Monday, November 23, 2015

Week ~ 30

Dear world,

2 big things happened this week. 1) I broke my record on the Rubik’s Cube with a solid 1:04. (Ummm, I'm so proud...)That’s LIGHTNING. 2) One of my best friends in the mission was killed this week. Her name was Elder Lambert. I am sad I never got a picture of her. I don’t even know what kind of dog she was. But she was my favorite. She was killed to be made into “Aso adobo.” So yeah. She was made into food. (Ewwwwww!!!) I miss her dearly. That’s about the big news for the week. Nah joke!!. But those both really did happen. Anyways. 

This week was a good solid week. FINALLY Sis. Riza and her kids came to church! They had a great experience. We also got word from Sis. Riza AND Pres. Ostler that the missionaries in the Quezon City mission had contacted her husband and have started to teach him! Now all we have to do is pray that everything will go smoothly! So far so good I think. It is just a matter of her husband getting back here to Rizal to be married and that is not cheap. But it was great to finally have a good turnout of investigators at church! We had Sis. Riza and her kids which is 5 (6 total but only 5 count as investigators), and then we had Sis. Jho. She is a new investigator who lives with our EQ President and RS President. So, she has fellow-shippers! She has come to church twice now, the only problem is, is that she works Monday-Saturday. So we can only teach her on Sunday after church. We want to goal her for December 26th, but there is almost no way that we can teach all of the lessons to her between now and then. So that’s a little sad. But, I do think that we can do it so she can be baptized in January! That would be great. I love seeing what is happening here in Rizal. When I came here, we were teaching so many LA and investigators that were not progressing at all. I decided when I was going to be the “Senior” here, that we were going to find lots of new people. Before, we were teaching SO many lessons every week, but no one was progressing or going to church. I felt it was almost a waste of time, not necessarily a waste of time, but we needed new people to teach. So at this point, our lessons have gone way down, but it is all part of balancing out talking to new people and finding new people. So our new people has gone up, but our lessons down. So basically we have hit a great balance in what we are doing here in Rizal. I love it. I really don’t want to leave Rizal. I also do feel like it is a curse to be assigned here in Rizal. I JUST WANT TO SWIM SO BAD EVERY SINGLE DAY BUT I CAN’T CAUSE THAT’S BAWAL. But, on the other hand, I love the members here. I love Palawan. I don’t think I would want to live here permanently, but I wouldn’t mind visiting here like once a year ;) But I don’t have to worry cause I am guaranteed another transfer here (transfers are next Wed) because I am training my anak Elder Garol! 

We are doing well. Sometimes he is very prideful and doesn’t want any of my advice. He kind of thinks that since he worked with the missionaries so much before his mission, he knows everything. That gets so annoying sometimes. Like REALLY annoying. Sometimes he feels like he doesn’t need to study or do any of those things, but I still try to lead by example. It does get frustrating. I do my best. Sometimes we spend too much time at people’s houses, and because I am not fluent I can’t like... cut the conversation. We are working on all that. Other than that we are just fine! No complaints at all. This next week, we go to Narra on Friday for a follow up trainers meeting, we sleep in Narra at the Zone Leaders mansion (yes it is huge) and then Saturday and Sunday we have District Conference in Aborlan! That is about 4 hours from here. Remember, Rizal is the choir, so that should be interesting. On top of that, Elder Lambert is in charge of one of the groups that “blends” with the others. So that is about a joke and a half. I am reminded every practice why I have never joined in any choir in my life. We don’t sound half bad though (except my group’s part). But President Ostler is coming out to our conference as well as a Seventy who is assigned here in the Philippines. So I am excited for that, should be really good! On top of that we are REALLY trying to get Sis. Riza to come with us as part of the choir. She says she wants to! So we are going to make that happen. We are so so busy here all the way through New Year’s, but I am excited for that! And even my Christmas packages ;) if the ZL ever brings them to Palawan ha. That’s a whole nother story.. 

We are doing well here. Busy week this week, again. I also enjoy no more rats! I hear them at night, but they are only in the ceiling. Also, the landlord fixed our water! We now OFFICALY have a sink that works! So we don’t have to wash dishes in the bathroom anymore. It’s like a dream come true now! It is really coming together here in Rizal, with the clean/walang rats and the work here! I love it. I also included pictures of the beach from last week. The one with the kids is actually Riza’s 2 youngest kids! I had a tragedy when I started emailing today, my SD card for my camera has a virus from these dumb internet cafes. Long story short, I lost my pics. But I put them on my companions massive external hard drive. But he said he is going to help me recover them all. So that’s a good thing. Anyways. I love you all! That’s all for this week.

Mahal ko po kayo, 

Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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