Monday, November 2, 2015

Week ~ 26

Dear world,
It saddens me to hear of the loss of Allie’s teammate. Of course I didn’t know her. But me being a part of the lacrosse community, I feel so saddened. I have known of too many lacrosse players in Utah whose life has ended because of accident or suicide. It saddens me beyond words. I do know that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can all be healed from any kind of pain, spiritual, physical, mental. All of it. My prayers are with her family.

This week was good. We have been focusing on finding. Our lessons dropped, but our OYM’s went way up and our new investigators! So we are excited about that. Last Monday we had family home evening with our referral, Sister Riza. We focused on the family aspect of our message. She has 5 kids. The oldest is 13, then 12, and then 7? Then like 2 more younger. They are all very well behaved and respectful kids. Which is a little bit rare here. So yeah. It’s great to teach them. We had a good family home evening. Of course she’s interested in the family aspect. The next day we taught them about our basic beliefs. A short lesson, we invited her oldest son to be baptized as well as her. They both accepted. The son is 13, the next oldest is her daughter who is 12. She wasn’t there to invite, but we will invite her hopefully in our lesson later today. She committed to read in Alma 32, so I hope she actually does that. We will see later tonight! 

Also, on Saturday we OYMed some Muslims! This is always hard because they always seem to say, “Muslim kami Muslim kami!” Which just is saying we are Muslim and we aren’t allowed to change. So yeah. But these people let us in! The tayay (dad) told us that he was willing to listen and that Christians and Muslims should always get along! Which is true, we told him of the importance of family and that was kind of the focus of our message. They speak a different dialect that’s only here in Palawan. It’s called Hulo Sulo. They speak Tagalog, but they prayed in that language and I caught maybe 10 words. It was cool though! They are very active Muslim. But we have a return appointment tomorrow so we will teach about our basic beliefs about Jesus Christ and stuff. They believe he was only a prophet and that he didn’t atone for all of us. So that is going to be interesting. I have taught Muslims before but they never have even a slight interest. I am excited though. Hopefully they will progress. 

Bro. Alvorado

This week also, WAS THE BIG TEMPLE TRIP of all the members getting sealed! Not all of them were back yesterday to go to church. But tonight we have a FHE/birthday/Follow up temple prep with all of them! I am very excited for that. Yesterday at church, we had a whopping 25 at church. The Branch President was at the temple escorting youth to do baptisms; his 1st counselor was at the temple getting sealed, so his 2nd counselor presided. No problems, just not very many people. No investigators either. But, one member was there that went to the temple. He is Brother Alvorado, the one with one arm. We drove up, I got out of the tricycle and I have NEVER seen a smile so big on someones face. He was so happy! I went and gave him a hug. He told me how beautiful it was inside the temple. And how much he wishes to go back. Maybe some day he can.

This is the galzote family. with my loving former companion elder baquiran ;) he got to witness cause hes on the mainland. This other pic is just a bunch of the members! (I am sorry mom i may have sinned, i let them borrow my camera to take pics, it came back safe and sound no worries) but yeah i have lots of pics of members in manila! i felt bad cause they dont have cameras so i let them borrow mine.. 

This is a picture of the whole group that went. And then the Vargas family! I love them so much! They work with us every Sunday they are so awesome. 

News about the rats: I killed 2 “youth” rats this week. I was cooking and turned the stove on and a rat ran out from underneath it. I went into demon mode and tracked it down and killed it. Then another one ran from under the shelf! Got him too. But I know of a big one that I saw last night ahaha. We will get it sooner or later. My companion/bagong anak is good. He is a recent convert, but he worked with the missionaries a lot over the last year. He is from Bacolod which is one of the top baptism missions in the world. So he is always saying the way we do things is weird. Which gets actually way annoying. He always tells me that he doesn't need to study from Preach My Gospel because he knows the lessons. So yeah....We are working hard though here! I incuded a picture of the group that went to the temple and a pic of Brother Alvorado. I will send more in a sec. I also didn't get to go on the hike because of rain. We plan to go today but it is raining right now so not sure... I love you all and keep being awesome! 

Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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