Monday, November 30, 2015

Week ~ 31

Hello world.

Another one done and dusted. For those of you who want to know, I didn't have any kind Thanksgiving here in Rizal. I was actually studying and then I realized it was Thanksgiving day, at least here it was. Not in Utah. I did get a little sad , but that's okay. 

Friday morning, I was on a shuttle at about 6 in the morning and then I realized that all of my family was probably eating at that time. But I did alright! We were on our way to Narra to have our "Follow Up Trainer Meeting." So that was fun. We then stayed at the Zone Leaders mansion in Narra. It is a mansion. It slept 12 missionaries for 2 days. Water pressure isn't too good, but it was alright. I showered outside at the pump ha-ha. Nothing too new. The meeting was fine. My tatay (trainer), Elder Sacay and his companion lead the training, nothing TOO new to me, but it was good. Then after that all 8 companionship's (basically the whole zone) went out and OYMed (Open Your Mouth) basically all of Narra. That was normal, we found a LA (Less Active) member who is from Roxas, (Mom, that missionary who's mom you talk to on FB, is serving in Roxas I believe) but we invited him to go to this big conference we were having this weekend. The conference was being held in a place called Aborlan. The church in Narra wasn't big enough to hold all the branches in it. Aborlan is about 40 minutes from Narra. So that was even more travel! We were sleeping in Narra every night, Friday and Saturday, and then last night we were in Quezon. Which is where we are right now. So much travel and time wasted with travel. It was worth it though. 

On the way from Rizal to Narra Friday, we recieved a text from Riza saying that she wasn't going to be able to make it... I got super sad. We did EVERYTHING we could to make arrangements so she could make the 5 hour trip, and they bailed. I guess a bunch of members gave them clothes and white shirts and dresses and all that stuff. I guess Riza got sick or something. But Sister Resane told us that all of the kids were super sad that they weren't going to be going. I felt bad. 

They missed out on a GREAT conference. President and Sister Ostler came out here to Palawan, as well as Elder Aduruu of the Seventy. Pres. and Sis. Ostler of course gave great talks about basic believes (there were lots of investigators there from the various branches) and then Elder Aduruu is just a boss. He is a Filipino, who is one of the area Seventy's here in the Philippines. At the adult session on Saturday, he spoke about Sabbath Day. Since it wasn't Sunday,it was a little less formal and lots of jokes. It was great though. He had people stand up and ask questions about the Sabbath, and common problems people have keeping the Sabbath Day. People brought up things like TV, shopping, eating food in Sacrament meeting. Kind of some interesting stuff. He had a scripture, in the bible,for EVERY question. He recalled them all by memory. He had one for eating food in sacrament meeting! He called on me to recall that scripture,of course I had no idea! He asked me (this is in front of everyone btw) if I graduated seminary, of course I said yes. Then he says, "Then shouldn't you remember it?" My thought was, I have no idea! Anyone who knows me, knows I was a hooligan in seminary and high school! But he had a scripture FROM MEMORY for every concern. It was so awesome.

Then at the Sunday session, he spoke about how much our Heavenly Father loves us! His message was so simple, but so true! Our Heavenly Father really does love us, and he will never give us anything we can't handle! It was a GREAT conference. President Ostler came and talked to me about the boyfriend of Sis. Riza. I guess this guy lives in the Quezon City Mission, but he works in the Quezon City North Mission! So he has both of those mission presidents involved just to get missionaries to him. So it is happening! Who knows when, but it will happen. 

So my pictures, I don't remember exactly what I sent. I just know that I went on exchanges last week in Quezon with Elder Jones, that night we killed 7 rats. SEVEN. Only 4 pictured there, but that night when I laid down on the bottom bunk, 2 dropped down and ran over me. (I almost said a bad word but I repented of that.) It was gross, but since there were 4 of us, we all helped and got them. 

The other pics, are of family home evenings we have with members and Sis Riza. 

The bonfire is from a couple of weeks ago! That was super super fun. On the beach with no clouds! So Gorgeous. 

The other one is from last week, Sis. Riza's daughter had a birthday! She turned 8! Her name is Jamie. She is super awesome. 

Those are all the pics for now i think. I was going to send more but the computer is "hiding" my camera, its lame. Later today we are watching a movie as a district. Elder Lambert has been put in charge to pic a Disney movie ;) my FAVORITE. I was thinking the new Star Wars since you can get pirated copies and it's cheap and DISNEY ;)hahaha. That is all for this week! Till next weeeeek. 

Mahal ko po kayo,

Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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