Monday, December 7, 2015

Week ~ 32

Dear world,

I have some good news and some bad news from this week! I suppose I
will start with the good news. I have found a place to Skype at here
in Rizal. It’s not even an internet cafĂ©; it is like a hotel/lodge
thing. He said the only time I would be able to Skype is in the
morning, which is perfect! That is when I need to Skype because of the
time change here. Me and mother will talk about a good time when I can
talk to everyone. I am super excited, I will be able to Skype on
Christmas day with everyone, but here that will be December 26th, so
it’s perfect. 

Now, the bad news, we will not be having a white
Christmas here in Rizal. Yesterday, Sister Riza and her kids did not
go to church. We did everything in our power so that they would. I
tried to get just the kids to go, but nope. Mom had them all scrubbing
the inside of fish so it could be dried. I was very, sad. I'm
discouraged. I don’t like the word discouraged because it stops your
spiritual progression. Nonetheless, I was… Upset. It was one of the
hardest times in my short mission thus far, mostly because I love this
family so much, and I want the best for them. Also I want to fulfill
President Ostler’s vision of having the WHOLE mission baptize 200
people on December 26th, but people have their free agency. Another
frustrating thing was that my companion didn’t help me persuade them
to go to church and do their chores later. He was busy talking to Sis.
Riza about stuff that doesn’t matter. Sometimes I feel like I am the
only one desiring people to come unto Christ, so yeah. Yesterday was

Luckily I have the members here in Rizal, who may as well be my
family. I love them. We had splits yesterday; Elder Garol went with
another priesthood holder close to the Market, while I went like 7
kilometers via trike (tricycle) to a member’s house to teach their
referral. It was a good lesson, thank goodness the members are there
to help me (cause I am not quite fluent yet) with my Tagalog. I am
probably 85% fluent in lessons, but when I speak my accent isn’t even
close to perfect and sometimes my grammar is off, so thank goodness I
have members to help me. It was a good lesson we, (mostly I) taught
the restoration through Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. It never
fails to amaze me when we share the First Vision. The spirit floods
the room every single time. It is amazing and a great testimony
builder to me every single time. I love being a missionary, even if it
is hard sometimes.I do know that Riza at ugn mga anak nya will be

baptized at least in January. Maybe we will have a White New Years.
That would be cool too. 

This week was pretty good though. It was nice
to be back here in Rizal and sleep in my bed. Too bad we are taking
off to Puerto to go to our Christmas party, should be good though. I
just don’t like sleeping in other Elder's apartments when there is like
12 of us in one place. Pangit yun. Sobrang miinit yun. I am excited to
go to Mang Ingasal at the mall in Puerto. It is THEE place. It's the BBQ
and unlimited rice for like 100 pesos ($2). We are pumped for that!!

The week was good though. We wasted a RIDICULOUS amount of time this
week at the internet shops. Because I am a foreigner, I have to take
these language tests. We all know that the internet is not good here
in Rizal, so on question #11 out of 13, the internet cut out. I was
about to rage. That happened TWICE. So two days, two hours each time.
I was going to rage because that cut out of the work. But… I guess
that happens even to the best of us. 

Yesterday we had a meeting with
our branch president, President Gonzaga. We talked about ACTUALLY
having Ward Council meeting! We kind of have it right now, but it’s
with the WHOLE branch.  Ward Council is with the auxiliary leaders,
not the entire branch and the kids and stuff. I have decided that I
want to see REAL progress here in Rizal. Not just baptisms, but the
whole branch coming together and progressing TOGETHER. I firmly
believe that Ward Council will make that happen. So yeah, that’s about
what has happened here in Rizal. Oh yeah, yesterday we had “Ward
Council” with the whole branch and we coordinated the Christmas party
for Christmas Eve! Elder Lambert is throwing down about 600 pesos for
this get together. He is supplying juice, part of the letson (yes an
entire pig), I am making Filipino spaghetti (which is gross compared
to American haha) and I am putting down 50 pesos on prizes for the
games, and probably am a speaker too hahaha. It should be fun though;
as long as people actually participate it should be AWESOME. I am
excited even if it is 100 degrees outside. 

That’s about all that
happened this week. I have some gorgeous pics of the sunsets the other
day so hopefully I can get that to send. All in all it was a rough
week a little, and then this next week is short because we aren’t even
in Rizal for like 3 days haha, should be good though. The work will be
hurt but we will survive down here. Elder Garol and I are pretty good.
Sometimes he thinks he knows EVERYTHING. Which means sometimes he says
he doesn’t need to study. I mean come on, he has been a missionary for
a little over a month and let alone a member for barely a year in a
half! Sometimes very prideful. The other day he refused to do
companionship study with me, because he was mad at me. During personal
study I told him to wake up, so that set him off haha. Not my fault! I
am just being a trainer hahaha. He will get over it ;)
Thats about all for this week friends. Mahal ko po kayo!

Elder Lambert

Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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