Sunday, April 17, 2016

Ketchup on the Nun

Hi world. What a week. Finally we got to hear conference! That was of course a spiritual recharge that I needed. Conference always does that for me. I hope if any of you haven't watched conference, I invite you to repent and watch it! It was super super good. I learned lots of good things that I can apply to myself and hopefully become a better missionary. 

We had an alright week with the work. Maybe I will go into more details later about conference. Anyways, the week was a little bit of a trial. Sister Melh-Jean basically has fallen off the face of the earth. We haven't been able to contact her at all. Her family and neighbors always tell us that she left earlier that day, but of course they don't know where. So that's always fun. With Sister Maricel, we focused on her coming to conference up at the stake center. She always told us she was so excited to go and listen to the prophet. So we were for sure planning on her attending with us on  Sunday. So Saturday night we definitely went over just to remind her about conference and that we would be willing to go with her. So we go, and her sister Lennie (who we used to teach, until we dropped her due to lack of progression) told us that she wasn't there, and that she was "staying in" at her job. Meaning that she wasn't going to be going to conference. That didn't put me in the best mood. I was already slightly frustrated with some things that had happened earlier that day. So yeah, that was a fun one haha. Its all good now. That was a fun one to finish off the night thought! The frustrating part, was that we had just earlier that day, coordinated with Bishop for her baptism on April 30th. Now, since she didn't go to church, her baptism at the EARLIEST will be on May 7th I believe. So yeah, we will keep pushing and visiting her! 

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that we have been working in the sisters area. So here's the story: So in my district, Sister Tinate has been super super sick. We thought it was chicken pox, but has actually been hand and foot disease. I am not too familiar with that, but I do know that they haven't worked in their area for almost 2 weeks. They were actually at St. Luke's hospital for like 4 days. Anyways, so the Zone Leaders and I have been talking and they decided we need to try and cover some of their area. So we did that, we definitely don't know the area at all. So specifically last night we went there with some members and taught some of the recent converts from the ward over there. That was an adventure. We also tried to contact some of their progressing investigators. We actually couldn't find them, but we did teach some random lady on the spot! That was probably the BEST first lesson I have ever taught. I probs would have died without the members with me, cause my comp wasn't able to speak. So yeah, that was fun. I love the members here though. They sure save me when I need it. So yeah, we have been covering some of our area and the sisters area over the last few days. We had to actually go to their apartment and take them medicine. We spent like 3000 pesos on medicine, which converts to like $75. So that was great, luckily they paid us back. It was just slightly a crazy week. We are trying to find more in the area, the houses are just so big and have gates that everyone hates us! Haha but we are doing our best. I don't know what else to say, we are talking to people and trying to contact them again. We are actually focusing on members a lot. We had 4 dinner appointments this last week. We are trying to ask for referrals! It was nice though to get some good food. You all just wait, no more spaghetti parties at the house, only rice and Filipino food! I can cook up some nice stuff, so be ready. (oh, we are!!)

I loved conference though, I am kind of lame and forgot my notes with the quotes that I liked from it. But I  really encourage all of you to watch it. You can all find your own amazing quotes :) The funny story of this week comes from our adventures at McDonalds :) After conference, we all went to Macdo for some nice food. I like ketchup, so I tried to open it. These two nuns sat next to us, in the classic nuns costume. Anyways, I noticed them and kept squeezing my ketchup. Long story short, it exploded and squirted like 7 feet and got the nun all over her clothes! It was bad. I felt super bad haha. Pretty funny though! Anyways, this week we will be going to the MRC Wednesday. So that will be fun. And no mom, I do not have my packages. So that's fun. But yeah. I love you all! Here's some pics of Elder Leofo, Elder Eteaki and then with some members last Pday haha. That's all folks.

Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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