Sunday, June 21, 2015

Week ~ 7

Wow. Another solid week. First of all, HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO THE BEST DAD ANYONE COULD ASK FOR! Miss you dad :) Hope today has been a good day! Cause you deserve it :) 

Today was a good week. I got to witness a temple sealing! It was weird for me because we weren't allowed to go to the endowment but we could go to the sealing, so that was interesting. But wow so worth it. It was for the DeJoya family, we have been teaching them. Brother Michael is the husband and we have been teaching his brother Jonathan. They are such an amazing, humble family with such great faith. Sister DeJoya has super week knees for whatever reason, so it made it very difficult for the ceremony, but she was able to withstand the pain and make it through! So amazing. I loved every second of it. It was transfer week this week and the Elder that baptized them was going home, his family came to pick him up came to the sealing and was able to witness it. They took us to Shakey's pizza after so we got free food ;) The spirit was so strong in the sealing room the entire time, I of course teared up a little bit because they were so happy! It made me get more excited to be sealed for time and all eternity. After the ceremony, their crazy daughter came flying in the room like a whirlwind! Kinda funny, but even if she didn't understand what was happening, it didn't matter, she was sealed to her parents!

 Anyways, now to Bro. Boyet, I need to get a picture of him, he's super awesome. We had church yesterday and we were expecting 7 investigators to come! I will explain that in a sec. We had 0 investigators at the time sacrament started, so that was kind of depressing. But we had practiced before sacrament meeting the song, Beautiful Zion. I had never heard it till i came to the Philippines. Elder Sacay roped me into singing tenor in the ward choir. I don't even know what tenor is, but that's what i sang. After the song we went to sit down and Bro. Boyet had made it to sacrament meeting! 1 investigator to church. Prayer is real. His WOW problem is getting better, he fully committed last week so we will see what he says when we visit on Wednesday! We were gonna visit tomorrow but we finally have that wedding! I don't even know the people, should be interesting. And no people, Elder Lambert does not get to perform the wedding ha-ha. 

Brother Boyet is awesome though, he wants to know more and more and he always keeps his commitments. He needs to fully understand the BOM, he thinks its a revision of the bible so we will clarify that. We will see next week how he's doing! 

Brother Jonathan DeJoya... Wow this kid. He's the brother of Michael who got sealed on Saturday. He secretly hates hearing from us I think, he just wants to go back to the province to see his GF. We are trying to help his desire to be baptized... So we will see how that goes tonight actually. We also have been teaching the Supilanas family. We met them through one of our investigators brother Romy. We were gonna drop brother Romy, till we started teaching them with the Supilanas fam. The peoples names are Gretchen shes 26, Jenny shes 20, Amor (the mom), shes 43 and then a lady came and listened to the message, sister Arlene, shes like 30. They all said they would go to church till the morning of, so we will see what happens next Sunday. We teach them today so we shall see! 

Those are most of the investigators this week. Lets hope they progress! Its starting to rain a lot here, so at night I don't sweat anymore so that's good ha-ha. I love you all and Happy Fathers day to all those amazing dads out there!
Love, Elder Lambert 
Some kids making fun of my nose!! Apparently, I have a pointy nose ha-ha!?!

This is the couple that I got to witness their sealing. I'll explain in my email. So cool though!
This is a pic of all of the elders that have taught the Dejoya family. Elder Wilkinson got to baptize them. His parents came to pick him up and got to go to the sealing. So dang Awesome!

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