Sunday, September 6, 2015

Week ~ 18

Another one gone! The Vinculado family is still awesome! We had to teach them 4 times last week in order to hit all the lessons they needed. I wasn't quite sure how well they were going to understand a living prophet. We hadn't really taught them very well on that. I was a bit nervous about that lesson. Friday we taught about President Monson and we explained the basic organization of the church. They asked how  the prophet is called, we stopped the lesson there and explained we would come back tomorrow and have a picture with all the apostles and stuff! They agreed. But before we left we told them to study about Joseph Smith and to pray about him and Pres. Monson. So the next day we came back about 3 hours before their interview and showed pictures, we also gave them the Liahona magazine that's the conference edition! So we told them to just read from it and all that! Of course they agreed. They just had a problem with not actually knowing who Pres. Monson is, but they accepted him now!

After that we went to the church and they had their interviews. The Zone leaders did their interviews, Elder Handy one of the ZL's came out after brother Mike's interview and he said he had a concern, we froze. I was so scared. Then Elder Handy walked over and said that he was solid! That he was ready for baptism! BEST FEELING EVER. Then Cecil came out and she was done! The baptism is set for September 12th! But, one catch, I AM TRANSFERING TO PALAWAN.

The only thing that I know so far is that I get one bag that is about 50 pounds... So that's gonna be interesting ha-ha. I am super sad actually to leave my womb... I was born in this area! HAHAHA that's okay though. I am going to literally mission paradise! Should be super super pretty. That will be nice. Also they don't speak ANY English there so my Tagalog is going to improve! This week was good though! We were blessed with a referral from a ward member! He actually wants to be taught. So I guess Elder Leofo will have a good time with that! I don't know who my companion is yet, but I will find out tomorrow!

Not much for this week honestly. We just did lots of finding. Talked to lots of people. We have been teaching Brother Johnny a lot too! He actually is one of my good friends in the ward now! He doesn't have a job because he went to church and not work... Ha-ha that could go either way, but his choice. He said he is just gonna fast and spend time with the family and do what he can! He has so much faith! I am gonna be sad to leave him... But it's what I have to do. That's all I have for this week folks! The pics I am sending is our district picture of us having a party for another Elder. And then the picture of the Vinculado family is of them but their daughter wouldn't look ha-ha. And then a hot pic of me on our ward mission leader's bike;)  I love you all!

Elder Lambert 



Headed to Palawan!! So exciting! Safe travels Elder Lambert...

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