Sunday, June 5, 2016

Transferred to Tondo!

Hello friends,

So I guess it happened! I was transferred... I left the Las Pinas 1st ward and am now assigned in Tondo 2nd ward! I honestly wasn't expecting to be transferred, but I will be honest, I needed a change. I left Elder Webster in Las Pinas and I am now in Tondo. Tondo is known for being kind of a broken down area. There are are fair amount of squatters and homeless people here. We are right next to Manila Bay, specifically where they unload lots of big cargo box things from off of the big ships. So there are lots of big trucks pulling big trailers through our area. And all these trucks bring lots of polution! So you can say this area is pretty dirty. So far I love it though! There are SO many people here. It is unreal the amount of people here that we can talk to. Compared to my last area there is probably 10x more people that we can talk to. 

So, my new companion. He is definitely straight from Tonga. His name is Elder Langi. I kind of already knew who he was, because he was trained by Elder Leofo. So I thought it was funny when I heard we were companions. Also, when I left my first area to go to Palawan, he was the one who replaced me. So that basically means that he was the one who baptized the Vinculado family! So yeah, he was assigned in my old area. He is super cool. He is probably 5' 10'' and 200 pounds. He is just a lean guy, but not as lean as Elder Eteaki is. Anyways, my new roommates are Elder Lopez and Elder Cibuco. Elder Lopez is actually Puerto Rican from Laz Vegas and Elder Cibuco is from southern Philippines. I am the oldest missionary in the house, so i get all of the questions from everyone. And 3 of us are foreigners, so yeah. Its pretty fun. I miss the old roommates though. Elder Cibuco has only a 3rd grade education, so he isn't very good at english. As a matter of fact, he can't speak it at all. So that companionship has a big language barrier. Me and Elder Langi have no language barrier at all. He is about 90% on his English so thats good. He still struggles with Tagalog but I can help him out pretty well. I look forward to this new area with Elder Langi. He actually is always buying me food, even if i tell him I don't want any haha. He is super nice. Hopefully I don't gain weight... haha!

So the new area... We went to church yesterday and it was pretty interesting. There were like 140 people that attended. It was good. The ward has a some problems from what I have heard, so we will see what we can do. We also had 5 investigators at sacrament! That one blew my mind, I haven't really ever had that happen before. The funny this is, is that I barely know these people and to be honest I don't even know their names... One is the Manuel family I believe. They are a family/couple who wants to be baptize and has been progressing, their concern is is that they aren't married... So that's a tough one. I haven't had a chance to teach them so this week i can give a better explanation for next week. The other is a part member family named Alvin Gatus. His wife is a very active member but he just hasn't made it to baptism. He has been coming to church for almost a year now, his concern is that he is easily offended. So if someone forgets to shake his hand, he will get offended. So that's always a fun one. We will hopefully teach him this week and get a better feel for his concern. The other one is this 17 year old kid named Kenneth. He was actually the first lesson that we taught in this area. He was supposed to be baptized the week before I came, but his parents said no. He is dating a member and apparently he has worked with the Elders before in our area. We went and talked to his mom about it, and she is okay with him being baptize, but his dad doesn't want him to. We were unable to contact the dad last week, so we will try again this week. He came to church and has a real desire. So that should be a baptism in the next few weeks we are hoping. 

This area has TONS of people to talk to and invite. And I will be honest, it is nice to get some help with OYMs and stuff. But I also miss Elder Webby! It was fun being companions with him, but I needed a change of scenery. I REALLY miss the members in Las Pinas. Especially the ones who would work with us frequently. Its okay though, i will see them again! 

This next week I am hoping to get some good pictures sent to you guys. Its hard because all of the internet cafes here don't allow USB, so sorry about that! I will do my best to get some pics next week. I love you all! 

Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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