Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week ~ 22 Sup

Hi world. Sorry I didn't email yesterday! We had interviews with Pres. Ostler in Narra! Which is about a 3 hour shuttle trip away from Rizal! The road is ugly too, lots of rocks. Basically a dirt road. Anyway, I had my interview with Pres. Ostler yesterday, of course it went well. We talked about the area in Rizal. He told me he only sends his most trusted missionaries there. I was mind blown. I am only new! Ha-ha.He talked to me about training and how I felt about it, so we shall see. It was great though. We talked about the leadership in Rizal, there are some issues there. But we sort of figured that out. So yeah, overall pretty good! 

The work here is very difficult. We had a pretty solid weak though. We are having a hard time keeping people progressing. So that's hard. We really need to OYM more. But my companion struggles to OYM, so that's a little bit frustrating. That's okay. I am getting alright in the language. I understand most of the lessons, but conversational is still very difficult! I struggle. Thats okay. 

The members are so so awesome here. We have members work with us almost every single day. Which is so nice. My companion doesn't really talk to me when we walk or are in the apartment, so its nice to have people to talk to! The members I just love so much! 

Our families we have been preparing to go through the temple at the end of this month! They are so so excited for that. Other than that, the work is kind of slow. We have lots of lessons. We don't have anybody progressing really. We had a whopping 35 people at church, none of them investigators. So that was disappointing. It is very very trying here in Rizal. Lots of Muslims too, so that is very very difficult as well. But yeah. Good thing the members are so faithful here. I can't really pin point a good solid lesson this week. We had some good ones but no body keeps their commitments, very frustrating. 

This last week we went hiking to this cave in Quezon for district activity! Sorry for my sweatyness. But it was fun! Pretty sure my companion was gonna die though. Lots of stairs to these cave things. But we had a good time! It was a good adventure. 

Pday hike to the cave

Uhhh... being weird!

Also this last week, the first missionary who first opened Rizal 5 years ago visited! He was out in the ocean swimming to catch sea urchins to eat! He caught three, and I ate some of it raw ha-ha. Apparently Americans like this thing in their sushi! It was actually pretty good. I guess in the States it goes for $40 a roll. I had it fresh fresh!! For anyone who wants to know, I eat 3 meals everyday of the week. Oatmeal, fried rice, and canned beans and rice! So I feel full every meal. If anyone has any ideas on how to make any of that taste better, feel free to lemme know. Think of canned things maybe, and MAYBE veggies too, and MAAAAAYBE they will have it here in Rizal.

Tan with the sea urchin

Sea Urchin!! Yum :)

 Also, the rats are still strong. I killed another one. We should be getting poison soon. That should be good. 

Oh yeah i forgot! My companion baptized an older man named Bro. Rolando before I came. We have been reteaching him. He lives alone and is a mechanic at a motorcycle shop. He is about 68 years old. Every time I see him, I feel like I am teaching Grandpa Lambert! Since he has found the gospel, his life is forever changed. He used to smoke and drink everyday. HE has changed everything, and he loves reading the BOM! He is so awesome. He is about the only one that is "progressing" through building his faith. He is a great example. 

PS. This picture is the last time I saw the Vinculado family, I finally got confirmation they were baptized! That made me so happy. Pretty ordinary week, I am hoping for a better one next week. I love you all! Also, sorry for the short email ha-ha.

Elder Lambert

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