Thursday, December 31, 2015

Week ~ 35

Merry Christmas all! I hope you’re all freezing it up while I am
partying it up here in paradise ;) it was a very tropical Christmas
here! Great week though, a little frustrating but still good. We
planned to go caroling with the branch on Tuesday and visit some of
the LA to invite them to the Christmas party. We all got to the church
(all the members) and were ready to go! We started practicing and
waited for the branch president. We practiced and waited for a solid
hour, and then President came and told us that it was
cancelled/postponed until Wednesday. That was frustrating for us
because it killed our work! So Wednesday, same thing we all went to
the church and practiced and waited and practiced and waited and
President came and cancelled. Another day of work almost gone. So
frustrating for us. The party was a success though! Lots of LA(less active)

and lots of investigators came to the party.  The food was great as well,
lots of litson for us all! It was a good time. 

Filipino Christmas parties are WAY different than in the states. The music was so loud I
couldn’t even hear myself think. It was fun though! If anyone wants to
know, karaoke is HUGE here in the Philippines. Not a single soul has a
problem with singing in front of everyone with music playing aha. So
lots of karaoke and singing and dancing, it was fun though! I have
tons of videos I can show all y’all in like, 15 months haha. It was a
good day though. Also skyping to the family was a dream! That was
awesome to see everyone and talk to everyone even if the connection
struggled. It was nice to hear everyone’s voice. I don’t have much to
say, this week besides I really got to see what it’s like to really
not have Santa Clause come here in Rizal. The people don’t care too
much about temporal things. I spent lots of time reflecting on all the
things I got for Christmas, and seeing everyday all these people with
hardly anything! It was a nice reminder that it doesn’t matter about
the temporal things, it matters about family and Jesus Christ. These
people have close to nothing, but still happy. They aren't temporally
blessed but they are spiritually. It is such a testimony builder for
me. Anyways. 

Christmas was a good time though, Christmas day we made
the emergency trip to Quezon so that we could Skype, so that was 2
hours of relax and sleep and then lots of time tracking down a laptop.
So that was good. I guess. Not too much to report on here. We are
really thinking about dropping Riza because of the lack of desire. We
just don't really have anyone who is REALLY progressing here in Rizal,
its a little tough, but we are doing our best here. There just are
hardly any people! Maybe we aren't seeing much success with
investigators, but the branch is building itself. We have more members
involved in missionary work, which is awesome. Every Sunday we go on
splits and I have like 5 members work with me and Elder Garol has
about the same! So that's awesome, makes it more fun and we can visit
more people. That's about it for this week. 

Last P-day we went to the white sands beach! It was GORGEOUS. We had some members with us, and of course got lots of pictures. We saw some foreigners too! I think
they were from Europe, I didn't get a chance to talk to them. But we
had an AWESOME time seeing all of the cool rocks and the water and all
of that! Also, one of the big things here in the Philippines this week
is the Miss Universe Pageant! For those of you who heard, Miss
Philippines won the pageant on a huge mess up, its a big deal! But I
wanna give a S/O (shout out)to Elder Edwards in Colombia! You guys lost bro (;
hahaha nah jokes! Better luck next year(; Philippines is where it's at!

I love you all. Church is true.

PS This is my last pic of Bro. Job and our Christmas Dinner!

Elder Lambert

Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas in Palawan!!!

President and Sister Ostler dressed as Santa and Mrs. Claus. I'm so grateful to them for taking such good care and loving their missionaries when they are so far from home! Elder Lambert loved the Christmas festivities and I'm sure it's made it a little easier to be away for the first time.
I'm assuming this is Elder Lambert's Zone??
All of the missionaries got an apron with an "Elder" tag on it. Something I'm sure Tanner will keep for the rest of his life.
For dinner they had lechon (cooked pig)

Many of the Filipino missionaries don't have scriptures. Only paperbacks and some only have a bible. An awesome lady named Julie Hess worked tirelessly raising funds to purchase enough quads to make sure the entire mission has their own set. I'm sure the missionaries were THRILLED!!!
I'm sure they all got very excited seeing the pig coming in!!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week ~ 34

Dear World,

Busy week. Pretty good week though. We had exchanges this last week.
Elder Jones, my district leader came down here to work with me here in
Rizal. It was a nice break haha. Me and him are super close and have a
lot in common. It was a good time. We woke up a little bit early to go
to the beach and get some pics and stuff. It was a good time. It was
fun to listen to a fluent foreigner speak. It’s nice to hear them
speak a little more basic Tagalog, but still completely fluent with
perfect grammar. We had some fun. 

We have really been following up
with people about the branch Christmas party this week! I am super
pumped for that. The food should be awesome. Elder Lambert was
VOLUNTEERED to cook spaghetti. Of course they want American spaghetti,
except it doesn’t exist here in Palawan haha. We can’t buy sauce! So
we will see how that goes, I have very little money, because
the nearest ATM is about 5 hours away! So that is lovely. I will
survive though. 

We have been doing well here. Not too much to report
on. We had 130 OYMs this last week. So. Yeah. Kind of a lot. I
seriously feel like that is half of Rizal (exaggeration) but it was a
lot of people we talked to! Hopefully that will turn into some solid
investigators. It is just hard to contact all of those people! Should
be good though. I am super pumped to Skype with all you people this
next Saturday. Should be good. Hopefully the connection is super good.
I am excited though. I invited the Resane family to meet you guys (I
hope that is okay) they want to meet you and practice their English ;)
I love them lots and I am basically their son. So yeah. 

This week was great though because we worked with members almost every day! We were
blessed with so much work because; several of the members don’t have
jobs… So that means they have time to work with us. It is hard for
them, but they have the faith that if they work with us, the Lord will
help them out. We were actually able to go on splits this week 3
times! Where I go with a priesthood holder and so does Elder Garol, so
that’s how well we worked! I go with Brother Resane, (we are super
close) and Sister Resane’s daughter and some others, and then we just
go to work! We work hard and talk to everyone! It is a great time,
like it really is. 

Really though, not much to report on. Sister Riza
always seems to text us that she is “sick” or she has a “problem.” So
we get postponed all the time, super frustrating. We keep pushing on.
Part of being a missionary. Like I said, kind of a normal week. Except
for P-day! We went to what the members call “Cell Site.” It’s just a
big cell phone tower on the top of a mountain, so we hiked up there
and got lots of pics! It was super pretty! And then today, we are
going to the white sand beaches ;) I am pumped for that one. The waves
earlier this week were HUGE. They are waaay taller (not that I am very
tall) than I am and I have some good vids of them haha. 

Also, another AWESOME thing happened. So last week, the Rizal Elders qualified for a
water filter to be put in into our house! Woo hoo! We had a pipe put
in to our sink so we can wash dishes and stuff. So, it was working
perfect for about a day. And then the main Rizal water pipe (that
supplies running water to the whole town) broke… So we didn’t have
running water! On top of that, our lovely water pump just outside the
house was broken as well. So, we didn’t have any water to shower or
anything for 2 days. Then the landlord fixed the pump so we can use
that. But the main pipe is still broken! Lovely lovely hahaha. I love
Rizal hah it’s so awesome. We are living on the bare basics haha it is
kind of awesome. I wish I had more to report on investigators, but we
can’t find anyone who is just solid and ready for the gospel, but we
are doing our best and working hard every day. I just want a baptism
so bad here in Rizal, and I don’t want to leave. If I transfer this
next transfer, I will be leaving January 13th. I REALLY don’t want to.
I don’t want to go back to Manila. That’s pangit over there. I wanna
stay on Palawan so bad, it’s just so gorgeous here. I love it.

Anyways, Elder Garol had a moment last night ahaha. He was MAD like
super mad at me. Literally because I asked him to repeat the same
thing twice. He threw his hymn book and then proceeded to stomp into
the room to pout. I wish I would have filmed it, I was laughing. He
just has no patience sometimes and acts like a little girl sometimes.
But nonetheless, I love the guy. Oh yeah, he called me some pretty bad
English names in his broken English/Tagalog. So that made me giggle a
little more. I just can’t take him seriously when he has a fit aha. I
am trying though. We are good 90% of the time though. That was about
it for this week. My pictures are from cell site this last week!
Hopefully I will get more when we go to the white sands today. As long
as it doesn’t rain… I love you all! Talk to you on Saturday ;)

Ang kuya mo,

Elder Lambert

Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Week ~ 33

Hello world.

This was quite the busy week. We went to Puerto Princessa from about
Wednesday and then finally got back to the crib in Rizal Monday in the
afternoon. Lemme start with this, WE STAYED IN A HOTEL THAT PRESIDENT
DREAM COME TRUE. My whole zone here in the Narra zone, got to stay in
companionships, all of us Elders, so it was only slightly roudy at
night time. It was awesome though. I think I took a total of 6 showers
within those 2 nights we stayed there; they were all about 20-40
minutes long hahahah. It was AWESOME. Me and Elder Bolnick were
talking (He was in the MTC with me and is from South Jordan) and we
talked about how a hot shower is absolutely taken for granted where we
are from in the states. It is SO true. I miss the warm showers… So
that was fine. Also this hotel was about a 5 minute walk to the mall,
we had permission to go eat there and buy things that we need. So of
course I bought American chocolate and stuff that I NEED. That was
good. Nice to see some Vans shoes stores and stuff just like the old
days. We had lots of fun.

Now, for the serious stuff. The reason we
went to Puerto (Which was 5 hours of travel if you wanted to know) was
because of our Christmas party and zone conference! We had ZC on
Thursday. Elder Shayne M. Bowen of the Seventy came and did the
conference. If you are assigned on the mainland, there are about 7
zones at the conference. Here on Palawan, there are only 2 zones. So
that was about 40 missionaries total, so a very personal setting. The
topics for the conference were, The Abrahamic Covenant, The Oath and
Covenant of the Priesthood, The Baptismal Covenant, and the House of
Israel. VERY DEEP DOCTRINE if you ask me. Elder Bowen is a boss. I
will just put it like that. He tied the Abrahamic Covenant to waking
up on time as missionaries. Like, he related ALL of it to us as
missionaries. It was crazy. He made some changes to our mission,
nothing major. Actually one thing major. EVERYDAY we are to have 30
OYMS. For here in Rizal, that was the goal for our area EVERY WEEK.
Just because there are so few people here. But Elder Bowen said
something interesting (The spirit flooded the room again when he said
this). He said this, “I promise, In the name of Jesus Christ, that if
EVERY companionship in this mission will do this, this mission will
DOUBLE in baptisms.” That’s what he said. That is going to be so hard.
But I know we can do it. It is going to be difficult, but worth it. 

We also had our Christmas party with President Ostler, his wife, Elder Bowen,
his wife, and all the Palawan missionaries. It was amazing. The food
was KILLER. We had Letson! (Hindi ko naalala yung spelling) But it was
a full sized pig! Mashed potatoes, rice, uhh fish, umm just like a
massive feast. It was amazing. President Ostler paid for all of it. We
also got mission aprons! They are black and they have a name tag sewed
on them with our names! I have a picture… I actually have lots of
pictures and videos of this whole week, but the internet won’t let me
send pics right now. So that’s no good. I have a new hard drive (that
I bought in Puerto for a solid $50) that I can put all my pictures on
it. On top of that my comp gave me some anti-virus protection for it
so I won’t have any issues with losing stuff for the rest of my

I am a little sad I can’t send pics. I have lots, last week we went to the
beach. I WAS IN LOVE. I waded through the water up to just above my
knees. Wow it was gorgeous. I have some great pics of some members and
stuff that went with us. But those can wait ;) It was awesome. I want
to come back to Rizal and do ALL the things we can’t do as
missionaries. Specifically go swimming, but I guess that can wait. 

am trying to think of all the other stuff that happened… It was just a
crazy week with a lot that happened. I got to hang out with some of my
homies (the other elders) from the other zone who I haven’t seen in a
while. One of them is Elder E’ teaki. He is from Oregon and is Tongan.
He is a little younger than me in the mission, but he has a full ride
scholarship to play defensive line at Oregon, so if that doesn’t
describe how big he is, then I don’t know what to tell you. Me and
him are pretty close, he is in a very secluded area as well on the
northern part of Palawan. It was great to see him. All in all a great
week, I love missionary work, but it was a nice time to relax and
spend time with the other missionaries and feel the Christmas spirit.
I already can’t wait for the next Christmas party next year! 

Now, about our investigators Sister Riza and her kids didn’t go to church.
It is very hard to explain her situation, but it’s a frustrating one.
I didn’t know someone could come up with excuses like that to not go
to church… but we are trying. We have been teaching this other girl,
her name is Jho. She is a referral from an awesome family here in
Rizal. The only problem is, is that we can only teach her once a week.
She has work, but she goes to church almost every Sunday! And she is
progressing and understands! It is usually only me who teaches her. We
do splits on Sundays. So Elder Garol goes with a priesthood holder in
the branch, and some members and then same for me. So Elder Garol
stays close to the market, and I take members like 7 kilometers away.
We always teach her, and my Tagalog isn’t half bad when I teach her!
If I have some trouble, members will help me, which is awesome. I
think she will be baptized. Maybe in January if we can get all the
lessons done. Hopefully I don’t transfer. I told Pres. Ostler I want
to stay for another transfer so we will see what happens. Transfer day
is January 13 so we will see. I want to stay! 

I also heard that all of my previous companions in the mission are now Zone Leaders. Elder
Leofo, Elder Baquiran, and then Elder Sacay is my ZL right now. So
that was cool to find out. That was about the extent of my week.

guess we need to talk about skyping? I would love for my mother to
give me the details on that so I can schedule with the guy. I will be
skyping at like the perfect time so all the family at the house can be
there, I just need a time. So yeah. I am looking forward to that. And
then mom, since I can’t send this email to all the people I usually
do, cause the internet is not very good, but here is what you asked for, kind of
a thank you thing to all the people who've been so supportive. It’s a thank you in
English/Tagalog. Here it is: 

Thank you all for your loving support! If
it wasn’t for all of you, I wouldn’t be here doing the work of the
Lord and blessing the people of the Philippines! Salamat po para sa
lahat mga bagay na ibinigay sa akin. Ang mga damit, encouragement, and
yung mapagmahal para sa akin! Kung wala po kayo, wala ako dit. Simple
as that. 

Merry Christmas to you all! 
I miss ko kayo! 
Mahal kp po kayo.

That’s all for this week folks!

Elder Lambert

Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

Monday, December 7, 2015

Week ~ 32

Dear world,

I have some good news and some bad news from this week! I suppose I
will start with the good news. I have found a place to Skype at here
in Rizal. It’s not even an internet cafĂ©; it is like a hotel/lodge
thing. He said the only time I would be able to Skype is in the
morning, which is perfect! That is when I need to Skype because of the
time change here. Me and mother will talk about a good time when I can
talk to everyone. I am super excited, I will be able to Skype on
Christmas day with everyone, but here that will be December 26th, so
it’s perfect. 

Now, the bad news, we will not be having a white
Christmas here in Rizal. Yesterday, Sister Riza and her kids did not
go to church. We did everything in our power so that they would. I
tried to get just the kids to go, but nope. Mom had them all scrubbing
the inside of fish so it could be dried. I was very, sad. I'm
discouraged. I don’t like the word discouraged because it stops your
spiritual progression. Nonetheless, I was… Upset. It was one of the
hardest times in my short mission thus far, mostly because I love this
family so much, and I want the best for them. Also I want to fulfill
President Ostler’s vision of having the WHOLE mission baptize 200
people on December 26th, but people have their free agency. Another
frustrating thing was that my companion didn’t help me persuade them
to go to church and do their chores later. He was busy talking to Sis.
Riza about stuff that doesn’t matter. Sometimes I feel like I am the
only one desiring people to come unto Christ, so yeah. Yesterday was

Luckily I have the members here in Rizal, who may as well be my
family. I love them. We had splits yesterday; Elder Garol went with
another priesthood holder close to the Market, while I went like 7
kilometers via trike (tricycle) to a member’s house to teach their
referral. It was a good lesson, thank goodness the members are there
to help me (cause I am not quite fluent yet) with my Tagalog. I am
probably 85% fluent in lessons, but when I speak my accent isn’t even
close to perfect and sometimes my grammar is off, so thank goodness I
have members to help me. It was a good lesson we, (mostly I) taught
the restoration through Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. It never
fails to amaze me when we share the First Vision. The spirit floods
the room every single time. It is amazing and a great testimony
builder to me every single time. I love being a missionary, even if it
is hard sometimes.I do know that Riza at ugn mga anak nya will be

baptized at least in January. Maybe we will have a White New Years.
That would be cool too. 

This week was pretty good though. It was nice
to be back here in Rizal and sleep in my bed. Too bad we are taking
off to Puerto to go to our Christmas party, should be good though. I
just don’t like sleeping in other Elder's apartments when there is like
12 of us in one place. Pangit yun. Sobrang miinit yun. I am excited to
go to Mang Ingasal at the mall in Puerto. It is THEE place. It's the BBQ
and unlimited rice for like 100 pesos ($2). We are pumped for that!!

The week was good though. We wasted a RIDICULOUS amount of time this
week at the internet shops. Because I am a foreigner, I have to take
these language tests. We all know that the internet is not good here
in Rizal, so on question #11 out of 13, the internet cut out. I was
about to rage. That happened TWICE. So two days, two hours each time.
I was going to rage because that cut out of the work. But… I guess
that happens even to the best of us. 

Yesterday we had a meeting with
our branch president, President Gonzaga. We talked about ACTUALLY
having Ward Council meeting! We kind of have it right now, but it’s
with the WHOLE branch.  Ward Council is with the auxiliary leaders,
not the entire branch and the kids and stuff. I have decided that I
want to see REAL progress here in Rizal. Not just baptisms, but the
whole branch coming together and progressing TOGETHER. I firmly
believe that Ward Council will make that happen. So yeah, that’s about
what has happened here in Rizal. Oh yeah, yesterday we had “Ward
Council” with the whole branch and we coordinated the Christmas party
for Christmas Eve! Elder Lambert is throwing down about 600 pesos for
this get together. He is supplying juice, part of the letson (yes an
entire pig), I am making Filipino spaghetti (which is gross compared
to American haha) and I am putting down 50 pesos on prizes for the
games, and probably am a speaker too hahaha. It should be fun though;
as long as people actually participate it should be AWESOME. I am
excited even if it is 100 degrees outside. 

That’s about all that
happened this week. I have some gorgeous pics of the sunsets the other
day so hopefully I can get that to send. All in all it was a rough
week a little, and then this next week is short because we aren’t even
in Rizal for like 3 days haha, should be good though. The work will be
hurt but we will survive down here. Elder Garol and I are pretty good.
Sometimes he thinks he knows EVERYTHING. Which means sometimes he says
he doesn’t need to study. I mean come on, he has been a missionary for
a little over a month and let alone a member for barely a year in a
half! Sometimes very prideful. The other day he refused to do
companionship study with me, because he was mad at me. During personal
study I told him to wake up, so that set him off haha. Not my fault! I
am just being a trainer hahaha. He will get over it ;)
Thats about all for this week friends. Mahal ko po kayo!

Elder Lambert

Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

Monday, November 30, 2015

Week ~ 31

Hello world.

Another one done and dusted. For those of you who want to know, I didn't have any kind Thanksgiving here in Rizal. I was actually studying and then I realized it was Thanksgiving day, at least here it was. Not in Utah. I did get a little sad , but that's okay. 

Friday morning, I was on a shuttle at about 6 in the morning and then I realized that all of my family was probably eating at that time. But I did alright! We were on our way to Narra to have our "Follow Up Trainer Meeting." So that was fun. We then stayed at the Zone Leaders mansion in Narra. It is a mansion. It slept 12 missionaries for 2 days. Water pressure isn't too good, but it was alright. I showered outside at the pump ha-ha. Nothing too new. The meeting was fine. My tatay (trainer), Elder Sacay and his companion lead the training, nothing TOO new to me, but it was good. Then after that all 8 companionship's (basically the whole zone) went out and OYMed (Open Your Mouth) basically all of Narra. That was normal, we found a LA (Less Active) member who is from Roxas, (Mom, that missionary who's mom you talk to on FB, is serving in Roxas I believe) but we invited him to go to this big conference we were having this weekend. The conference was being held in a place called Aborlan. The church in Narra wasn't big enough to hold all the branches in it. Aborlan is about 40 minutes from Narra. So that was even more travel! We were sleeping in Narra every night, Friday and Saturday, and then last night we were in Quezon. Which is where we are right now. So much travel and time wasted with travel. It was worth it though. 

On the way from Rizal to Narra Friday, we recieved a text from Riza saying that she wasn't going to be able to make it... I got super sad. We did EVERYTHING we could to make arrangements so she could make the 5 hour trip, and they bailed. I guess a bunch of members gave them clothes and white shirts and dresses and all that stuff. I guess Riza got sick or something. But Sister Resane told us that all of the kids were super sad that they weren't going to be going. I felt bad. 

They missed out on a GREAT conference. President and Sister Ostler came out here to Palawan, as well as Elder Aduruu of the Seventy. Pres. and Sis. Ostler of course gave great talks about basic believes (there were lots of investigators there from the various branches) and then Elder Aduruu is just a boss. He is a Filipino, who is one of the area Seventy's here in the Philippines. At the adult session on Saturday, he spoke about Sabbath Day. Since it wasn't Sunday,it was a little less formal and lots of jokes. It was great though. He had people stand up and ask questions about the Sabbath, and common problems people have keeping the Sabbath Day. People brought up things like TV, shopping, eating food in Sacrament meeting. Kind of some interesting stuff. He had a scripture, in the bible,for EVERY question. He recalled them all by memory. He had one for eating food in sacrament meeting! He called on me to recall that scripture,of course I had no idea! He asked me (this is in front of everyone btw) if I graduated seminary, of course I said yes. Then he says, "Then shouldn't you remember it?" My thought was, I have no idea! Anyone who knows me, knows I was a hooligan in seminary and high school! But he had a scripture FROM MEMORY for every concern. It was so awesome.

Then at the Sunday session, he spoke about how much our Heavenly Father loves us! His message was so simple, but so true! Our Heavenly Father really does love us, and he will never give us anything we can't handle! It was a GREAT conference. President Ostler came and talked to me about the boyfriend of Sis. Riza. I guess this guy lives in the Quezon City Mission, but he works in the Quezon City North Mission! So he has both of those mission presidents involved just to get missionaries to him. So it is happening! Who knows when, but it will happen. 

So my pictures, I don't remember exactly what I sent. I just know that I went on exchanges last week in Quezon with Elder Jones, that night we killed 7 rats. SEVEN. Only 4 pictured there, but that night when I laid down on the bottom bunk, 2 dropped down and ran over me. (I almost said a bad word but I repented of that.) It was gross, but since there were 4 of us, we all helped and got them. 

The other pics, are of family home evenings we have with members and Sis Riza. 

The bonfire is from a couple of weeks ago! That was super super fun. On the beach with no clouds! So Gorgeous. 

The other one is from last week, Sis. Riza's daughter had a birthday! She turned 8! Her name is Jamie. She is super awesome. 

Those are all the pics for now i think. I was going to send more but the computer is "hiding" my camera, its lame. Later today we are watching a movie as a district. Elder Lambert has been put in charge to pic a Disney movie ;) my FAVORITE. I was thinking the new Star Wars since you can get pirated copies and it's cheap and DISNEY ;)hahaha. That is all for this week! Till next weeeeek. 

Mahal ko po kayo,

Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

Monday, November 23, 2015

Week ~ 30

Dear world,

2 big things happened this week. 1) I broke my record on the Rubik’s Cube with a solid 1:04. (Ummm, I'm so proud...)That’s LIGHTNING. 2) One of my best friends in the mission was killed this week. Her name was Elder Lambert. I am sad I never got a picture of her. I don’t even know what kind of dog she was. But she was my favorite. She was killed to be made into “Aso adobo.” So yeah. She was made into food. (Ewwwwww!!!) I miss her dearly. That’s about the big news for the week. Nah joke!!. But those both really did happen. Anyways. 

This week was a good solid week. FINALLY Sis. Riza and her kids came to church! They had a great experience. We also got word from Sis. Riza AND Pres. Ostler that the missionaries in the Quezon City mission had contacted her husband and have started to teach him! Now all we have to do is pray that everything will go smoothly! So far so good I think. It is just a matter of her husband getting back here to Rizal to be married and that is not cheap. But it was great to finally have a good turnout of investigators at church! We had Sis. Riza and her kids which is 5 (6 total but only 5 count as investigators), and then we had Sis. Jho. She is a new investigator who lives with our EQ President and RS President. So, she has fellow-shippers! She has come to church twice now, the only problem is, is that she works Monday-Saturday. So we can only teach her on Sunday after church. We want to goal her for December 26th, but there is almost no way that we can teach all of the lessons to her between now and then. So that’s a little sad. But, I do think that we can do it so she can be baptized in January! That would be great. I love seeing what is happening here in Rizal. When I came here, we were teaching so many LA and investigators that were not progressing at all. I decided when I was going to be the “Senior” here, that we were going to find lots of new people. Before, we were teaching SO many lessons every week, but no one was progressing or going to church. I felt it was almost a waste of time, not necessarily a waste of time, but we needed new people to teach. So at this point, our lessons have gone way down, but it is all part of balancing out talking to new people and finding new people. So our new people has gone up, but our lessons down. So basically we have hit a great balance in what we are doing here in Rizal. I love it. I really don’t want to leave Rizal. I also do feel like it is a curse to be assigned here in Rizal. I JUST WANT TO SWIM SO BAD EVERY SINGLE DAY BUT I CAN’T CAUSE THAT’S BAWAL. But, on the other hand, I love the members here. I love Palawan. I don’t think I would want to live here permanently, but I wouldn’t mind visiting here like once a year ;) But I don’t have to worry cause I am guaranteed another transfer here (transfers are next Wed) because I am training my anak Elder Garol! 

We are doing well. Sometimes he is very prideful and doesn’t want any of my advice. He kind of thinks that since he worked with the missionaries so much before his mission, he knows everything. That gets so annoying sometimes. Like REALLY annoying. Sometimes he feels like he doesn’t need to study or do any of those things, but I still try to lead by example. It does get frustrating. I do my best. Sometimes we spend too much time at people’s houses, and because I am not fluent I can’t like... cut the conversation. We are working on all that. Other than that we are just fine! No complaints at all. This next week, we go to Narra on Friday for a follow up trainers meeting, we sleep in Narra at the Zone Leaders mansion (yes it is huge) and then Saturday and Sunday we have District Conference in Aborlan! That is about 4 hours from here. Remember, Rizal is the choir, so that should be interesting. On top of that, Elder Lambert is in charge of one of the groups that “blends” with the others. So that is about a joke and a half. I am reminded every practice why I have never joined in any choir in my life. We don’t sound half bad though (except my group’s part). But President Ostler is coming out to our conference as well as a Seventy who is assigned here in the Philippines. So I am excited for that, should be really good! On top of that we are REALLY trying to get Sis. Riza to come with us as part of the choir. She says she wants to! So we are going to make that happen. We are so so busy here all the way through New Year’s, but I am excited for that! And even my Christmas packages ;) if the ZL ever brings them to Palawan ha. That’s a whole nother story.. 

We are doing well here. Busy week this week, again. I also enjoy no more rats! I hear them at night, but they are only in the ceiling. Also, the landlord fixed our water! We now OFFICALY have a sink that works! So we don’t have to wash dishes in the bathroom anymore. It’s like a dream come true now! It is really coming together here in Rizal, with the clean/walang rats and the work here! I love it. I also included pictures of the beach from last week. The one with the kids is actually Riza’s 2 youngest kids! I had a tragedy when I started emailing today, my SD card for my camera has a virus from these dumb internet cafes. Long story short, I lost my pics. But I put them on my companions massive external hard drive. But he said he is going to help me recover them all. So that’s a good thing. Anyways. I love you all! That’s all for this week.

Mahal ko po kayo, 

Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

Monday, November 16, 2015

Week ~ 29

Hello world,

It has been a good week. We are tearing it up here in Rizal. I almost
hate being assigned here. It is SO gorgeous. I just can’t even get
over it. I want to swim every dang day. I haven’t swam in the ocean in
over 10 years, so I am well overdue. It is such a blessing but also a
curse to be assigned in one of the most BEAUTIFUL areas in the whole
world. I will argue that all day long. Last night, I was standing out
on the beach, looking up at the Milky Way and the moon was just above
the horizon. I was just a foot or two from where the waves came. I
couldn’t help but think that all of this isn’t just a coincidence, and
that it came from an Eternal God! It was GORGEOUS and just perfect.  I
love it here and I love the members. 

We are working so hard for this baptism goal on December 26th of this year.
We are going to make it happen. I am excited for the next couple of weeks. 
It is a little stressful. But we are doing pretty well here in Rizal. We had a TON of
new investigators this week. Which is always awesome. It was a crazy
week; we came home from Narra on Wednesday. So it was a short week.
But basically it is always a short week here in Rizal. We have really
been focusing on Sis. Riza and getting her and her kids to the waters
of baptism (the ocean).  They are hard cookies to crack. But it’s
going pretty well! We have FHE tonight. We are doing a bonfire on the
beach tonight ;) I am so pumped. So that should be gorgeous aha. I
will email you all next week how trunky I get ;) jokes. But yeah. We
taught them 2 times this week. We committed her to live the WOW. She
has some problems with that, but it hasn’t been for a couple of weeks.
So we are praying for that. Since Rizal is the choir here in the Narra
District (stake), we have been putting that together. Everybody knows
that Elder Lambert has not a single lick of singing talent, except for
when he is singing in his car. But, there’s no cars here for me. I am
very blessed that my anak, (son) sang in a choir in college and knows
how to put it together! So we don’t sound half bad! We are singing
“How Great Thou Art.” So we sound good! Everyone that joins the choir
gets free fare all the way (4 hours) to Aborlan where we have the
conference! So we are trying to get Sis. Riza to join with her kids.
They came once to practice, but only once. So we will see what happens
with that. We have lots of members participating. We have a family,
who is less active, who we are trying to get to join. They are 3
girls; one is 18, 16, and 14. They all have waaay good voices. The
older two seem to come! But the 14 year old just won’t. But we went to
teach all of them at their moms “store” thing. They cook food and
people buy it there. We were there with some members, Sis. Mia Resane
(16) and her little brother Kim who is 13. Yeah he has the same name
as my mother what of it. 

Anyways, this one guy came up to the store
thing, and he starts looking for something to eat. I started to talk
to him about how gwuapo he was ahahaha. Just cause it was a way to
start the convo. Sister Mia looks at me and
says, “Elder Lambert! Do you realize who that is?!” My thought was, “I
have no idea.” Just because I don’t know any Filipino celebrities. But
I guess he was some famous singer/actor from a very famous Filipino
show called “Showtime.” It was cool to talk to him. He was of course
talking to me in English because he is good at it aha. But it was
cool. On Saturday Sis. Marilyn Diosma (the 18 year old) showed up to
choir practice with this guy! I don’t even know his name, but since we
are singing a Christian hymn, he knows it too. He sang it for us and
he is sooo talented. I was super cool to talk to and see this guy.

This week was pretty normal, for Rizal ahaha. The rats are gone! The
landlord came last Monday and they sealed the hole! I haven’t heard
any since and they aren’t in our house! Woooo! So that’s a plus.
Nothing too crazy this week. Just lots of planning for the coming
weeks and baptisms! If anyone wants to know, I’m not fluent. Sometimes
I still don’t have a clue what people say to me. So that’s
frustrating. But I usually have an idea… I am progressing though.
Slowly but surely! I love this work. Sorry for the short email aha. I
sometimes can’t remember what happened during the week aha. Love you
PS. the internet stinks so bad i cant attach pics...
Elder Lambert

Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth