Sunday, January 24, 2016

Week ~ 39

Hello world. I didn't know that missionary work on the main land would be so exhausting. I am just wiped. I haven't been this tired in so long. It was a long week of hot and sweaty finding. We have 2 big areas within our area boundaries where we do most of our work. They kind of remind me of Mandaluyong, until you go into their houses and they are playing their Playstation 4's and stuff. It is kind of funny to go into those areas. This area hasn't had Elders here, and if it has seen Elder's it has been years. Let alone 2 American Elders walking around! Its like we are a bunch of famous people walking around. We always have a train of little kids following us around. They always call us Mr. Bean hahaha. Sometimes it's hard to hear myself think cause the kids are so loud. I think I counted the other day, we had 26 little kids following us around. It was pretty funny at the beginning, but got a little hard toward the end. Especially since they love to touch our arm hair and stuff. It is lovely. 

The new area's are great though. We have some good solid investigators. We have a family we are teaching, Brother C and his "asawa" Sister Bangs, though that's not her real name. They aren't married of course (pretty normal). But they are close to marriage they are telling us. So that's a pretty cool thing. We were actually "OYMed"(open your mouth) by Bro. C's drunk neighbor, and then we started talking to Bro. C and he really wants to listen. We set up a return appointment and taught him and his "asawa." Now remember, "asawa" can either mean married, or it can mean "live in partner." I asked them and they aren't quite married, but they want to be! So we taught them and really focused on families and how the gospel is designed for families. We set up a return appointment for the next day and of course, we went back. Brother C wasn't there, we were told he was drinking somewhere. Sister didn't know where he was. So yeah.. I think he has lots of problems but he wants to change. We will see how it goes with that. 

Also this week, we focused on finding. But, this upcoming week will be going with members and finding LA and former investigators. So that should be fun. Funny experience of the week: We were just walking and someone yelled, "Elders!" They were pretty far, and I couldn't quite see them so we went up to them and it turned out to be 3 bakla. That just means that cross-dressers. They wanted to talk to us. If you were to just look at them, they would be girls until you talk to them and hear them. They told us whoever gets to marry us is super lucky. I couldn't help but laugh. Buuuut, we invited them to church and shared a testimony and went on our way! 

I feel like it will take us a couple of months here to build a decent area, but it will be worth it! It will take lots of work, but it will be so awesome to see things start from scratch. The ward is so involved and people are always willing to work with us. Hopefully we can get some nice progress this week with some of our people and have some great news for next week. Me and Elder W are pretty cool. Me and Elder G at the bahay (house) last night got him talking about robots and space travel and that was pretty interesting haha. No complaints at all! I still do most of the work and talking, but what do you expect. He is new! Also, sorry for the lack of pictures. There aren't very many things to take pictures of here. I will do my best though! Things are good though, I am going to go take a very long nap and yeah. I love you all! Ang simbahan ito ay totoo..

Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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