can be. Be a pure witness of the Savior. Your testimony will be strengthened of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, that Joseph Smith is the prophet of the Restoration. Bare witness, with power and authority, of the Book of Mormon.

I bless you to feel the love of your family and to feel of their strength and support. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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