Monday, July 18, 2016

Tondo... 2 Million people in our area!

Hello world,

I'm not sure what to say about this week. Just a good solid week of hard work! Its almost like lots happened, but nothing happened at all. But all in all, a good week! 

In terms of people and lessons we taught this week, it wasn't too bad. We have really been focusing on LA people in our area who we don't know. Some of them are part members too, which is always a great opportunity. One of them is the Drio family. Sister Drio grew up in the church and has kind of gone LA since she married a Catholic. He was taught by lots of previous Elders just has an issue with work. So this last week he was out of work for a bit and he accepted a baptismal date! The problem is, that he got work again. So we have been unable to recontact him. This week though we found some good potential families that we have tried to contact. One of them was this guy named R who was really interested in the Book of Mormon. So we set an appointment and he was drunk when we got there. So that was a big let down. We went back last night and we did our best to contact them again. We have an appointment tomorrow and we hope they will all be there and sober! 

We found like 18 new investigators this week which was great, the hard part is just going back to contact them. Sometimes they just straight up forget about us. But we go back anyway! That's part of the struggle in the work though! The Manuel family still seems to be good. I have seen the growth, especially in brother Alvin. He really wants to get married but the money issue is a little tough still. The problem is, is that they didn't go to church again this week. I'm not quite sure why... Tonight we will be seeing them again to see whats up. The ward is really doing better now with helping us to get them married. It seems to be a long process though. 

Sister Eugene May though! She is probably going to be baptized. She is still a little big quiet when we teach her, but she is starting to open up to us a bit. She came to church yesterday again! Her date is for July 30th. We just have to get through the lessons. We still struggle a little bit with the awkward 3 language barrier... We do our best to help her understand. Tomorrow I will get pics of us so you can all see her. She will be baptized though! So we are excited for that. We have quite a few other people who have baptismal dates, but they are slower progressing and need some help and have a few concerns that take some time to get rid of. 

It's actually really fun being here in Tondo. There are some people who are really prepared to hear the gospel. Our area is huge! It has well over 2 million people in it. I think that we are in the most densely populated area in the WORLD. I would have to check on it, but some areas are so dense. Which means that there is lots of opportunity here in Tondo. It's really fun though! 

This week I have no pictures... Sorry I stink. It's because I forgot my camera at the house! So that is no good... I will do better next week at that. Elder Langi and I are still together. We had transfer day but no changes in my district or me and Elder Langi. Which is all good for me! We work hard but have fun too. 

Yesterday was an interesting Sunday though... Before church I got a text from Sister Ostler saying they were going to attend our sacrament meeting! I was mind blown that they chose our congregation out of all the places to go. It was good though! They bore their testimonies and it was really great. I wanted to get a picture with them after sacrament but we had to give a blessing to a LA, and they couldn't wait. Thats okay, next time na lang! 

I really love the area though and we have gotten close to some families here in the ward. The Bishop here is REALLY good. He works so hard and gets hardly any help from the ward, but its part of growing the church in the Philippines. That is about all for this week folks! Love you all.

Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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