Thursday, April 2, 2015

Week 1-MTC

I am finally here in the MTC! The plane ride was awful. Hated every second of it. The food was nasty and actually kinda messed up my insides. So that was good. We stayed in a hotel after we got off of the plane.I met Elder Bolnick in SLC airport. He goes to Bingham High. We know some of the same people. kinda cool. We flew to Seattle and Tokyo together and we met Elder Zeyer in Tokyo. Hes from Boise, Idaho. Then from Tokyo to Manila it was just the 3 of us. WE got to the manila airport and our ride wasnt there! it was like midnight when we got our luggage and found out we didnt have a ride. we walked around for like an hour looking for someone. luckily some members kind of helped us out. he said it wasnt safe for 3 white boys to be walking out in front of the airport, We went to airport security and the lady called the number we had. He finally came and took us to our hotel. THERE ARE NO LANE LINES IN THE ROAD HERE. people are so crazy here in their driving. SO much honking. We were cruising through like almost a bangerter type road and there was some dude in the middle of the road selling bananas! We were laughing so hard. We got to our hotel and crashed. We had to get up at 5 AM to go to the MTC. We got here and checked in and stuff and found our companion. my companion is named Elder Lye. He's from Malaysia. Hes a super chill kid. Hes a man of few words. But i dont mind him at all. I'll send pictures in a minute. Our district is freaking awesome. Theres 8 Elders and 5 Sisters. 3 of the Elders are from Australia. 2 of them are polys and play rugby, theyre huge. The other aussie is like 6' 5" and plays rugby, hes white though so thats cool. Elder Bolnick and Zeyer are 2 of the others and then theres Elder Ellis. Hes from French Polynesia and only speaks French. So its hard to talk to him. People keep wondering about the food here and its.. interesting. We have had 3 meals without rice the whole time weve been here. Its messing with my insides. And the amount of food they give us in a serving is so so so much.... I'll send a pic later. i have so much i have to email and not much time but yeah. the sabbath day was awesome. The tagalog branch is all the english speaking missionaries. Theres only 4 of us americans in the whole MTC and the rest are from Australia and New Zealand and like Tonga and stuff. Elder Lye had to speak and he was scared to death. Monday was probs my favorite day here. Elder Zeyer's companion is from australia, hes one of the poly kids and he is always drinking lots of water. So Elder Zeyer wanted to beat him out on his water amount. He drank 10 glasses of water! He needed 11 to beat elder Fainu (his kasama) so i went and got him another cause im such a fine lad, he drank this glass of water. HE THREW  IT UP EVERYWHERE. all over the table. all over the floor. it was like a fire hydrant opening up. IT WAS HILARIOUS! we all died laughing. Our district is too funny. Especially the boys. All we do is laugh. i love these guys. when we all leave here itll be a sad day. the days are blending together. so ill try to do my best to remember everything i did. Its all in my journal so i didnt have time to read them. But i gave my second priesthood blessing. a sister in our district wasnt feeling good. so me and my kasama got to do that. Super awesome experience for me. Yesterday me and ELder Lye got to go to the temple and do a session. he wasnt endowed. so i got to be with him for his first time. super amazing spiritual experience for him and for me. the manila temple is beautiful. today is P day and we get to go to the shops. me and the boys are pumped. so we get to party there. We got to teach an "investigator"this week. in tagalog. so so so hard. we didnt do too bad. ill explain more next week. This has been the hardest experience of my life. being away from family and all that. and the time change. i havent been able to sleep and stuff. but it should get better. the spirit is so so strong here. oh yeah and i forgot, the other day we learned how to bear our testimonies in tagalog, so hard...but after we got to go bear our testimonies to random people outside the temple. it was almost addicting. i just wanna get out of here and start doing the work. some of my pictures are me and the elders. one of our meals as well. hopefully ill send more in a sec. But yeah.
alam ko po na magpagmahal an ating ama sa langit. alam ko po na totoo ang ebangelio ni Jesucristo. alam ko po na si propeta joseph smith at thomas s monson. sa pangalan ni Jesucristo amen.
Love, Elder Lambert 
PS. sorry for my fast email and bad grammar. i have limited time. love you all.

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