Monday, March 28, 2016

One Year Mark!!

Wow. I guess it has been a year hasn't it? Hard to believe that I was new here in this sweaty country a year ago. It sure does fly. Seems like I just got here. I wanna give some S/O's to some people back home. My first one goes to my oldest/younger sister Allie who will be signing with Westminster to play lacrosse! Keep it up there, some day you'll be as good as me!! nah jokes ha ha. The other one goes to Ciarra Green who will be entering the MTC this week you'll be so great! Don't even worry, the MTC is great!!  Anyways. This week was interesting. I hit one year. So yeah. We also had some more sickness flying threw the house. My companion and another one of the other Elders got sick, so we had to cover 2 areas again, which is always a joy. We are doing well though. The members are really helping us out here. Our Ward mission leader, Brother Nephi (yes that is his name) is a beast. He is an RM from Cebu mission. He is so good. He has the force of Ward missionaries so well coordinated. We usually have people working with us, so that is super nice. Without the members this work goes basically no where. And it makes it more fun having someone else to talk to. 

We had 5 people committed to church this week. We were going to pick up 4 of them, cause they live with Sister Melh-Jean. We get there and they all MAGICALLY DISAPPEAR. That is my favorite, when they just take off and not tell anybody, but of course they will still listen to the next lessons. So yeah. Sister Maricel and Melh-Jean made it to church. Maricel is trying so hard to not drink coffee anymore. It is a slow process, but she is making progress. She has been to church 3 times, but can't be baptized until she stops 100%. So we will keep working with her. Those are the 2 progressing the most. So we will keep working with them. 

This next week will be kind of slow because we are going to the MTC for Elder Webster and then Thursday is Zone Conference! I will be able to see Elder Leofo and Elder Jones! So I am super pumped to see the "boys" in the mission. It should be a nice day to just really get spiritually recharged and all that. I am super excited. This weeks funny experience came from a shopping trip last week. We were walking in to the big place we shop at and I saw this white guy. He had a TON of alcohol he was putting in his car. I asked him in English where he was from and he told me Europe, and then he looked at my name badge and went off on me! Told me I should be "ashamed of myself for bringing more Christianity into this country." Lots more swear words ha ha, but he flipped me off and he walked off. It was SUPER funny, I think he was from Ireland and he had a different accent. We walked off just laughing cause it was super funny. Anyways, it was a good week so far. We intend to do better. It was Holy Week this week so like no one was to be found on the streets for like 3 days. It was basically just an excuse to get drunk and party for 3 days. That was that. We saw lots of those statue things walking down the streets with lots of people in honor of Mother Mary. So yeah, I have seen it before but it was kind of interesting. It's their culture and religion though. So yeah, Holy Week was like very little work and not many people, but we were allowed to work full time during the week so yeah. That was basically the week. I love you all. The church is true.

Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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