Sunday, June 14, 2015

Week ~ 6

Elder Lambert's District. These sisters are getting transferred this week!!
Elder Lambert's Zone
Another one gone. Pretty solid week. This week is transfer week. I don't see myself going anywhere. Or any of my roommates. 

This week has been good though. We had exchanges on Friday and Saturday. I got to teach some new people, so that was fun. I went with Elder Ganesar, he's from Malaysia but he's half Filipino. Super nice kid. We talked to lots of people but weren't very successful in lessons. I got asked at least 3 times why I'm so short for an American. That's always a nice compliment. 

We also went to the temple last week! First time in the field. Super awesome. And even better, WE ARE GOING THIS SATURDAY! A recent convert and her husband are getting sealed! So we got permission to go this coming Saturday. I should have some pictures! Should be good. 

We also had a baptism we attended for some Elders in our district. We had to go because Brother B said he would come! And he did! He's progressing super well. He just needs to overcome his WOW problem. His new job won't let him smoke. So that's a good thing. He still smokes so much. He's like a chimney. We are trying to help him build his faith. People here love to smoke. It's probably worse than Vegas. He is continuing to keep his commitments. Which means he's getting closer to pagbibinyag! July we will hopefully have our next baptisms. 

Yesterday we had a multi-stake conference that was broadcast from SLC. Elder Anderson was presiding. It was super cool the invitations that were extended to the people here and the faith the saints have all over the Philippines! The church is so strong here. And its growing and growing everyday. The Lord has prepared the people here for a very long time to be ready for the gospel. My testimony is strengthened every day by the examples of the leaders here. Elder Anderson is the one who oversees the Philippines area, he has been here several times and spoke about the "Philippine Way," the way that all Filipinos show their love and service to others.  Its a saying that goes like this, "let me be the one." Filipinos will do ANYTHING to take the burdens off of others. That's what I love about here. We have talked about the various storms all over the Philippines. Specifically up in Tacloban, almost 2 years ago there was a big storm there that wiped the whole area. Elder Anderson talked about the help and fast offerings that were given to the are, and how within 4 short months 3100 homes were rebuilt by church members. UNREAL. We all need to have that mindset of "let me be the one." Give service. Service is such a blessing to ourselves and of course to others.

I love this work and the opportunity to serve here. I'm finally starting to adjust to the food. But not the heat haha. Who knows if that will happen. I should have pictures next week. I love you all.

Love, Elder Lambert

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