Monday, October 19, 2015

Week ~ 24

Hi all people of the world!This week has been a crazy week! Lots of sickness going around. Including my companion! But not me cause I am invincible ;) it might be the typhoon that came through here! We received a text I think... Saturday night? That a huge typhoon was going to be coming through the Philippines. They said it wasn't going to hit metro Manila very hard, but that doesn't matter ha-ha. I am on Palawan baby! We got some rain. Pretty hard rain, but that's normal. So nothing at all that seemed like a typhoon! No worries people. I am safe here in paradise. 

More news for everyone, I will be training a new missionary! Here in Rizal! I am very honored to be a tatay and have my first anak! A little nervous, but I know the Lord will help me. I am, very excited for it though! 

Another bit of news, it was Kelsie's birthday yesterday! Can't believe she's 11 already. I'm sure she will be taller than me when I get home from here. 

Anyways, this week was a little hard just because of all the sickness. Elder Baquiran gets sick easily sooo there wasn't much work this week... But it was a good week! We again had hard times with lessons, and again didn't have any investigators at church. Yesterday we had a whopping 41 at church. So that was good. On Saturday I "lead" the area. So basically I lead the lessons and all that. Which was fine, just a little hard cause I am not fluent yet. It was good preparation though. I am very excited for the change that is to come. I will be the "senior" companion. Which honestly doesn't mean anything, but it kind of does if we are training. And then I will be leading a MASSIVE area that has lots of hiking and rice fields. I am excited. Part of me wants a foreigner companion so that I can improve my language. Things are a little bit different here in the Philippines! Should be fun though. 

I also promised myself i was gonna take more pictures of like... Everything! Just because it is so beautiful here. I wish we had more lessons and people progressing, but it is just soo difficult here. Hopefully that will change soon. We have the faith! I would kill for just one baptism ha-ha. We will make it happen:) basically since I will be training, that guarantees me here in Rizal up through January I think. So we've got some time! 

Update on the rats, we still have them. I haven't had time to mix the poison and all that. I am hoping for a companion who will conquer them with me ha-ha! We will see. 

Elder Lambert is a little tired of dealing with these big guys. Especially in the middle of the night when they have no power. He made a point of telling me he still feels bad killing them. He says..."I'm no killer!" Ugh... he has my permission, kill away!!

The rats don't bother his companion, so he's on his own trying to keep them under control and out of their house.

I am really praying for something interesting I can tell you this next week. We just haven't been very effective because of all the sickness of the members and my companion! So yeah.. We didn't go hiking last week either because he was sick, but that's okay! We are going to go next week for sure. 

Kind of a short email... But I took pics of the apartment so people can see! I was bored yesterday so I took some. It could be a nice place. No one has ever cleaned it though ha-ha. Anyways, I am expecting to be making the 5 hour trip to Puerto Princessa either tomorrow or Wednesday. That should be a joy. Its a dirt road too so that's lovely. I am ready for the task though, and I guess you could say I am moving up in the ranks?! Ha-ha kidding.

I also saw a Komodo Dragon! A member had it, and I wanted to eat it, but I wasn't there when they did! it was a little small, but that's okay. My camera case is there for scale. It was pretty dang cool though.

Dinner... I mean, Komodo Dragon!!

 Like I said I am gonna take pics of the area and what it looks like! It is a little hard though to send stuff just because of the bad internet here. Sorry for the lame email. Next week should be better! I am praying that I will get a companion that knows how to have fun, is obedient, and works hard! So lets hope! I love you all!

Elder Lambert

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