Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Week ~ 12

Another one dead and gone. Transfer day is this week! Elder Sacay is leaving me this week and heading to Palawan to be a zone leader! So that's pretty awesome. I'm kind of jealous ha-ha. I'll find myself on Palawan some day ;) pretty solid week. Not as good as last week for sure though. Thursday I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and found myself in the bathroom for a little longer than expected ha-ha. So, I came out and got a drink when I was done and then I decided I needed to throw up I guess (sorry for the specifics). Ha-ha so after that I went back to bed and thought I could still work. I woke up at 6:30 like I do everyday and found myself back in the bathroom. Same thing, came out and got a drink except I was super thirsty and decided to try something and drink a ton of water. AND THEN I was back in the bathroom throwing it all up and the food I ate the night before. So that was super awesome. I didn't work that day. I got to die that day almost, it was miserable, but don't worry mom! I'm fine now ha-ha and I gained all the weight back. :)

Anyways. Back to the spiritual side of things. It was a rough week when it came back to the teaching. We have more people progressing finally! Its been hard but its finally coming together. We have a family named Mike and Cecil Vinculado, they have a daughter named Princess hahaha. She's 3 and is SUPER cute. They are "Bisaya." When someone says they are Bisaya, it means they speak a different language, specifically Bisaya is a huge group of languages. Elder Sacay speaks Cebuano, Tagalog, and English. But this couple speak Cebuano, English, and Tagalog. Anyways, they're super awesome. They live with a recent convert named Jane Chua, Sister Jane is so awesome. She was baptized in December and she does everything she can to move forward the work of salvation. So with the Vinculado family, she has always pushed them to go to church. They have gone on and off since I got here, but now brother Mike doesn't have work as much so we can teach him! We taught them the first lesson this week and he asked us about the Book of Mormon. We told them both to read the introduction page and we will talk about it next time. Next lesson, THEY BOTH READ. Wow such a miracle honestly ha-ha. We talked about the book of Mormon and testified of it. They both committed to read like 2 chapters. I know they will do it, they're studs. They're freaking gonna get baptized. I'm so pumped. They have a date for August 29th! So lets make it happen! They are progressing so well and they flipping take notes during lessons. SO awesome and they have good questions! I cant wait. My new companion and I are gonna be baptizing them ha-ha so yeahhhhh. 

The language is coming along. I can hold a solid gospel convo. That's about it though. They teach you nothing about conversational Tagalog so that's awesome. I've been told by lots of people we teach that I have improved so much! So I'm excited about that! We will see how it goes with a new companion because Elder Sacay may as well be American with his English, so maybe I'll get a Filipino who doesn't speak as well! We shall see... Anyways. I forgot to mention we have been teaching an English class! It's weird cause Filipinos speak good English when they try, but it's kind of fun teaching people! They make fun of my Utah accent ha-ha. We haven't had much success with non-members attending... But we will see how this week goes. Its kind of fun though. :) Not much else to report on... We are working so hard everyday and that's what counts! That's all for this week! I'll see if this computer will let me send pics... I love you all!
Elder Lambert

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