Sunday, May 17, 2015

Week ~ 2

Another week down! Time flies. I'm basically always tired so thats cool. This work is hard. But its worth it! We had Zone Conference on Wednesday and just practiced teaching and a few other things. I met the Zone Leaders so that was good. We had lessons just about every day this week with various less actives and investigators only some of them are progressing, others aren't progressing at all so we just pray for them no matter what! 

We are teaching the Bautista family, we met them on the street and so far they are accepting! They have a baptism date so we will just have to see if they can attend the required church days. Another investigator we are teaching is Brother Romy, he was another guy we met on the street. So far he is accepting and he has a baptism date! But he also said hes catholic and has a hard time changing religions. So we will see how that goes. We also invited 3 less actives to attend church and they all did yesterday! So we are seeing progress. We'll see how that goes.

 I taught Elders quorum yesterday on flooding the earth with the Aklat ni Mormon so that wasn't too easy haha. it went well though. This week Elder Sacay and I didn't plan too well for meals so yesterday we had a member bring us lunch so that was an answer to our prayers! And then for dinner we asked the stake patriarch to feed us hahaha. He's super awesome. His son taught me at the MTC. They're an amazing family. The people here are so loving and are always there to help us. I just wish we had more people to come to appointments with us. We pray for that everyday!

 But Overall this week was good. On P day we went to the "Megamall" to buy a specific item. That place made malls in the states look like babies. The square footage was like 10 times bigger than South Town mall. On top of that is was 6 levels... So basically its mega. On top of that the "Mall of Asia" (which we aren't allowed to go to) is 10 times bigger than that . So thats cool. Its the biggest mall in all of Asia. Thousands of stores. They love their malls. 

We have a baptism for sure set for May 30! It'll be my first baptism! It's for Brother Ken he's an 8 year old so excited for baptism! I can't wait. Anyways. This week has been good. I need to take more pictures. So I'll work on that. And thank you everybody for the happy birthday wishes! It should be good haha. I love you all. 

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