Monday, June 1, 2015

Week ~ 4

Time is kind of flying here in the mission. We are busy everyday! I'm getting lots of questions about the wedding. No I'm not performing it haha. A member in the sisters area is getting married. We were invited for the food haha. Except it got postponed to I don't know when. 

Anyways, on Wednesday we went on companion exchanges. I went with Elder Bullock, he's from Idaho. I actually played his high school in lacrosse. He went to Capital. I really enjoyed myself being with an American who understands my struggles. It was fun. We taught some new people I had never met since we were in a different area. Nothing incredibly special.

Anyways, we had our FIRST BAPTISM! Brother Ken! Finally. I didn't get to baptize him because he wanted Elder Sacay to baptize him.So theres one in the books haha.3

I also just wanted everyone to know I found a shop who sells Class A (fake hahaha) NIKE ROCHES. oh my goodness i might get some. they may as well be real haha/ theyre like $15 mom ;) haha we'll see.

We had invited like 6 investigators to come to church with us yesterday. We went to go pick all of them up. It was like an hour of walking and riding jeepnees to pick people up. Not a single one came with us. I was frustrated and sweaty. I got onto the jeepnee and this guy that we had taught got on! He said he saw us and decided to follow us to church! So he came! I was so happy we had one investigator at church. 

Church was a different story... We had the 5th Sunday lesson. We tried to teach about fellow shipping investigators. It got scary. So many people thought we were pointing fingers at the people! not even. People started yelling at each other and it was insane. I was scared to death because we had an investigator there! The sister missionaries were crying. It was an absolute mess. Our investigator probably thinks were crazy. Ugh. So dumb. People are dumb. 

The work is going well though. We are trying so hard to find and open our teaching pool. This week has been fun though! It rained a lot so that's why i have so much swag in one of my pics. Also I sent a picture of my district! And a picture of Brother Ken at the baptism! Then the other pic is Brother Jonathan and Elder Sacay and I :) I'm trying to do better at pics! Anyways. It's hot. I'm sweaty. The church is true and I love you all.

Love, Elder Lambert
Elder Lambert, Elder Sacay & the rest of their district

Singin' in the Rain
Rainy week!!

Elder Lambert, Elder Sacay and Brother Ken at his baptism

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