Monday, February 29, 2016

Week ~ 44

Hi world,

Quite the week. Pero before I start I wanna give a S/O to my girl Ciarra Green for getting her mission call to Charlotte, North Carolina mission! I can't believe it! You'll get to see Elder Abbott! You lucky duck :) haha anyways she will be great. 

This week was officially my first week as a new District Leader. Last week I had to go like 4 hours (with traffic) all the way to Makati to go to my new training meeting. That was super good with the AP's and President Ostler. So far so good. It just adds to my plate of all of the other things I have to do. That is okay though. It really isn't too bad though!  Anyway, this week we finally hit the OYM standard of excellence! We talked to 191 people this week and invited them to do something like listen to us or whatever. It was super difficult, but not bad. I did most of them, but it is understandable because I have a foreigner son. It is still fun though.

The news of the week is that we finally had an investigator to church! Sister May Borquiron finally went! I can't remember if I have mentioned her before, but she is an OYM from like the first week that we were put into the area. She is only 16 years old, so whenever we teach her we have to have a member with us. But hey, she finally came! She said it was super fun and just very heartwarming. (That is the awkward Tagalog translation) All in all it was a great experience! The ward really fellow shipped and all that, so that was a great. This week the ZL (Zone Leader)  had a baptism, that was super important for us because the investigators that we have, have an opportunity to attend the baptism and see how it is done in our church. We have an investigator named Sister Maricel, she is a single mom who actually OYMed us a while back and she originally asked us how our church does it. So that was a great opportunity for her. She ended up coming and actually loved it! The only problem that she has is that she has work every Sunday. At least yesterday she did. We talked to her and counseled her to talk with her boss about getting work off every Sunday. Anyways, she texted last night about what happened with her boss and she has work off now! So sana we will see her at church next Sunday! So yeah, the area is really coming together. We recontacted some great former investigators this last week as well. We found a girl named Melh-Jean Recones this week, she was taught by the sister missionaries before in our area. She was supposed to be baptized back in November! She basically knows everything, she just got work on Sundays back then and then the sisters dropped her. The other problem we have with her (and with basically every old investigator) is that she is a girl. So we have to always have a member with us. Which doesn't happen as frequently as we would like it. She is super awesome though. She introduced us to her neighbor as well, Bro. Jade. He is a super cool guy as well. His wife is a member in Cavite. So he is a part-member family. Anyway, we went to visit him and we climbed up into his house and he was reading the Book of Mormon! What a stud. I had never even met the guy, but he is super awesome. He is having a hard time getting baptized cause he is in Las Pinas on the weekdays, but goes to church in Cavite. So that will be a concern or something we will have to resolve. Maybe he can be taught here, but be baptized in Cavite. So that will be something that will take lots of planning. We will see! 

The Lord really is blessing us with lots of new people to teach. We talked to 191 people last week and we had 19 new investigators, so that was a huge blessing! The area is VERY slowly coming together, but it is happening! I love what is happening here. It is fun too, its not just boring and repetitive. You see lots of crazy people but its fun! Like we were walking through this area and two girls were fighting over a cell phone with all these kids watching, anyways, we were literally just walking by and the girls picked up rocks and started throwing them at all of the kids! Including us! Pretty dang funny I was laughing pretty hard. And no I did not get hit haha. We run into so many drunk people but they are pretty funny. We also talked to some people from England and Australia who live in our area so that was some nice old school English. This week we are going back to the MTC for Elder Webster so that will be a full day of work gone. Hopefully we can make it up another day. We are just working really hard and really trying to find people who are prepared to hear the gospel. It is slowly happening. Out of all the people we are talking to at least 1 will be prepared! So yeah, staying positive, that is all. I love you all. And here are some pictures for all of you to see. We took these this morning. Thats my kabahay or my roommates. We have 5 in the bahay now! The other companionship is a trisome now so there are more of us in the bahay. It is kind of like a spiritual party always. So that's super fun. I love you all. Elder Lambert= Out 

PS. The guy in the green OYMed us and he lived in the states most of his life. He is a funny guy who was a running back in high school and owns a huge gym that we might hit up one of these P days. He also kind of dresses like a tool. Which that does include a nice fresh (but also not original/fake) pair of Nike Roches

Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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