Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Fathers Day!!

Good morning world, 

Also a happy Fathers Day to all the fathers around the world! Especially my dad for teaching me how to be a man and a worthy Priesthood holder. I love and miss you dad!

I guess I also saw that Cleveland won the NBA Finals. Sayang... in the conference games I wanted OKC to win, and then they lost and I wanted GS, but I guess not. I have decided that I will be watching more basketball when I get home. I am also a little sad, just because its over! NBA games are a super good and easy way to OYM and start conversations with people. But we can always bring up Lebron and Curry and relate their celestial playing abilities to the gospel, so no problem
***(Ummm... oh brother!!!)

This week was a lot better! We had 19 new investigators this week. So that added to our teaching pool quite a bit. There is only one problem, some of them are babae (girls) and we can't teach them without a member with us. The other problem is that there is basically 1 member who works with us in our ward. Which is very different from my last area where we had like 3-4 who would work with us. The good thing is, is that there is a member in our ward returning from his mission and will become our ward mission leader. So HOORAH FOR ISRAEL. We will have a ward mission leader and another member to work with us, so that will be great. We also taught a new family. I actually can't remember the name... But we will be teaching them tomorrow. We of course focus on the family aspect, and hope to make some progress with them. 

Last night we taught the Manuel family, another goal of our companionship (and a goal of mine). They have been coming to church for the last 2 months or so and are ready to be baptized! They need one more thing, MARRIAGE. We set a goal last night, we actually set several goals to make this marriage happen. We committed them to talk as a couple and see what they need to do to make it happen. They said they will talk, talk about a date and talk about the money issue and then on Wednesday we will make some real plans. The good thing is, is that our Bishop has a license to marry people. They just need a license from the city, which is really cheap from what I have heard. So we will be always following them up to make sure that it happens. That would be perfect to move a family of 6 onto the covenant pathway. 

That is about it for the work. Pretty simple. There are SO MANY people in this area. I am convinced that this is the most densely populated area in Manila. Probably the most humble area. Think of the most poor people that you can think, multiply it by 10, and I have seen it. I have seen people living in terrible conditions. I have had kids with no clothes on beg me for money. I have seen  people who talk to themselves and do other crazy things, ask me for money. I thought I was humble before, but we are SO blessed to live in a place where things like that don't happen very often. I also am glad that Utah isn't THAT polluted. The jeepney's right outside our house are so loud and have so much pollution. Our apartment turns very black because of the pollution.Good thing we clean it! I have also decided that I am king of washing clothes by hand, so come at me. Here's some pics of us in the apartment. I kind of suck at pictures. I just have no motivation because it's not Palawan. Anyways. Love you all!

Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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