Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week ~ 34

Dear World,

Busy week. Pretty good week though. We had exchanges this last week.
Elder Jones, my district leader came down here to work with me here in
Rizal. It was a nice break haha. Me and him are super close and have a
lot in common. It was a good time. We woke up a little bit early to go
to the beach and get some pics and stuff. It was a good time. It was
fun to listen to a fluent foreigner speak. It’s nice to hear them
speak a little more basic Tagalog, but still completely fluent with
perfect grammar. We had some fun. 

We have really been following up
with people about the branch Christmas party this week! I am super
pumped for that. The food should be awesome. Elder Lambert was
VOLUNTEERED to cook spaghetti. Of course they want American spaghetti,
except it doesn’t exist here in Palawan haha. We can’t buy sauce! So
we will see how that goes, I have very little money, because
the nearest ATM is about 5 hours away! So that is lovely. I will
survive though. 

We have been doing well here. Not too much to report
on. We had 130 OYMs this last week. So. Yeah. Kind of a lot. I
seriously feel like that is half of Rizal (exaggeration) but it was a
lot of people we talked to! Hopefully that will turn into some solid
investigators. It is just hard to contact all of those people! Should
be good though. I am super pumped to Skype with all you people this
next Saturday. Should be good. Hopefully the connection is super good.
I am excited though. I invited the Resane family to meet you guys (I
hope that is okay) they want to meet you and practice their English ;)
I love them lots and I am basically their son. So yeah. 

This week was great though because we worked with members almost every day! We were
blessed with so much work because; several of the members don’t have
jobs… So that means they have time to work with us. It is hard for
them, but they have the faith that if they work with us, the Lord will
help them out. We were actually able to go on splits this week 3
times! Where I go with a priesthood holder and so does Elder Garol, so
that’s how well we worked! I go with Brother Resane, (we are super
close) and Sister Resane’s daughter and some others, and then we just
go to work! We work hard and talk to everyone! It is a great time,
like it really is. 

Really though, not much to report on. Sister Riza
always seems to text us that she is “sick” or she has a “problem.” So
we get postponed all the time, super frustrating. We keep pushing on.
Part of being a missionary. Like I said, kind of a normal week. Except
for P-day! We went to what the members call “Cell Site.” It’s just a
big cell phone tower on the top of a mountain, so we hiked up there
and got lots of pics! It was super pretty! And then today, we are
going to the white sand beaches ;) I am pumped for that one. The waves
earlier this week were HUGE. They are waaay taller (not that I am very
tall) than I am and I have some good vids of them haha. 

Also, another AWESOME thing happened. So last week, the Rizal Elders qualified for a
water filter to be put in into our house! Woo hoo! We had a pipe put
in to our sink so we can wash dishes and stuff. So, it was working
perfect for about a day. And then the main Rizal water pipe (that
supplies running water to the whole town) broke… So we didn’t have
running water! On top of that, our lovely water pump just outside the
house was broken as well. So, we didn’t have any water to shower or
anything for 2 days. Then the landlord fixed the pump so we can use
that. But the main pipe is still broken! Lovely lovely hahaha. I love
Rizal hah it’s so awesome. We are living on the bare basics haha it is
kind of awesome. I wish I had more to report on investigators, but we
can’t find anyone who is just solid and ready for the gospel, but we
are doing our best and working hard every day. I just want a baptism
so bad here in Rizal, and I don’t want to leave. If I transfer this
next transfer, I will be leaving January 13th. I REALLY don’t want to.
I don’t want to go back to Manila. That’s pangit over there. I wanna
stay on Palawan so bad, it’s just so gorgeous here. I love it.

Anyways, Elder Garol had a moment last night ahaha. He was MAD like
super mad at me. Literally because I asked him to repeat the same
thing twice. He threw his hymn book and then proceeded to stomp into
the room to pout. I wish I would have filmed it, I was laughing. He
just has no patience sometimes and acts like a little girl sometimes.
But nonetheless, I love the guy. Oh yeah, he called me some pretty bad
English names in his broken English/Tagalog. So that made me giggle a
little more. I just can’t take him seriously when he has a fit aha. I
am trying though. We are good 90% of the time though. That was about
it for this week. My pictures are from cell site this last week!
Hopefully I will get more when we go to the white sands today. As long
as it doesn’t rain… I love you all! Talk to you on Saturday ;)

Ang kuya mo,

Elder Lambert

Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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