Sunday, November 20, 2016

Brookes Point, Palawan

Dear family and friends,

This is it. I made it. I am now assigned in Brookes Point Palawan.  I
love it here so far! It is just a bigger version of Rizal. The town is
much bigger, which means more people. It is also a tougher area, which
is good with me! I have another American companion haha. He is from
Missouri, from a town that had like 100 people with it. So Brookes
Point is right up his alley. I actually know a lot about the area.
From Elder Leofo and Elder Gibson so I have heard some stuff about the
place here. Some of the members have seen me before as well just
because of the District conference last year when I was in Rizal. So
far so good!

So my companion’s name is Elder Carter. He was companions with Elder
Reber in the MTC. It was actually prophesied by Elder Reber himself
that I would be with him like 2 months ago. And here I am! Also, I no
longer have his awesome typer thingy. So my emails might be a little
shorter again. Especially since the internet here is basically pretty slow. So
just bear with me people, especially since you will all see me in a
few months ;) I will do my best to send pics home. But I also don’t
want any viruses. So I will be doing my best to send pics, but I will
be also taking a CRAZY amount of pics in this tour of Palawan. So
yeah. So far so good!
The area is a little tough. I wouldn’t expect anything less. The area
is HUGE. So transportation costs are through the roof. If we plan
effectively, we can minimize that. I feel bad for Elder Carter. His
trainer was also a VERY new missionary. So the two of them had minimal
experience. Elder Carter will hopefully benefit from at least some of
my experience. I also feel bad because he doesn’t know the area very
well either. So I am forced to memorize the area and the people. Which
is not a huge deal. It makes it more fun for me. Hopefully I can get
the hang of it fast so we can get some things moving this week.

In terms of lessons… I actually didn’t get to Brookes Point until
about Thursday. So we didn’t teach a lot of people. On Friday we went
out to the super far area. We met a family named the Baguio family.
They are converts from a while ago. The nanay that lives there is
super nice. She doesn’t know how to read actually. It actually threw
me for a loop because I haven’t heard that since my Rizal time! Also
all their family was speaking the native Palawan dialect. They just
call it, “Nativo.” So yeah… We didn’t understand anything they were
saying, but when they speak to us they use Tagalog. So yeah. That
again threw me for a loop haha. It is just so like… primitive in some
of these areas. I came from having malls and thousands of people to
like nothing! Lots of the people far away use solar panels for power.
So that is cool. The people in the town though do just fine. There are
some NICE houses here. So yeah it’s awesome.

Nothing else to really report on. The flight was good. The food is
good. We have a HUGE house here in Brookes. And I have  roommates!
Elder Jones is from England. He is a cool guy. We knew each other from
our time in Las Pinas. He is cool and his companion is a new
missionary from here in the Philippines. So yeah that is nice. We also
have some members come and do ALL our laundry. So that is a huge
blessing. We just have to pay them a little. All is well.  I don’t
know what else to say. I don’t really know anybody yet here. The
branch is really strong actually and we have an actual chapel. We are
doing our best and hope to have a baptism maybe in January. So yeah. I
love you all! Hope I can attach some pics. We will see. Love you all.

Elder Lambert

Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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