Monday, January 18, 2016

Week ~ 38

Catered dinner in new area. Elder Lambert and his new companion from Brigham City, Elder W.
Hello world. Bye bye Rizal. Wow I miss Palawan. It is pretty nice here though! My new area I would say maybe like a "rich" area. (not what he thought...) it is a whole other culture shock! There are SO many people and the pollution is SO bad. So I guess you could say that I am back in the big city.I am now in the Las Pinas 1st ward! Yeah thats right, WARD. Not a branch, ward. Our Bishop is a go-getter. He served a mission in San Francisco, Cali! So he knows what he is doing. Our first day in the area, we got a text about a meeting to revise the ward mission plan. So that was an AWESOME start to a new area! We had ward council as well, and EVERY auxillery had a representative! What more can you ask for?! This ward is so involved with every member and all that it is just awesome. So in our ward, we share with the Zone Leaders and some sisters. So there are 6 of us to one ward! That means we have to "share" the members and their time to work with us, so that is a joy. We especially need the members cause we have no idea where anything is! Lemme tell ya, fresh starting an area isn't the easiest thing. The area book, (which is just the book that has records of all the investigators and stuff in it) was like 3 months out of date, which was LOVELY to walk in to. We are basically starting from scratch. It is kind of fun though to talk to people! Cause there are so many people to talk to. 

Let's get to the stuff everyone wants to know about. My new son! He is definitely an American from Brigham City! So that means, I get to do all of the tagalog. Which I don't mind! He is SUPER AWESOME!! The area so far is awesome though. We only have one problem, we live 40 minutes away, by jeepnee. That is a struggle. Basically, later tonight we will be traveling to our area and MAYBE teaching a lesson and coming home because of curfew. So that is a joy. This is going to be a very interesting next 2 transfers, but I am excited. I can't report much about the work, cause uhhh there is no work! We are just talking to everyone. 

We are in our new apartment as well. Our kabahay (roommates) are Elder G and his new son Elder G! Elder G is from Brisbane, Australia and is one transfer older than me. So our tagalog is about the same. We both came off of Palawan together! He was in Brookes Point, so we were in the same zone. Now he is my district leader, roommate. We were pretty close from the start, but now way close! We were both called to train on Palawan at the same time, and then we were both called to fresh-start train here in Manila. So that is fun. The Elders who were in our apartment before were Elder G and Elder B! Elder G was in my district when i was new, and then Elder B is that huge Samoan who was with me for a time on Palawan! Anyways, they left our new apartment a MESS. Like gross mess. I wanna puke everyday still. So we cleaned for 4 hours on Friday, we had permission to do that. So yeah that was fun. We live across from a massive mall too hahah. We live across from SM Sucat, (if you want to google earth that, dad) our apartment is called Avida Towers. Like the 10th floor I think. Pretty nice apartment, lots of potential. We just have to clean it really really well. It is kind of weird to be across from a mall. I actually bought Skippy Peanut butter. So three cheers for Elder Lambert. I had 4 PB & J's and I thought I died and went to heaven. Best thing ever. Also I am back to washing my clothes by hand... So yeah. I didn't miss that at all. All I know is that this is a great new area and it might take us a whole transfer to get the hang of it, but it will happen. In the area, we have every single auxiliary president, so you know what that means ;) DINNER APPOINTMENTS FOR DAYS!!! We just had a kid in our ward get back from his mission in Adelaide, Australia. He got up in Sacrament and basically told the congregation he forgot how to speak Tagalog and spoke perfect English haha. His family is wealthy and we went to his house for a CATERED dinner appointment. So crazy. So much food. (not used to that on Palawan!!) Yesterday at church the 3 new Americans in the ward spoke more Tagalog than the members do... So yeah I serve in like an 80% English ward cause everyone speaks English. Pretty dang funny. So yeah. pretty random email. I sent some pics. I love you all. see you next week! Hopefully I will have updates on the work here! 

Also this is a pic of my last district on Palawan!

Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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