Monday, November 28, 2016

Good morning family and friends,

It was a pretty good week. This is Palawan so the area is a little
more difficult and there is a lot to plan for. We have to worry about
paying for transportation and stuff like that. It makes it a lot of
fun. I am very blessed to be here in Palawan again! The branch is
great as well. There are a TON of RM’s here in the area. Which is very
surprising. But it keeps the branch very strong. They are fun to work
with as well. I need their help sometimes too and it is very nice to
have people with REAL missionary work experience.

This week went fairly well in terms of the work. We had 6 investigators
at church this week! That is very good for this area. Some of our
“regular” investigators didn’t even come so it should have been even
higher. It was a great week though. I am really excited about some of
them as well. We have one girl named Michelle, she is a student here
at Palawan State University. She is catholic and originally she was
kind of listening just with her older sister, but her sister has kind
of lost interest. So I told my companion we should focus on her. This
last week we taught about the Plan of Salvation. She said that they
have that in their church. I kind of laughed to myself about that, and
then she realized that there is no Heaven and Hell and that there are
the 3 Kingdoms of Glory. So we taught a quick lesson overview about
the whole plan and it went really well! So we invited her to church
and she said she was invited to a different  church. I basically VERY
limited her free agency and told her that we will be at her house to
pick her up. She said that would be fine, so that’s what we did! We
went to get her and she brought her Muslim friend to church. Which was
great! All of the RM’s did a great job fellowshipping and all that.
There are a few sister RM’s so yeah. It went well for them I think. I
sure hope that they will come again on Sunday. We stopped by their
house to set an appointment and she was already heading to her
church.. So that was a little awkward haha but it was good! She said
it was a good experience with our church and said we could come over
tomorrow. So yeah.

We have been working with this LA family named the Bagyo family. There
are SO many of them. They don’t speak Tagalog as their first language.
They speak the Native Palawan language. It is called Natibo. I don’t
really understand any of what they are saying. So I am doing my best
to learn their language! I am writing down words when they explain
them to me. So it is a lot of fun learning their language. They
understand Tagalog of course, but when they talk to each other they
use their native dialect. They also have 0 Christian background. So
when we taught the first lesson with some of the nonmembers over
there, they didn’t even know who Jesus Christ was. So that threw me
for a HUGE loop. I wasn’t expecting that and I actually had to explain
the crucifixion. So that was interesting. Some of them came to church
as well! So that was really cool.

Our last investigator that we are teaching is JR Delgato. We had a
great experience with him this last week. We taught him about the Book
of Mormon and he said he doesn’t know what the Holy Ghost feels like.
So we explained it and told him to read and pray about it. So he did.
We came back and he said he prayed.He then paused for about 20
seconds. Then he looked at me and said that he knows its all true.
Then he paused again, then looked up with tears in his eyes and said,
“I know the Book of Mormon is true.” The spirit flooded the area we
were in (because we were teaching outside his house in the forest
haha) and I know once again that is was true. It was such a great
experience. Those are the ones we dream of out here.

I think that is all here. I drink lots of Mountain Dew. So no worries
there. It will never top off Dr. Pepper though. We also have to cross
a river to get to some areas. So that is my favorite part. I am sorry
but I don’t trust these computers if I send pics. I am deathly afraid
of getting my pictures wiped. So I am so sorry about that. I just
don’t wanna risk it. I think that is all for this week. I am doing
well and happy as ever! Love you all.

Elder Lambert

Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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