Monday, October 10, 2016

Hi world,

It has been a solid week this week. I am really happy about it. We have been pretty busy too, especially with conference this week! I will talk about that a little later. But, I am still here in Tondo! The members kept saying that Tondo breaks tradition. Elder Lambert's tradition is that he stays in one area for 3 transfers, which converts to about 4 months per area. So not gonna lie, I was expecting to transfer this last week. I guess the Lord said otherwise! I will be here in Tondo until November 16, then I will transfer to what most likely will be my last area in my mission. It is crazy to put it in terms like that, but its true. I only have about 5 1/2 months left in my mission. Super loko loko.

We had a good week this week. I started off last  Pday with me and Elder Reber buying Lionel Messi jerseys, so that was cool. Love Divisioria. Then we went out to work. Our district meetingTuesday was basically a crazy zone meeting. The other district had to attend my meeting because their district leader, Elder Erwin had a dentist appointment. Also the zone leaders came and they brought their district so basically half the zone came to my meeting, meaning there were 10 of us. That was good. We discussed the Book of Mormon and how important it is in our conversion. Which fit perfect because there were several talks in conference about the Book of Mormon. All in all it was a good meeting. I announced transfers as well. I guess Elder Eteaki is transferring from the other district to Paranaque. That was a surprise. I'll miss that guy. The funny thing is, Elder Bernard came in to replace him. Elder Bernard was assigned in Palawan in the next area over with me, so we are pretty close. I saw him this last weekend at general conference for the first time in months, so that was cool. I look forward to being in Tondo for another transfer. 

Our investigators are doing well! Sister Jahn Mae and her sister Kristina are doing well. We are still trying to get their mom to be involved in the lessons, but she just doesn't want to. She is always telling her kids how they need to read and do their assignments and go to church, but that isn't very good if you are doing those yourself. We are trying to push her but you can't do that too much. Her kids are a good example to her though. Jahn Mae and Kristina always do their assignments and highlight and even take notes on their assignments. I haven't had a good investigator like that in a good long time. So its awesome to go teach. They are super smart too, they remember all the things we teach and really catch on fast. Sometimes that is hard to come by here. We taught them several times this week and they even invited their friend to sit in on the lessons! That's what we like to see. They committed to come to conference with us as well on Sunday. We went and picked them up and they came to the Sunday morning session of conference and listened to the prophet speak. I felt bad because Kristina had a fever and couldn't attend conference, but her older sister came with their friend.  They went home after that session. Conference was good for them, I know that one for sure. We will visit them later tonight to follow them up on that. We were also only able to visit the Manuel family once this week. They are having some financial problems right now and are really doing their best. We keep encouraging them to just keep doing what they are doing, even with the circumstance. We love them alot. Brother Alvin was able to attend conference but sister wasn't, we will ask her about that later tonight. I think that is all that is really happening this week. We actually got punted a lot this week. We set an appointment, go meet with them and they aren't there. We do our best to keep our spirits high though. 

I love my companion though. He is so fun to be with and all we ever do is laugh and talk. I am doing my best to help him learn English, but it is honestly a super hard language. I love Elder Panugao a lot. He just keeps things pretty  relaxed, but we also work hard at the same time. Even though he is a Lakers fan and a huge Kobe fan, we do alright. ;) 

I look forward to the next couple of weeks. Some good things are happening, and conference was just a good spiritual boost for all of us. I always need something like that at the perfect time, and conference came in clutch. My favorite talk was actually the talk Pres. Monson gave in the Sunday morning session. He spoke about the Plan of Salvation. That is one of my favorite lessons to teach. That plan is one of the great restored truths that we are so blessed to have. President Monson said, "It is not just enough to believe, we need to LIVE the truth." If we do that, "The gospel is the path to peace and happiness." I have seen that in my life and the life of my family. I have never had as much joy in my life as I have had in my mission, and sharing the plan of salvation brings that joy to my self and to the people around us. I urge all of us to follow the council of Elder Oaks and pray for the DESIRE to do missionary work, and go do it. Lets bring joy to the people we love. We have been given so many tools to share the gospel, lets go and use them all, including our awesome social media accounts haha. I love this gospel and I love being a missionary and I love and miss you all!

Love, Elder Lambert

PS. These are some pictures of our investigators: Jhan Mae is in the white to my right, and her little sister is in the orange towards the back. The kid as well to my right is an investigator. The rest of the people there are their cousins who are already members. Also this was our crazy zone/district meeting 

Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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