Monday, September 5, 2016

Good morning world,

I am blessed right now, my new roommate Elder Reber has this cool thing called an Alphasmart, its this little typer thingy that I can use to type on like Sunday or something. So right now I am typing this before church.

Anyways, its been a good week here in Tondo. We have been doing our best to keep moving this work forward here. We have a few new people here that we have been teaching. Sometimes its just really hard to get a return appointment with them, or even worse, when we have a return appointment, they sometimes aren't there. The struggle is real. The Manuel family is of course doing really well. We taught them a few times this week. One of the times we taught them on exchanges. It was me and Elder Reber that worked together. That was fun. He actually does his best to speak, and the people understand his situation because he is less than 2 weeks old in the Philippines. Anyways, we taught the Manuel family about service. It was just a pretty simple lesson where we shared in Mosiah about when you are in the service of your fellow beings, you are really serving God. The spirit was there, it was just a good lesson. Elder Reber did a good job. That same day me and him went to teach an investigator who lives with some members. He is part of a church called, "Iglesia ni Cristo." If you wanna know more about that, google it haha. Anyways, his name is Ronald. He wants to learn about the message, but thats all. He doesn't want to move forward in coming closer to God through baptism. So thats his concern. The other concern is sometimes he just isn't there when we go to teach him. That one is my favorite ;) haha. We still do our best. He is cool though. After we taught him on exchanges, we had to do the most American thing ever, so we got Mcdonalds. I smashed a Big Mac meal and a nice Coke. I definitely forgot my camera for pics, but we are planning to go on exchanges again, and I feel like we will return to Mcdo. It was a good exchange though. Yesterday we taught the Manuel family again. We shared and really clarified about Priesthood and how it works through auilleries. We tied that to callings and how they will be getting a calling after they are baptized. After the lesson, we talked about their marriage. We set a goal for them to be married and baptized September 24. We are going to do everything in our power to make that happen. I really want to see that happen, I am a little tired of transferring before baptisms happen in my areas. So we are going to push for that to happen. We told them they should talk with bishop today after church to get a plan with how we can make this happen. And that actually happened! We set the date for the wedding and the baptism on the 24th of this month! So we are excited.

I think they are the most progressing so far in our area. The best part about it, is that their kids aren't as naughty as they used to be. Most of the time they just leave during the lesson which is the most perfect thing ever, so the spirit can actually be there in abundance. The lessons have just gotten better and better over the weeks we have been working with them. This week we also had to go give a blessing to a cousin of a member who conveniently got dengue. So we had to go just outside our area to go to a hospital to give a blessing. I am trying to think of some other stuff that happened this week... Oh yeah, a drunk guy wanted to fight us and told me I don't love God because I didn't wanna sit down with him and discuss about religious things. He was yelling super loud, like sonic boom loud. It reminds me when Jason Erekson would walk in and yell at me and Nick when we were playing video games haha. But this drunk guy was yelling at us for like 5 minutes. Jason wouldn't do that haha.

We also have this old member who was baptized like 30 years ago that we teach. He is now a member of Iglesia ni Cristo. He has no idea about the church or anything. He is like 80 years old and his brain is a little bit gone because of an accident that he had. He tells us the story of the accident EVERY time we go over there. Haha its hard not to laugh or giggle every time he tells the story. He is a funny guy, his name is Romy. He also explained that when he was baptized in Makati like 30 years ago, that he and the Elders were naked. So that was a priceless story for the books that us, as well as the member who was with us can remember for forever. So those visits are always a hoot. 

The area is doing alright. We are really excited for the Manuel family. Actually this week we have really a ton of new appointments with OYMs that we will be meeting with. So we are hoping for some good things to happen there. I love you all!

PS here is some pics of me and my comp and the umbrella that I rock everyday. 

Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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