Monday, April 18, 2016

The Bird

Hello world again!

So fast, the weeks go by so fast. I don't even know what to say about all of that. This week was crazy. The Zone Leaders borrowed our phone this week so we didn't have a phone for like 3 days last week. So that made it a little hard for scheduling appointments. When they had the phone, the ZL scheduled appointments with the mission nurse to get Elder Smith's shoulder looked at. Anyways, Elder Webster had his trip thing all the way at the MRC that same day, and I had tried to schedule a dentist appointment on the same day. Anyways, long story short, we ended up going to the MRC for Elder Webster on Wednesday and all the confusion landed my dentist appointment on Friday. So that basically killed our work for like 2 days last week. That kind of hurt our numbers. We also have a certain member who tells us that he will work with us, so we plan to teach certain people and then the member just won't even show up. So that automatically makes it so we can't teach some of our girl investigators. That is just one of those trials that shouldn't even happen haha. So yeah... We have had a hard time teaching some of our investigators. Melh-Jean has literally dropped off the face of the earth. We have a set appointment with her tonight, but we had something come up and won't be able to make it. Maricel on the other hand... Went to work on Thursday in Makati and hasn't come back. So no one knows where she is. So that is interesting. I don't know what to say about that. She didn't come to church because of it, so the extension on her baptism just got extended again. That is always fun. 

This last week on Saturday, we were called by Bishop to come to a funeral! A LA member's father ended up passing away last week. So we show up at this funeral and of course it is awkward. We barely know these people because they are never home when we visit them! So that was an awkward moment... Bishop asked me and Elder Webster speak SEPARATELY! I was slightly scared for that. Not about me... But my comp. But, he did it! He was FREAKING out. But he did it! It was like 2 minutes... He shared an interesting verse. It went well though! I just shared about the resurrection and stuff so yeah. Not too bad. The man who died was super old, so he was ready to go. That was a fun experience, just being thrown into giving a talk at a funeral ha ha. It wasn't bad though. 

This last week was just super busy. I just feel like every week is so busy now! Transfer day is in two days. So we will see what happens. Usually I can give a small prediction of who transfers and who doesn't but I got nothing this week. We could stay together, I could leave, or Elder Webster could leave. I guess we will see what happens?! No texts so far about becoming a Zone Leader, so yeah. 

This weeks funny story is a FUNNY ONE. So, this week I bought a selfie stick (probably one of my greatest purchases of all time) we were OF COURSE taking selfies in the apartment until IT HAPPENED. The back door was open, and all of the sudden a bird flies in! So I am taking pics of Elder 'Ete'aki and myself until he starts screaming! He gets up and like drops to the floor and runs out the front door with his selfie stick! He basically like barrels through the door and almost like breaks it ha ha. So during all this I switched my camera to video so we can record this! My goodness so funny. Then we force the bird out the door, but the door we chose was the one Elder 'Ete'aki is standing by! Keep in mind, he is a 6'2" 320 pound beast. And he is so afraid of a small bird! It reminded me of the episode of the Big Bang Theory where Sheldon is afraid of the Bluebird  anyways. That was such a funny experience. Hopefully this week will be better. We need some nicer numbers! Anyways, I love you all!

Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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