Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hello world. This was a great week. I have pictures from what happened so prepare yourselves. I will start off with the news of the week. 1.) I KILLED my rubiks cube record and did it in 48.80 seconds. So that was cool. I actually gave my rubiks cube to a member in Rizal before I left, so I have been missing it. But this week we went to the MRC for Elder Webster and there were some Americans there picking up their parents who just finished their mission. Anyways, long story short they gave me an original rubiks cube again! Then that night I proceeded to kill my previous record of 1:06. Just in case anybody wanted to know. I promise I am focused on my mission. 2.) We also all know that Elder Lambert is quite possibly the most not flexible person known to man, so we have been working on that. Every morning for exercises Elder Eteaki LITERALLY kills me trying to stretch me. He literally makes me cry. That guy is so flipping flexible for how big he is so  he is helping me. So, the news is, is that Elder Lambert can sit and touch his toes no problem. I am ALMOST able to sit criss cross apple sauce, so we will get there. 

Anyways, now about the stuff that really matters. So one of my roommates got sick this week and had to stay home. So we ended up working with Elder Eteaki and Elder Calixto on different days and helped them cover their area again. That was fun, but on Wednesday we had Ward Home Evening at the church. Sister Maricel, her sister Lennie, and then our other investigator Sister Melh-Jean all committed to attend! So that was a good time. Melh- Jean has been an investigator for like a year now so most of the ward knows her and her little sister. So it was a welcoming experience for her. For Maricel, this lady is awesome. She went all the way to the other chapel for the RS anniversary celebration thing! The ward loves her and is fellow shipping her so well. She participates in classes all the time and answers questions so thats really awesome to see. Now, about who went to church. Sister Maricel went! She is doing so well, her 6 year old son Carlo had to stay home with chicken pox, so therefore Maricel's sister Lennie stayed home with him to take care of him, so that means that Lennie couldn't go to church. For the other people, we taught Melh-Jean and some of their family on Saturday, they committed to church. So we waited and waited and they didn't show up. So yesterday we went over there and they told us they went to church! I guess they were a little late and they waited outside. Then a member of the other ward said that church was already over so they ended up leaving. We were super frustrated when they told us that! So we told them we would go to pick them up next week. Over all, we are looking at about 4 baptisms in April. All of them are girls hahaha. We get teased a lot by the ward and our roommates, but most of them are former investigators of the sister missionaries so that doesn't help. We can only teach them with members present so it is kind of hard. They are all progressing well though. I am very happy with the progression of the area. We are so blessed. Elder W did very well this week, he is speaking a lot more in  the lessons. So that really helps me out a TON. I am really happy with this area. It is still not easy, but we are relying on the Lord a lot, because after all, this work is his right? I am loving being a missionary and its going by fast! 6 days from now I hit my one year mark. Super weird. Super weird. The pics I am sending is me with some of the members from FHE at the church! I love you all.

Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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