Monday, January 11, 2016

Week ~ 36

Hello world. Happy New Year! I hope it was great for you all! For me it was my first Filipino New Years. It wasn't as big as they say it is just because I am on the island! Maybe next year I will be assigned where the real party is ;) We didn't do much, just because we had to be home early cause it gets crazy here in the Philippines. At 12 all I heard was fireworks and every single motor cycle being revved all the way up to the max. Kind of funny!! Fireworks here (at least in Rizal) are just real fireworks that shoot up and explode, basically. They don't look very cool, they are just loud and obnoxious. That was our new year! They greatest thing to date happened on New Years day though, I drank a Dr. Pepper! The members bought it for me a while back and I have been saving it for a good time! So I had it during lunch on New Years! haha. So, that was fun. Also, earlier we went to this waterfall thing here in Quezon for our district activity! I have pictures of course... But this computer wont read any of my cords or anything, so that's lovely. Lemme just say it was gorgeous and I want to go back there and actually do what you are meant to do with water (swim). A member took us there and brought us lunch, we had stingray! With rice of course, but it was flipping good. Also, we ate Filipino style cause he forgot plates! He went and found a GIANT leaf and we all basically shared a plate. It was AWESOME. I have pics, but I will try to send them next week. 

With the work here in Rizal, not much is happening with Sis. Riza or anything. We are kind of dropping her. We are focusing on their kids. They are difficult to teach cause its like teaching a bunch of babies. I love them, but they tend to NEVER listen haha. So i'ts difficult. We are doing our best though!

Something awesome happened this week though. We had a girl attend church yesterday, who is apparently ready to be baptized! We talked to her, and I guess the Elders up in Narra have been teaching her! I asked Elder Sacay about her, and she has met ever requirement to be baptized. She only needs an interview with Elder Jones. So we may or may not have a baptism THIS week. It all depends if Elder Jones can come down and talk with her. Also, we need to talk to her! And get to know her. So this is just a simple example of how the Lord blesses us for working hard! Even if I have never seen her before, she will be a member in Rizal! So that will be a great help to the branch. I hope we can baptize her before I transfer. I am really hoping that I don't transfer next week on the 13th! I am praying talega. Sometimes I want my anak to transfer haha. I am training what is sometimes a very prideful boy. I know I was a prideful boy too, but at least I listened and respected my trainer! Sometimes there is a lack of respect for me, and I just want to explode. I am convinced that if I wasn't set apart as a missionary I would explode! It is hard but I am learning patience :) It is good! Not much to report on this week, besides we worked hard and did all we could to do what we need to and be obedient. Sorry, I have little time to email and yeah... no pics either. Love you all! Next week we will know if I am transferring :) The church is true! 

Elder Lambert

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