Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Brand new Missionaries out in the Field!

The Mission President and his wife keep a mission blog:
Here is the link for that:

 President and Sister Ostler took the new missionaries to see the American War Memorial Cemetery.  "We talked about the thousands of people buried there and many more never found whose names are listed on the walls.  We talked about their willingness to sacrifice so that others could have freedom."

Direct Quote from The Philippines, Manila  Mission Blog, kept by The Mission President and his wife. President and Sister Ostler:

"Then we asked them to ponder what they are willing to sacrifice so that their brothers and sisters in the Philippines can have eternal freedom.  This is a time when they can really commit to the Lord what they will sacrifice.

We take them back to this cemetery at the end of their mission so they can reflect on their sacrifice and to make commitments about what they will do with the rest of their lives.

It's such a wonderful day.  These missionaries are truly the "salt of the earth"."

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