Monday, November 7, 2016

Good morning people of the world,

I hope everyone is doing well today. I know I am! Today we went to the cultural center here in the Philippines. So that is why I am on late today

This was a pretty solid week. We did a lot better than we have in the past few weeks. The thing that was the highlight is that Jahn Mae and Kristina passed their interview! So they will be baptized this coming Saturday. I was super excited, they are really active in the ward, including in the YW, so I think this will be a good thing for them, and their family. They are super awesome. Sister Brianna and Brother Aljan are hopefully on track to be interviewed this next weekend and then be baptized November 19. The problem with Aljan, is that his mom hasn't given permission for him to be baptized. His mom is working in Saudi Arabia, so it is a little hard for us to go and talk to her about it. So we are really really praying that she will say yes. Brianna I think will be fine, her mom is a member anyways. We have a few more people that we are working with that have lots of concerns. We are really trying to cover those concerns, I think that lots of people don't understand how our church is different. They think the message is good and all that, but sometimes its hard to clarify our purpose right up front. Anyways, I think that is about all the big things. 
On Saturday, while our investigators were being interviewed, I got to interview an investigator from the other area. His name is Danny Santos. He was an OYM from the other Elders from about 2 months ago. That guy is AWESOME. He is already in Mosiah 28 and every time they go over there he has his Book of Mormon open on his table. He loves the Book of Mormon and everything he says he always ties it back to the Book of Mormon. Everything he said to me was what we love to hear as missionaries. Everything makes sense to him, and things are starting to kind of fit together, in terms of a living prophet and all that. It just shows that the Lord really does prepare people to receive this message. When we commit him to do stuff, he always says, "I won't try, I will do it!" Haha so he is awesome. I have taught him a few times on exchanges, and he always has good insights. So that was a cool experience and a cool interview that I had. 

Another thing that we did, is that me and Elder Reber taught piano! Hahaha we all know how good Elder Lambert is at piano :') It was a little bit of a joke honestly hahaha. Elder Reber is super good piano player. So it is a little funny because I have to help him with the Tagalog. So while he is teaching/explaining the concept, I have to try to understand it so I can explain it in Tagalog to the students. So I was kind of learning piano too. It went okay though for not having like any books or anything to teach with. It went well. The pics I took of that are blurry... So yeah that's cool. One of the members I think put lots of the pics on Facebook, so ya'll can look there :) 

I think that is all for this week really.. I don't know what else to say other than, don't forget to dab! ;)

Elder Lambert 

PS I will see if i can send pics in a minute. This computer has a virus... 

Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

These pictures are taken from a sweet sisters FB page.
Thank you so much!! 

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