Monday, February 1, 2016

Week ~ 40

Hello earth people in the western hemisphere,

How are you all? To start off my email, I wanna give a shout out to my younger sister Allie for getting a scholarship and asked to play lacrosse at THEE Westminster College! You are ALMOOOSTTT as good as I was ;) nah jokes. I wanna just say that I am proud of you Al Gal! ;) That is so awesome and I think you should do all that you can to make that happen! I am a little jealous!! 

This week was pretty good here in Las Pinas! We are just finding and talking to people all of the time. Me and Elder W are pretty cool. He and I have a lot in common! My kabahay (roommates) and I can have some pretty hardcore conversations about Avengers (or anything Marvel) Star Wars, Batman, Video games, and just anything awesome or nerdy like that! The topic of choice around the house is about Star Wars, and just all sorts of rumors we know about the new movie, cause ya know NONE OF US HAVE SEEN IT! But its fun to talk about. I really love my roommates and Rizal would have been even a step up if I had roommates. But we have a good time. I will get some pics of our lovely crib/apartment and all of us next week! Currently, as a kabahay we are having a competition to see who can buy the coolest Star Wars items. (A noble goal?? ;)) I am winning, of course. I bought a Darth Vader parang bionicle thing for like 100 pesos. So I study with him everyday. Its pretty cool. But yeah, we work very hard in our areas but still have some nice time to eat good meals and have some good fun. 

Now, to the real reason why I am here. We have been working so so stinking hard, and aren't doing too bad! Sometimes it is honestly hard to tell if people want foreigners in there house (just to say they had 2 Americans in their house) or if they are actually interested. It is kind of frustrating, especially when the lovely girls want to talk to us just because we are American and speak Tagalog. We try to talk to everyone about the gospel even if they have no interest. We get lots of people yelling, "Hey Joe! Where are you going?" (They call all American men "Joe") then I will answer them in my heavy English American accent and then just break out in straight Tagalog. It blows their mind and is pretty funny ha ha. 

We taught brother Carlo and his wife again this week. When we taught them we had some AWESOME members present. One is an RM that just got back from serving in Australia and the other was a RC (recent convert) girl in our ward. It was a KILLER lesson. The spirit was so strong and we taught so simply, and we invited them for baptism. They kind of ignored the question and then set up a return appointment for last Thursday. We were so excited to teach them and we did some great practice teaching and prepared so well for them and then we went back... The worst thing in missionary work happened. They said they don't want to switch religions. They believe that all we need is to have faith in God and just go to church, and that it doesn't matter which church. Its like when we taught apostasy it all went in one ear and right out the other. That is seriously the worst, when you teach a lesson and the spirit testifies to you and you KNOW it testifies to them and they still have their free agency to say no. It is so hard telling people you know how much one single thing in their life can change in a blink of an eye, and they still don't get it. But hey, we still press on! 

We are teaching a girl named Sister Reah. She is a neighbor of a RC in our area. She would come and listen to us and so we started teaching her. She is like 2 months younger than Kelsie and that's just kind of funny to me haha. She is on page 130 of the BOM, if anyone wants to know the actual size of the Tagalog BOM is a little bigger than the English. So she is FLYING through it. She said she was going to come to church yesterday, and I heard the magic words that I have heard countless times in my mission, "Elder wala kong pamasahe." That is the magic words of, "Elder I don't have any fare money to go to church." I just want to throw money at her buuuut, we can't do that. So that's lovely. Hopefully we can figure something out this next week with that.

We have another dude named Brother J, he is just an elderly man who actually understands more than I think I give him credit for! He remembers everything we teach and he committed to church, but once again he didn't come. So we will address that later. We have 2 more people who you could consider, "progressing." One is named Sister M and the other is Sister A. They OYMed us (probs cause we are white) and we decided to introduce the gospel. Turns out they want to make some changes to become more happy in life and stuff, the gospel is the key to that!! So we are teaching them. It is hard to tell honestly if they just have a crush on Elder W or what. So yeah. But they won't have a chance to receive the gospel unless we give them that chance. So we will see how that goes. That is about all that happened this week. 

The other thing is, I got to ride a hoverboard this week. I don't know if you people have seen those on TV or anything. (yes we have!! that is so funny!) But I had a glance at them in Rizal and now I got to ride one! I got the hang of it and it was siiick. So yeah. We are just chugging away. The Tagalog "Master" is still me, (I think so?) but Elder W is getting better! So yeah we are having fun and working hard so yeah. That is my week for this week. I love you all, stay positive, don't die in the snow, and Peace out. 

Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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