Thursday, April 16, 2015

Week 3- MTC

Another week gone. Honestly nothing really changes around here. We have the same exact thing every day. And its hard to sit in class all day long without getting bored and all that. But my kasama and I are good. I guess, like i said he doesn't talk to me much. And we all know I like to talk. But we have been teaching a bunch of investigators and its been hard to be able to feel the spirit, cause he doesn't prepare! At all! And to be honest he doesn't care about the investigators. They teach us to love our investigators and all that but he just doesn't. Yesterday we taught a lady named Ria Gomez (as in diarrea) ;) we have been teaching her for like a week now. But we have been teaching about the Ang plano ng Kaligtasan. She's pregnant and doesn't understand her purpose in life. But we have been trying to get her to understand it. We had just finished our lesson yesterday and I invited her to baptism. The missionary invite for baptism is a pain in the butt to memorize, but I got it! And I was able to say it and she said opo! I was so excited. Even though she is still a fake investigator, I have still come to love her! But I came out of that lesson with a huge smile on my face. And I looked at my kasama and he didn't even care. He says "Its just a baptism." OKAY ELDER WE ARE SAVING SOULS HERE! That drove me up the wall. But I'm thankful for the opportunity to be able to teach investigators. Even if they aren't real. So we have a "baptism" set for May 5th haha. But Allie, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! No one even has a clue what lacrosse is here and I always have to explain it. But you are a baller, and you know that. But keep it up. Kenna and Kels, don't let anyone push you around! You guys have an older sister who can help you better than I ever could. So keep it up. But like i said. Nothing is new around here honestly. We do the same thing everyday. Which is good... but gets kinda old. BUT NEXT WEEK WE GET TO GO TO MANILA FOR PROSELYTING! We get to get out with a senior kasama and actually teach people! And ride in a jeepnee! I'll hopefully send a pic of one in a sec. But they're so crazy looking. We also got to go to the Manila temple this morning again. Thats always a nice break. Thats my 3rd time since I've been here. The language is harder than heck. And so frustrating. But its coming along, slowly but surely. They say within 3 months of leaving here we can talk to almost everyone. And most everyone knows a little English so thats nice to know. Conference was amazing. This last weekend was our conference week. Since we are around the world we watched it later. But it was the first time I had watched all 5 sessions with notes! And I loved it so so much. Holland is always my favorite. His talk about the Atonement made me appreciate what the Savior did for us that much more. And the story he told couldn't have drawn it out any better! Also I don't have any pictures really, cause all we've done is hang around the MTC and stare out at the city. We have a pretty sweet view of Manila from here. So yeah. Thats about it for this week. Alam ko po na totoo propeta si Thomas S. Monson at Joseph SMith. Alam ko po na Jesus Christ is our Savoir and Redeemer of this world. And everyday I love him that much more. My testimony in tagalog is coming along. They are cramming our brain with information and theres only so much I can take it but i'll get it. Next week should be more entertaining because we are procelyting! But yeah. I love you all. The church is true. Be patient with me. My emailing will get better when I actually have time to email people back without a teacher yelling at me about time haha. But the church is true! Talk to you all next week. Love, Elder Lambert

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