Sunday, October 11, 2015

Week ~ 23

Another one gone. Sounds like some great things are going on at home with school and lacrosse and of course our sports teams ;) Ha-ha love it. 

This week was VERY busy. Lots of travel to Narra and Quezon for interviews and district meeting. About 10 hours of travel spread out over about 4 days. We had exchanges this week. I went to Quezon to be with Elder Bernard! He is Samoan so of course it was a good time. He is about a transfer behind me in the field, so his Tagalog isn't the best. He "lead" the area but I "lead" all of the teaching because his language isn't good enough yet. But he sure loves the people and that is what is important. We had a good time, he's from Seattle so he's a Seahawks fan. We have a lot to talk about and a lot in common. It was a NICE break. We had fun and worked hard though. 

This week was also conference! I was SO excited to watch conference! The senior couple who live in Narra, 3 hours away sent the conference on flash drives to Rizal, via shuttle. We didn't get them until about noon. We had to go to the church and set up the computer and "speakers" that I bought for some half decent sound. We got it all set up, and I was so excited! All the faithful members came and we started it, IT WAS IN TAGALOG. NOOOOO. I understand a lot of it, but Tagalog translates almost awkwardly to English. A lot of the members wanted English as well. Because the translation is almost robotic, no emotion. It just isn't the same as hearing Elder Holland speaking and all that. Luckily our district leader has a copy in English, so next week I will listen to it at the house slowly ha-ha. I am still excited for it! 

Also, next Wednesday is transfer day! I couldn't be more excited :)))) It will be a great change, whatever happens. The week was very slow when it came to lessons. We didn't have very many just because we hardly worked. But this week we focused on talking to people. My companion is kind of afraid of rejection so he hates talking to people. I promised Pres. Ostler that we would hit our OYM (Open Your Mouth) goal, which we did! I made sure we talked to people. I am also very excited for some of those OYM's. Some of them were interested! So we will for sure recontact them. 

We have been focusing on really preparing the people here who are going to the temple soon. Some of them don't have their money yet... Or some of them don't have their records updated! So many problems... We are a little bit stressed about it. But we are figuring it out. Like I said, the work was hard this week. But I really feel like we are planting seeds here in Rizal for the future.

I want a baptism SO bad, it will be in the ocean! But I think we are planting seeds right now for the future! I love it here though! For all those wondering, the water here isn't okay to drink... Every apartment in the mission has a super expensive filter, except us. We don't have running water so that doesn't work. We have to text the water guys, and they deliver us pure water! So that costs us a little bit of money. The water we shower with is freezing cold, if any one wants to know. And its clear! So that's good. But yeah. I haven't had a warm shower since the MTC ha-ha. That's okay. Yesterday we had a "dinner appointment" thing at an investigators house. They killed a pig and ate all of it. They made this pork stuff. I had it in my first area, I don't know the name, but it has pork and then blood as well. But when they cook it, it turns black. I don't love it ha-ha. But I choked it down anyways. That's my adventure this week. Hopefully teaching wise, this week will be better. But today we are going hiking with some members! SO I will have some pics next week. I love you all!
Elder Lambert

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