Sunday, August 30, 2015

Week ~ 17

Dear world,

IT WAS MY WONDERFUL MOTHER'S BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK! I won't say how old she is ha-ha. (I'm 32, of course) But mom I love and miss you! We celebrated with more missionary work and more sweating ha-ha. Anyways, another week dead and gone. We had exchanges this week, this time with the Zone Leaders because Elder Leofo is the District leader. I went over to the zone leaders apartment with Elder Villoso, he's Filipino and goes home in a week ha-ha. They live in a super nice apartment over there. Elder Villoso's companion is an American who is FILTHY rich. So we got to use the air con so I got to sleep with air con for the first time in months  It was awesome. 

Me and Elder  Villoso taught a recent convert about family history. We went to my family search and showed her how to do it. But the sad thing is, I have no idea how to do any of that so that's cool. It was fun though. We have of course been teaching the Vinculado family! They are as good as ever. Sister Cecil came to church in her brand new dress she bought for her baptism. So she is ready to go! Brother Mike came as well lookin spiffy! We had our fifth Sunday lesson on emergency preparedness. The stake wants each barangay to have like specialists who "specialize" in health care, communications, search and rescue, and other things needed for a natural disaster. It was basically asking people to volunteer in case of disaster. Brother Mike is officially the communications specialist even if he isn't a member yet! So that's awesome ha-ha. We had a lesson with them on Saturday about the 10 commandments. Which of course went well! At the end of the lesson we asked them about the blessings that have come from living the WOW and all of the things we have asked them to change! Which BTW they are perfect so far at living the WOW since we taught it! So flippin amazing. But they truly expressed their thanks to us for us visiting them. The words of Sister Cecil, "Thank you guys for opening a new chapter in our life!" Holy cow it was so awesome. They truly want to change and they are ready! We have their interview this Saturday for baptism! They are scheduled to be baptized September 12th! As long as everything goes well, (Which it will) they will be baptized! I am praying I don't get transferred before then, I don't think I will but who knows ha-ha.

This area is so awesome and I love the ward! We have really started focusing on finding new investigators to teach. Which works pretty well after the hours of 6 pm! That's okay though ha-ha. Yesterday we went to visit Brother Johnny, our recent convert, we get there and HE'S ON THE PORCH READING HIS SCRIPTURES! ARE YOU SERIOUS? He is such an example to me. He even asks us questions to clarify some things! He is already finding the true power within the scriptures. I hope everyone is reading everyday. everyday. everyday! It is the key to surviving this life and the trials that are in it! Johnny is a stud and I can't wait to go to his sealing in a year! If i'm still on the mainland ha-ha. Anyways, today we are going to Mega Mall for bowling. BOY AM I STOKED. It's gonna be too good. Not any pics this week... But next week for sure! I love you all! Happy late birthday mom I love you!

Elder Lambert

Headed to Palowan!!!!! I've heard it is an island paradise!! Safe travels Elder Lambert...

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