Friday, April 10, 2015

Week 2- MTC

Everybody! My second full week of the MTC is about over. Today is P day and we can finally get to email. Boy am I always exhausted. The heat and the hours are killing me. We go hard like 15 hours a day. It kills me. Its hard to sit in a classroom that long. But its kinda important. This week was good though. We don't do much but  sit in a classroom all day. But on Tuesday we got to go to immigration. We were all super pumped because we got to get out of here and see the city! It was a nice break. We were all excited to see the big city of Manila. This place is huge. And the traffic is INSANE. I would be willing to bet money that none of you have seen traffic this crazy. Everyone honks. All the time. No blinkers. And no lines on the road. It would be stressful for me. But when we went to immigration I wanted to talk to anyone and everyone. But my kasama is actually really lame. Me and him don't get along the best. He's super quiet and doesn't talk to me. and we all know how much i like to talk. so its an issue. when i ask him a question, he will either look at me like I'm stupid. or just straight up ignore me.. it gets so so SO annoying. and it makes planning lessons hard. so when we went to immigration he ended up talking to some dude from New York while one of the other Elders talked with me. Immigration was crazy busy. Like everywhere here is. On the drive there we drove through the slums of Manila. Holy cow. Insane. People in complete poverty. Kids that had no clothes on. Me, being from Utah, I've never seen that before. It was very hard to look at. Scott was right, people literally inhabit every single space you can in this city. Its hard to see. But immigration was whatever. It just took forever. After that we got to go to the American/Filipino WWII memorial. That was my favorite part so far here. We only got like 20 minutes at that. But it was still so cool. Even the spirit was strong there. There were so many grave sites. Thousands and thousands. Dad you would have love it. They had murals that were painted on the walls in the courtyard thing.. but the murals were basically maps of every single battle that happened here in the Philippines. That was so so awesome. And hot of course. Yesterday was quite interesting. a good story about my kasama.. I tickled him during class. and he turned around and punched me, right in the stomach. I flexed halfway through, so it didn't hurt bad. But it blew my mind. If we weren't missionaries i would have popped him back right in the face. I'm pretty sure he has anger issues. Right after he threatened me he would punch me right in the face if i tickled him again. But the only thing that matters out of all of this is that i could take him in a fight hahaha. He doesn't think so. But i outweigh him by like 30 pounds so that's cool. This week was honestly really hard cause all we do is sit and learn the language. its hard. ill be honest I'm struggling with it. and my kasama isnt helping the situation. Because hes the laziest person i know who doesn't care about the work. its hard to stay positive about the whole thing. but i only have a month left with him. we have been teaching "investigators." People that are playing fake investigators but they give us like a back story on the person. Its hard. Especially since they all speak Tagalog to us. But some will speak Taglish with you. Its still way hard. But I'm learning a lot. So that's good. And i also have lots of pictures to hopefully send too. I also love my whole district. All the boys i hang out with. we are way close. The closest thing to compare me and the other elders to are to me and the boys back home. Almost as good of a time. But obviously we cant do some of the stuff that we can do back home. Anyways i will email for another short hour next week. i love you all. Love, Elder Lambert

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