Monday, June 27, 2016

15 Months in the Mission!!

Good morning to the world. 

I just can't even believe another week is gone. Time is starting to go by so so fast. As a matter of fact, I hit my 15 month mark here in the mission, today actually. It is starting to fly. I'm not sure how I feel about it! People are starting to tell me that is close to me going home! But I sure have a lot to do here in this area and especially in the mission!

This week was a little slow for me and Elder Langi. Our number of lessons are a little bit down again. We keep on setting appointments with people and they keep on missing the appointment. So that is a little rough. We do have some good people progressing though. The Manuel family is doing really well. They are continuing to come to church every single week! They just need to be married. This week we went and taught them and were very blunt and honest with them. They told us of all the blessings that they are seeing in their lives because they are attending church and all that. So what we did is we set some goals for them, goals that will move them toward marriage. They told us that money is a little tight right now. So we told them that they could wash our white shirts for us to make a little extra cash. (The missionaries are not allowed to give them money. They would if they could!!) They agreed, and we are starting them on the path towards marriage! I told Elder Langi that we have to follow them up often, because if we don't, they will keep procrastinating the day of their marriage. Haha so that's where we are at with them. They have 3 little kids who are super cute, they are an awesome family. We don't have that many other people who came to church. Kind of a little slow, now that school has started its a little busier around here and harder to teach people. Alvin Gatus (our other progressing investigator) missed church again this week. He has been working lots of overtime. He texted us several times saying to come over and then he isn't there. So that's a little rough though. We are doing our best to contact him and all that. So yeah.

BREAKING NEWS: Tondo 2nd ward now has a ward mission leader! A super active member's son just got off his mission down in the southern Philippines and now has been called as our WML! That just means that missionary work is alive now here. That makes things so much easier on us as missionaries working with the ward. So we were rejoicing over that.

This week we also had zone conference! That time is always a good time to spiritually reload. President Ostler is still super amazing. The focus of the conference was faith and goal setting. President Ostler wants us to focus our goals and raise them up a little and have the faith to make them happen. I thought he was going to raise the OYM standard from 190 to 250, but he just said make everything a little higher, and to push ourselves. It is a great application for us in life as well. We have been talking to the right amount of people, we just need to turn those into some of the other numbers that we need. I look forward into the coming weeks. I told Elder Langi we need to spend more time in areas that are closer to the church, because the super ghetto isn't too effective so far, so we will see where we end up working this week. 

Also I have gotten super fat aha. I was on Palawan and lost a good chunk of weight. Well, now that chunk is back with me! I can pound rice and Filipino food like its no ones business. It is kind of funny though. Some of my shirts were big when I left, so no biggie. Yesterday at our house, one of our neighbors had a baptism. So of course, when someone gets baptized you HAVE to throw a really loud party and drink! So we came home from church and there were tons of (some of my favorite) songs playing like SUPER loud. It was super funny. We had to get some good videos haha. We are doing well though! We are still refreshing the area. And learning a lot together. I love you all! Here's some pics of zone conference. Also this is Elder Cowen, he goes home in a few weeks. I will miss this guy. 

Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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