Monday, October 26, 2015

Week ~ 25

Dear world,

I HAVE A NEW SON! I was pregnant all day Wednesday in Puerto Princessa because the flight of the new missionaries came in at about 8:45 Wednesday night! It was a longgg pregnancy, but me(ya... whatever!!) and all the trainers went to Shakeys! A pizza place ha-ha. It's not as good as American of course, but for Filipino its not bad! Wednesday morning me and Elder Jones went to the mall in Puerto! He is our district leader, he is training as well. We went to the store, but no Dr. Pepper :( we went to a place called Mang Inasal! It is famous for the missionaries all over the Philippines because it is only 100 pesos for unlimited rice! So of course we went there and had barbecue and unlimited rice! Unlimited rice is actually a big deal for missionaries. It is my favorite place now here ha-ha. And its only in Puerto and basically everywhere except Rizal, but that's okay. 

Anyway, my new companion is Elder Garol! He is from Bacolod city! Which basically means that he is not fluent at Tagalog! He speaks another dialect called Ilongo. He understands all of it, but sometimes his grammar or his vocab is Ilongo haha. That's okay! His English is good enough so that's awesome. I am training a baby, when I say baby he is of course a baby missionary but he is also a baby member! He was baptized in February of 2014! He is brand new! I am basically training him in every way possible. A lot of new missionaries come in and they know how hard a mission is and how to be obedient, but he really doesn't know! As of right now he likes to sleep during studies ha-ha. I need to figure out the best way of approaching that but we will get there. But yeah! It is very hard for me to explain EVERYTHING. And of course he has a strong testimony and all that, he just doesn't know how to quite teach yet! That's okay, me neither! We are learning together and this is an opportunity to lead just about everything! I already am feeling big improvements in my Tagalog even after a couple days! I am excited about that. 

Elder Baquiran basically carried all of the stress of the companionship and the branch here. Right now, guess who carries all the stress, THIS GUY. You could MAYBE call me branch president. Or his counselor. Without the missionaries here in Rizal, these members wouldn't be going to the temple. I have had to make sure that everyone has money and transportation and all that! I have felt the stress... And on top of that, sometimes the cell phone service and email service stinks here so it makes it harder to communicate with people and to coordinate so that adds to the stress! It is all good though! It will be all worth it when those families go to the temple on Wednesday! To be sealed! I wish I could witness, but I am here in Rizal which is also a blessing!

My new companion and I have been focusing on finding here, in the short time we have been here to work. And contacting people we OYMed! So, that has been fun. Sister Resane, (who is basically the mother of all the missionaries ever assigned here. I love her) came to us saying she has been praying for a missionary opportunity. AND IT CAME. We were introduced to her new neighbor sister Riese! She is SO awesome and was asking Sister Resane about the church! I gave her a Book of Mormon and she was stunned! Sinasabi ko sa kanya walang bayad! She was excited there wasn't a payment ha-ha. But we have FHE at their house tonight with a bunch of members so I am excited! I am praying for progression, the only problem is that she's not married... So that should be a good time! 

Also, yesterday I spoke in church! Because every 4th Sunday is missionary Sunday, which is fine. I spoke about the Book of Mormon! And how important it is. I spoke for about 20 minutes in about 90% Tagalog! So the gift of tongues is so real here! I felt the spirit testify to me about how true the Book of Mormon really is! It was a good day. 

I am really slacking on pictures... But today us and a bunch of youth are hiking a mountain! So I am excited about that! Lots of pictures! I am sending a picture of me and my new comp (Its not like i just took this or anything) but we will get a better one this week! This is my new son! And I am actually having fun! Ha-ha I love you all.

It's fun to see a picture of the internet cafe where he does emails!! :)

PS. This is a pic of my district from last Tuesday! Elder Bernard (from Seattle) is on the left! 

Elder Lambert

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