Monday, July 4, 2016

Soul saving robot...

Hello world. 

Another busy week. But with all the busyness, it feels like nothing happened. We keep on chuggin a long and working hard. We have a few progressing investigators that seem to be doing well, others that seem to have dropped off the face of the earth. We are continuing to find and talk to people and invite them to listen. We live by a huge church building, the church is called "Iglesia Ni Cristo." It is a huge huge building. Anyways, everyone around that church tends to be a member of that church and its against their rules to talk to us. So that is a little difficult. We press on! We work in a variety of areas. Mostly really poor areas. Tondo is an adventure. We go to this place called Divisoria every Pday. We eat there and just see all the stuff you can buy. There are SO many random things you can buy. If you want something, its at divisoria. The problem is, is that it is mostly all fake stuff so you have to be careful, so yeah. 

We have a few people doing really well! One of them is a girl named Eugene May. She is from the southern part of the Philippines. She lives with a super active family in our area. She's like 18 years old and actually their niece. She is SUPER shy, so its a little hard to crack her open. I feel like I can crack people open and my companion is poly so he is good at joking and all that. Anyways, she is finally starting to open up to us and isn't so nervous about answering our questions. We taught her twice this week, the second one was the Book of Mormon. It kind of cracks me up, because she speaks a different dialect and has been learning Tagalog over the last year. The other thing is that the Tagalog BOM and the Cebuano BOM are super deep. Like the language is hard for some FIlipinos, especially in the different dialects. So we gave her a Tagalog BOM and a Cebuano BOM hoping it would help. It is super awkward during lessons because the 2 missionaries are reading in English, she is reading the 2 dialects and has to give answers and respond in Tagalog! It is just super awkward. Sometimes we have 3 languages flying around the room and its difficult. Luckily I can understand some from the other dialects. I would say I can understand like 4 dialects here. Not fluently! But like enough to keep up and get by. I sure can't speak them at all aha. The gift of tongues is real! Especially with lessons. But we have members who help us with lessons with sister May. So that is really awesome. She came to church yesterday! We will follow her up tomorrow about that and if she prayed about the Aklat Ni Mormon. So yeah. 

The Manuel family (the ones who we are trying to get married) didn't come to church.I am not sure the deal. When their fellow-shipper comes, they will go, if not, they won't go. So that is the struggle. It is really difficult to teach them too because of their kids. The kids are not well behaved at all, so that is SUPER frustrating sometimes. We do our best. Those are the two that are progressing the best. 

Also this week we went on exchanges. I went with my roommate Elder Lopez. He is about 7 months in the mission. He is Puerto Rican from Vegas. He is super cool. We taught like 4 lessons and did some good OYMs. So that was a good day. 

We had a good week though. No pics... Mom is gonna beat me haha. I just walk and work. I feel like a robot sometimes. A soul saving robot, but its still fun. I love the mission more than anything and wouldn't trade it! 

I love you all. 

Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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