Thursday, April 30, 2015

Week 5- MTC

Dear world, 

Another week down here in the MTC. Week 5. I'm honestly so ready to get out in the field! I can't handle a classroom much longer. I'm gonna be missing everyone in my district, but after proselyting this week I am TOO ready to go to the field! It was honestly a slow week around here. Since the senior batch left, nothing interesting happens around here. Our Sunday night devotional isn't the same. I miss those guys too much. I'm hoping to be able to send some pictures of those guys if I can get a cord from someone. Me and Elder Lye are doing alright I suppose. He has no desire to adjust to my culture, when I'm doing everything I can to adjust to his. He has a short temper and freaks out over the most ridiculous things. I know I shouldn't talk bad about kasama ko, but I try to love him.

Honestly the most interesting thing that happened this week was proselyting on Wednesday! We got to go to the Quezon City mission. We drove to the church, and it was like 6 levels tall I think? Land in the city is so expensive that its waaay cheaper to build up than out. So that was a cool and different thing to see. Also, the churches have metal bars on all the doors and windows so that thieves can't get in! It's also pretty weird to me that every single bank has at least 2 security guards outside of it. Each guard has a shotgun strapped to his chest. So any time I go to the ATM there's a dude with a shotgun looking down my throat. Pretty cool haha. But back to the proselyting, I got paired up with Elder De Luna. He is a Filipino from up north. He's been out for 20 months. He was a super chill dude. He didn't know his English that well, he told me that he has had to learn from his American mga kasama. He spoke better English than I can speak Tagalog! We had 2 appointments set up for the day. Evando, who was a recent convert, and Alcoba who is a less active member. Evando was supposed to be taught tungol sa Ang Plano ng Kaligtasan, pero siya wasn't home. So that was pretty masama. We got to his house and his little brother was there, he was a super sweet kid, who was recently baptized. They live in super poor living conditions, hard to see, pero he was having fun with whatever he was doing! So we decided to "OYM." OYM means to "Open Your Mouth." Which basically means talk to anybody and everybody. We started walking and we walked down this road which has tons and tons of members and less actives! We stopped at this one guys house and he works here at the MTC as a cafeteria guy! He's super nice. Kasama ko asked if we could teach him a quit lesson. He agreed and we taught about Ang Pananumbalik. I did my best understanding those guys. Filipinos talk very very quiet and the people around aren't very quiet either. So that was interesting. Kasama ko did probably 75% of the teaching. I followed along pretty well, we got to the part about the first vision and he kind of looked at me to explain it. I did my very best Taglish. I looked up James 1:5 and read that to him and told the basics of the story. I testified to him that propeta si Joseph Smith restored the ebanghelyo ni Jesucristo on this earth. And I talked about how much ng ebanghelyo blesses families. It was really cool for me. So our lesson ended and we started walking to our next appointment. As we were walking this little girl started yelling "elders elders elders!" And she came running over. She gave us huge hi fives and was so happy to see us. She reminded me of Kelsie and was super super cute. She was probably the same age as Kelsie is. So that was pretty cute. We kept walking and saying hi to people. Its very different here because a lot of people say "Hey Joe!" when they see someone white. They assume you're American and also assume that you have money. So that's kind of obnoxious but whatevs. The people are so nice here. 

We got to our next appointment to a less active guy named Alcoba. He was an older guy. We taught him about keeping the Sabbath day holy. He spoke pretty good English so that made it a bit easier. I shared my testimony on keeping the Sabbath day holy. We invited him to church so hopefully he will go. The lesson went well. After the lesson kasama ko asked him if we could have a drink. He said "siempre!" So he invited us in for a cold glass of water. His wife and daughter and granddaughter were in there. They had like a bunch of snacks on the table. They had sweet potato French fries that were like.. caramelized. They were quite interesting but not bad. Then they brought out the ice cream. Durian ice cream. They sure love that stuff. It was like weird smelling but was pretty masarab! It was like a banana/orange sherbet type of a flavor. I knew I had to eat it all (which was no big deal) so I ate it all and then they just kept shoveling it into my bowl! It was like a bottomless ice cream bowl. I had a lot of ice cream haha. But it was so good dahil we had been non stop sweating (At least I was because I'm a Lambert) So it was a nice break. Even if they have no air conditioning. 

After that we took a jeepnee back to the church. Jeepnees are pretty cool and scary because if you just tell them to stop, they'll stop right in the middle of the road and you get out! I thought it was fun. So we went back to the church and went back to the MTC. Honestly a really good day. But it just made me want to get out in the field that much more. 5 more days and I'll be there! Next emails will be coming from an internet cafĂ© somewhere in Manila! And my next P day won't be till next Monday! So not for a while. But I should have some good stories for you guys! That was basically all for this week. One good day and a bunch of generic ones!

 I love you all! The Church is true.

 Love, Elder Lambert 

Elder Papalli and me! He's from Australia. He's freaking hilarious. He left last week. But it's weird because he turned 18 like a month ago!

Elder Viti and I! What a stud. He's from Fiji. Probably the quietest kids I've ever met.

Elder Carrington from New Zealand/Australia. He was a stud as well. We got a long super well. He always teased me but who doesn't hahaha

Elder Farrish and I! He's from Cali but goes to BYU. He's one of the guys who left from last week. I'll be seeing him after the mish!

Elder Hunt and I from New Zealand.Out of all the last senior batch me and him were best buds. He's 23 and worked construction just like I did. He was a HUGE example to me in how to be the best missionary I can be.

Almost all of my District! 

Little Bandits!!

Elder Pese and I last week. Elder Bolnick took the tape from the front desk for like 3 days so we had to return it to the front desk past bedtime hahaha. It was hilarious!

IDK if I sent this already (he did!) but some of the boys from my district at the cemetery! Elder Fainuu took the picture and then me and Elder Bolnick and Elder Leon and Elder Pese in the back

Friday, April 24, 2015

Week 4- MTC

Dear pamilya and friends, another week down! it has now been 4 weeks since I have entered the Philippines MTC. Its been a roller coaster since being here. A week and a half from today I will be out in the field! At this point I feel like I want to get out there but then it doesn't come soon enough. This week was probably the most eventful week since being here. Last P day, I emailed you guys, and the greatest thing happened. We went to the grocery store thing here by the MTC, and I found DR. PEPPER. PRNALANGIN WORKS MGA TAO. They were like 40 pesos a piece. So, I bought a 12 pack. Expensive, but so worth it. 

Saturday was another normal day in the classroom. Nothing too special. Sunday we had church. Same as always. The lessons are always super good. Its kinda funny because our sacrament meeting is in the gym. We set it up as a chapel. It's pretty cool. This place has its own gym for workout time. Its pretty awesome. But later sunday night, we had our last Sunday night devotional with the senior batch of missionaries. Elder Hunt, Elder Carrington, Elder Viti, Elder Farrish, and Elder Papalli. Those guys are my brothers now. Some of my best friends that I've ever had. I didn't think that was possible with my amazing friends back home and on missions, but I guess its possible. Anyways, they led the devotional. We watched an MTC talk given by Elder Bednar. That was really good. But what happened after was incredible. We had our whole zone together, our district, the senior batch, and the baby batch. At the time we were the "Mid batch." Anyways, we moved all the chairs and all got to one side of the room. Except for Elder Hunt and Elder Carrington. Elder Hunt had a picture of Christ Atoning for all of our sins. He came up tp every one of us individually, showed us the picture and asked, "Would you like blessings from Jesus Christ?" If we said yes, we were to walk over to the other side of the room. If no, we stayed put. It didn't matter the answer, Elder Carrington did 5 push ups for each person. At first I didn't quite understand what was happening, but then I got it. It hit me like a train. The spirit overcame me, and of course I'm a Lambert, so I started crying. Bawling actually. The Espiritu Santo was incredible. When he got to me, he got like 3 words in before I said opo. And of course, Elder Carrington did 5 push ups. There were probably 40 of us in the room. That's a lot of push ups, but we all know that is NOTHING compared to what Jesucristo did for us. Such a testimony building experience. I still can't even comprehend what the Savior of the mundo has done for me. I love that experience. 

Monday was another normal day, except we had family home evening, our last one with the senior batch. We did what was called "The Journey." They had us all thinking we were leaving the MTC and going somewhere past bedtime! But its an MTC tradition for the senior batch to take the mid batch on The Journey. They had us all get our shoes on and ready to go. All 13 of us got together in a room, and they told us to take our shoes off and lay on the bed! 2 to a bed. So we did that, all confused. And they told us they were leaving the MTC, in our minds. They said to close your eyes, and they were gonna ask us some questions. All the seniors had a piece of paper for each one of us. They asked tons and tons of questions. Its hard to explain all of them in one email with the time I have. Maybe when I'm home I'll explain the whole story to everyone. But every answer we gave to these 15 questions basically analyzed our personality and our spirituality. Even though it didn't seem like it was doing that until the end. At the end they explained each of it. And it basically measured our effectiveness as a missionary. It was so so cool. It's so hard to explain it over an email. But it was one of my favorite experiences since being here. We all came closer together as a zone.

Tuesday was another kind of boring day. It was our last day with the senior batch. They has a P day, so they went to Rustans (grocery store) to get us some food for the night. So they got everything. Chips and candy and everything basically hahaha. All of those guys were leaving the next morning at various times. Starting at 4:00 AM. So we were up super late and partying and saying bye to all these guys. It was super super hard to say bye to these guys. Reminded me too much of saying bye to the boys back home. Lots of crying from all of us. It was also hard because we were going proselyting that day too, so we were so tired. Alam ko po na that those guys will be AMAZING missionaries. No doubt about it. 

Now, to the proselyting! We only got to go from like 1-3 PM. So not that long, but we got to go to the Manila mission! Like 20 minutes from Quezon City, which is where the MTC is. So we get to this super super old stake center. Its like 6 stories tall. It smelled worse than the old Herriman church. We met up with some of the missionaries in Manila. We have such a big district that we had to go in tri companionship. And to top that off, our teacher Brother Mosquera went with my companionship as well. So it was me, Elder Lye, Brother Mosquera and Elder Cruz. We had to go to our specific area after that. So we jumped on a tricycle for a ride! I wish I had a picture but we weren't allowed cameras. It was basically like a 1990's Honda motorcycle with a side car! So there were 5 of us on this thing including the driver. It was crazy. All you do is stop the guy and jump on! It doesn't matter how many people are on this thing, it still costs the same. We rode for like 8 minutes on this thing. It was sketchy. Super awesome though. That will be how I'm transported for the next 2 years! That and a jeepnee. We went basically to the slums. It was insane. Being from Utah, I have seen nothing like that. There were people everywhere. So many people with little shops out of their little shack homes. They were selling anything from ice, to coke, to cheap cell phones. It was weird to me that all of these people have literally nothing to their name, but they all have a freaking cell phone! Even the little kids! It blew my mind. Its the way it is here. Before we went out we had a daily planning sesh, and talked about who we were gonna visit. We were supposed to go to a lady who was a new convert and then a lady that was a potential investigator. The investigator wasn't there. The other lady wasn't there either, but her husband was! During the planning, we were supposed to teach this lady about Lehi's vision of the tree of life! That surprised me. Mostly because here in the MTC, we teach lessons! I had never taught the tree of life before! Especially in Tagalog! I was scared to death. I know the story... But my language is not good at all! I did my best. I tried to relate to the guy as best I could. Still not very good. The missionary I was with told him that we were new to the language. So that made me feel better. I just wish I could speak from the heart, but I can't do that at all right now. It's really really frustrating. The lesson went well though. It was like a 35 minute lesson on his front porch. We didn't go inside, he brought out like 3 and a half broken chairs. After that lesson we went to the streets to contact people. We found like 10 people all chilling outside their houses and our senior kasama started talking to them. I did my best to follow along. Then all the sudden he stopped talking and kind of looked at me and Elder Lye and motioned us over to the people to talk to them. Of course Elder Lye is antisocial, so the kid that knows basically nothing started talking to them. It was interesting. After a second Elder Lye came over finally. He knows the language 10 times better than me. But he also speaks mandarin, Cantonese, English and some other weird language from Indonesia or something. So his brain is wired for multiple languages! Again, I tried to understand the people. I gave them a pass along card type thing that invited them to go to Facebook for a video. They accepted. Afterward we made our way back to the church building in one of those tricycle things. That was it. I had never sweated so much in my entire life. Luckily I had one of my hankerchef (I don't know how to spell that hahaha) things to constantly wipe all of that Lambert sweat off of me. It was so yummy, NOT. Then we went back to the MTC for more class time. We were so excited, I can't even express how excited we were to go back to the MTC. I was beat, from staying up super late and hiking through Manila hahah. I had a Dr. Pepper and I was good as new. That's why they call it the Lord's nectar. I also got a shower in too. That was nice.

I'm sure everyone wants to know, but we take like 3 to 4 showers a day around here. We do have heated showers. But whats the point. Its too dang hot to take a hot shower. Except in the morning, its usually a little warmer shower for me. We also have AC here. In our rooms too. So we can change it to whatever they want. Its in Celsius so I don't even know what a good temperature is. I just like to sleep in 20 degrees hahaha. Oh yeah it also rained this week! It poured for a solid 2 hours. That NEVER happens in Utah. So that was kind of cool. The food is getting kinda old. I'm already sick of rice. But my body has kind of adjusted to the food. I do pretty well now. I'm loving it here. The Philippines is so amazing and so hot. But so worth it.

I think that's all for right now, I try my best to answer as many people as possible. I love everyone but its hard because the MTC is so strict with emailing. I said this before, but the field should be so much better. Just be patient with me! A week and a half from now I'll be in Manila! Finally, I am ready to get out of here. But then I guess I will Skype Monday morning? Which means Sunday night for you guys! Except I don't know the details on that yet... We shall see. 

Alam ko po na Diyos po ang Ating Ama sa Langit. Alam ko po na mapagmahal po ang tagapagligtas. Naniniwala po ako na propeta si Joseph Smith at Thomas S. Monson are totoo. Sa pamamagitan ng pagsisisi mapapatawad tayo. Sa pamamagitan ng Espiritu Santo malalaman kami ang katotohanan. Alam ko po na totoo Aklat ni Mormon. If we read it, we can be worthy of the Espiritu Santo in our mga buhay. Read it! "If life gets too hard, kneel." That's something that I apply every single day many many times. I'm proud to be a representative of Jesucristo. This work is important. Sa pangalan ni Jesucristo, amen. Talk to you all next week! Last P day here in the MTC! 

Love, Elder Lambert     

I found these images online, courtesy of the LDS church. The first is a picture of the Philippines MTC cafeteria, the second is a picture of the gymnasium and the LDS Temple in Manila.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Four Missionaries Headed to the Manila Mission~Posted on FB by Sister Lemmon

The four missionaries coming to Manila in a couple of weeks who are learning Tagalog. The Filipino missionaries will be joining them tomorrow for the final 12 days here at the MTC.

Called to Serve Him

Some of our FAVORITE people had this made for Elder Lambert. It is framed and in our home. We LOVE it!! Thank you Erekson Family!! :)
Notice the personalized name tag at the top and the Filipino flag at the bottom.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Week 3- MTC

Another week gone. Honestly nothing really changes around here. We have the same exact thing every day. And its hard to sit in class all day long without getting bored and all that. But my kasama and I are good. I guess, like i said he doesn't talk to me much. And we all know I like to talk. But we have been teaching a bunch of investigators and its been hard to be able to feel the spirit, cause he doesn't prepare! At all! And to be honest he doesn't care about the investigators. They teach us to love our investigators and all that but he just doesn't. Yesterday we taught a lady named Ria Gomez (as in diarrea) ;) we have been teaching her for like a week now. But we have been teaching about the Ang plano ng Kaligtasan. She's pregnant and doesn't understand her purpose in life. But we have been trying to get her to understand it. We had just finished our lesson yesterday and I invited her to baptism. The missionary invite for baptism is a pain in the butt to memorize, but I got it! And I was able to say it and she said opo! I was so excited. Even though she is still a fake investigator, I have still come to love her! But I came out of that lesson with a huge smile on my face. And I looked at my kasama and he didn't even care. He says "Its just a baptism." OKAY ELDER WE ARE SAVING SOULS HERE! That drove me up the wall. But I'm thankful for the opportunity to be able to teach investigators. Even if they aren't real. So we have a "baptism" set for May 5th haha. But Allie, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! No one even has a clue what lacrosse is here and I always have to explain it. But you are a baller, and you know that. But keep it up. Kenna and Kels, don't let anyone push you around! You guys have an older sister who can help you better than I ever could. So keep it up. But like i said. Nothing is new around here honestly. We do the same thing everyday. Which is good... but gets kinda old. BUT NEXT WEEK WE GET TO GO TO MANILA FOR PROSELYTING! We get to get out with a senior kasama and actually teach people! And ride in a jeepnee! I'll hopefully send a pic of one in a sec. But they're so crazy looking. We also got to go to the Manila temple this morning again. Thats always a nice break. Thats my 3rd time since I've been here. The language is harder than heck. And so frustrating. But its coming along, slowly but surely. They say within 3 months of leaving here we can talk to almost everyone. And most everyone knows a little English so thats nice to know. Conference was amazing. This last weekend was our conference week. Since we are around the world we watched it later. But it was the first time I had watched all 5 sessions with notes! And I loved it so so much. Holland is always my favorite. His talk about the Atonement made me appreciate what the Savior did for us that much more. And the story he told couldn't have drawn it out any better! Also I don't have any pictures really, cause all we've done is hang around the MTC and stare out at the city. We have a pretty sweet view of Manila from here. So yeah. Thats about it for this week. Alam ko po na totoo propeta si Thomas S. Monson at Joseph SMith. Alam ko po na Jesus Christ is our Savoir and Redeemer of this world. And everyday I love him that much more. My testimony in tagalog is coming along. They are cramming our brain with information and theres only so much I can take it but i'll get it. Next week should be more entertaining because we are procelyting! But yeah. I love you all. The church is true. Be patient with me. My emailing will get better when I actually have time to email people back without a teacher yelling at me about time haha. But the church is true! Talk to you all next week. Love, Elder Lambert

Friday, April 10, 2015

Week 2- MTC

Everybody! My second full week of the MTC is about over. Today is P day and we can finally get to email. Boy am I always exhausted. The heat and the hours are killing me. We go hard like 15 hours a day. It kills me. Its hard to sit in a classroom that long. But its kinda important. This week was good though. We don't do much but  sit in a classroom all day. But on Tuesday we got to go to immigration. We were all super pumped because we got to get out of here and see the city! It was a nice break. We were all excited to see the big city of Manila. This place is huge. And the traffic is INSANE. I would be willing to bet money that none of you have seen traffic this crazy. Everyone honks. All the time. No blinkers. And no lines on the road. It would be stressful for me. But when we went to immigration I wanted to talk to anyone and everyone. But my kasama is actually really lame. Me and him don't get along the best. He's super quiet and doesn't talk to me. and we all know how much i like to talk. so its an issue. when i ask him a question, he will either look at me like I'm stupid. or just straight up ignore me.. it gets so so SO annoying. and it makes planning lessons hard. so when we went to immigration he ended up talking to some dude from New York while one of the other Elders talked with me. Immigration was crazy busy. Like everywhere here is. On the drive there we drove through the slums of Manila. Holy cow. Insane. People in complete poverty. Kids that had no clothes on. Me, being from Utah, I've never seen that before. It was very hard to look at. Scott was right, people literally inhabit every single space you can in this city. Its hard to see. But immigration was whatever. It just took forever. After that we got to go to the American/Filipino WWII memorial. That was my favorite part so far here. We only got like 20 minutes at that. But it was still so cool. Even the spirit was strong there. There were so many grave sites. Thousands and thousands. Dad you would have love it. They had murals that were painted on the walls in the courtyard thing.. but the murals were basically maps of every single battle that happened here in the Philippines. That was so so awesome. And hot of course. Yesterday was quite interesting. a good story about my kasama.. I tickled him during class. and he turned around and punched me, right in the stomach. I flexed halfway through, so it didn't hurt bad. But it blew my mind. If we weren't missionaries i would have popped him back right in the face. I'm pretty sure he has anger issues. Right after he threatened me he would punch me right in the face if i tickled him again. But the only thing that matters out of all of this is that i could take him in a fight hahaha. He doesn't think so. But i outweigh him by like 30 pounds so that's cool. This week was honestly really hard cause all we do is sit and learn the language. its hard. ill be honest I'm struggling with it. and my kasama isnt helping the situation. Because hes the laziest person i know who doesn't care about the work. its hard to stay positive about the whole thing. but i only have a month left with him. we have been teaching "investigators." People that are playing fake investigators but they give us like a back story on the person. Its hard. Especially since they all speak Tagalog to us. But some will speak Taglish with you. Its still way hard. But I'm learning a lot. So that's good. And i also have lots of pictures to hopefully send too. I also love my whole district. All the boys i hang out with. we are way close. The closest thing to compare me and the other elders to are to me and the boys back home. Almost as good of a time. But obviously we cant do some of the stuff that we can do back home. Anyways i will email for another short hour next week. i love you all. Love, Elder Lambert

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Week 1-MTC

I am finally here in the MTC! The plane ride was awful. Hated every second of it. The food was nasty and actually kinda messed up my insides. So that was good. We stayed in a hotel after we got off of the plane.I met Elder Bolnick in SLC airport. He goes to Bingham High. We know some of the same people. kinda cool. We flew to Seattle and Tokyo together and we met Elder Zeyer in Tokyo. Hes from Boise, Idaho. Then from Tokyo to Manila it was just the 3 of us. WE got to the manila airport and our ride wasnt there! it was like midnight when we got our luggage and found out we didnt have a ride. we walked around for like an hour looking for someone. luckily some members kind of helped us out. he said it wasnt safe for 3 white boys to be walking out in front of the airport, We went to airport security and the lady called the number we had. He finally came and took us to our hotel. THERE ARE NO LANE LINES IN THE ROAD HERE. people are so crazy here in their driving. SO much honking. We were cruising through like almost a bangerter type road and there was some dude in the middle of the road selling bananas! We were laughing so hard. We got to our hotel and crashed. We had to get up at 5 AM to go to the MTC. We got here and checked in and stuff and found our companion. my companion is named Elder Lye. He's from Malaysia. Hes a super chill kid. Hes a man of few words. But i dont mind him at all. I'll send pictures in a minute. Our district is freaking awesome. Theres 8 Elders and 5 Sisters. 3 of the Elders are from Australia. 2 of them are polys and play rugby, theyre huge. The other aussie is like 6' 5" and plays rugby, hes white though so thats cool. Elder Bolnick and Zeyer are 2 of the others and then theres Elder Ellis. Hes from French Polynesia and only speaks French. So its hard to talk to him. People keep wondering about the food here and its.. interesting. We have had 3 meals without rice the whole time weve been here. Its messing with my insides. And the amount of food they give us in a serving is so so so much.... I'll send a pic later. i have so much i have to email and not much time but yeah. the sabbath day was awesome. The tagalog branch is all the english speaking missionaries. Theres only 4 of us americans in the whole MTC and the rest are from Australia and New Zealand and like Tonga and stuff. Elder Lye had to speak and he was scared to death. Monday was probs my favorite day here. Elder Zeyer's companion is from australia, hes one of the poly kids and he is always drinking lots of water. So Elder Zeyer wanted to beat him out on his water amount. He drank 10 glasses of water! He needed 11 to beat elder Fainu (his kasama) so i went and got him another cause im such a fine lad, he drank this glass of water. HE THREW  IT UP EVERYWHERE. all over the table. all over the floor. it was like a fire hydrant opening up. IT WAS HILARIOUS! we all died laughing. Our district is too funny. Especially the boys. All we do is laugh. i love these guys. when we all leave here itll be a sad day. the days are blending together. so ill try to do my best to remember everything i did. Its all in my journal so i didnt have time to read them. But i gave my second priesthood blessing. a sister in our district wasnt feeling good. so me and my kasama got to do that. Super awesome experience for me. Yesterday me and ELder Lye got to go to the temple and do a session. he wasnt endowed. so i got to be with him for his first time. super amazing spiritual experience for him and for me. the manila temple is beautiful. today is P day and we get to go to the shops. me and the boys are pumped. so we get to party there. We got to teach an "investigator"this week. in tagalog. so so so hard. we didnt do too bad. ill explain more next week. This has been the hardest experience of my life. being away from family and all that. and the time change. i havent been able to sleep and stuff. but it should get better. the spirit is so so strong here. oh yeah and i forgot, the other day we learned how to bear our testimonies in tagalog, so hard...but after we got to go bear our testimonies to random people outside the temple. it was almost addicting. i just wanna get out of here and start doing the work. some of my pictures are me and the elders. one of our meals as well. hopefully ill send more in a sec. But yeah.
alam ko po na magpagmahal an ating ama sa langit. alam ko po na totoo ang ebangelio ni Jesucristo. alam ko po na si propeta joseph smith at thomas s monson. sa pangalan ni Jesucristo amen.
Love, Elder Lambert 
PS. sorry for my fast email and bad grammar. i have limited time. love you all.