Sunday, February 21, 2016

Week ~ 43 ~ Yo

Good morning people of the earth,

This has been a crazy crazy week. We actually only worked like 1.5 days hahah. It was rough. On Tuesday we had interviews with President Ostler. Those were great as always. We just discussed fresh starting the area and having the faith to find those people who have been prepared to receive the gospel. So that was super good. I really enjoy interviews with him, he just loves his missionaries so much. Wednesday was a super interesting day. Last P-day I got a text from the office Elders about going to get a Philippines drivers license. 1 thought crossed my mind. I was either going to become AP or Office Elder. Both of them are going home, so it could have happened. Then I almost wet myself because I don't want to be either of those. (J/K) Then Elder Eteaki called me freaking out because he got the same text. So here's the story. The Philippines has this new law about drivers licenses. In order for a foreigner to get a drivers license, they have to have proof that they will be in the country for more than a year. So yeah. Me and like 8 missionaries went to get them. There were only 4 of us who could actually get one because of visa issues, but mine is already processed so no problems. Anyways, so I am now licensed to drive and I guess it still keeps me in the running for AP and Office Elder... I would be just fine not being called as those haha. Basta, 

Thursday me and Elder Webster went to the the MRC (Missionary Recovery Center) where Elder Webster met with someone. So I had to accompany him and that was fun! We got quite lost on the way but no biggie. I am just a foreigner I have no idea ha ha. So for 3 days we spent a TON of money on fare and stuff and basically didn't work. So that was difficult. Friday was weekly planning so that was a chip on our work. Saturday was a fun day! I don't know how many of you remember last June, my first area did an activity called Flight 2015. It was a representation of the POS and stuff. So last Saturday was Flight 2016! Yes, I am getting that old in the mission. We had to work at it like all day, so that killed our work. I'll just say it, we didn't hardly work at all. It was super frustrating. With the work we had on Saturday, we went to some of our areas just to invite people to church on Sunday. We went to one of our investigators named Mayeth. She is kind of new and we have just started teaching her. When we went to visit, she was quite drunk. :( She spoke some very bastos (inappropriate) things to us. It was kind of funny but we definitely had to leave that. And if anyone wanted to know, she didn't come to church. So that was great. Again we had no investigators at sacrament so yeah... I was a little bit discouraged/frustrated this week just because this is the hardest thing I have ever done. That is just another reason to rely on my Savior. We are doing well and staying positive. I guess I am looking for immediate success. We are fresh starting/shotgunning the area so it is going to be awhile before I see any success. We are doing our best though! Another great thing happened this week. Last night actually. We were at a members house teaching a "LA" (She's super active but she, by mission standards not fully active) basta, we taught her and then this super awesome member comes in and says, "Elders, do you like Dr. Pepper?" My jaw dropped and I couldn't help but basically yell, "YES!" She gave me 4 and apologized and said she would buy me more! So I basically have an unlimited supply of it and I don't have to pay a dime. She also gave us each a bag of Doritos! So basically I am living the high life ;) That was awesome. 

Anyways, not much to report on this week. Well, I guess one more thing. This morning I got a text from President Ostler and I will be the new District Leader here in Las Pinas district. It will be lovely being taught from the Zone Leaders, but I guess I can handle it! We are going to have to keep progressing here and being obedient! Should be fine though. I don't have very many pictures just because there isn't anything much to take pics of... I need to do better at getting pics with my new kabahay! They are a hoot. Me and Elder Eteaki are super close. He actually like suplexed me last night and laid on me, all 330 pounds of him hahaha. I love that guy and all we do is laugh. It is super fun, but we get work done! I love this area and the members are super awesome and all that. Sana we will see some success in the next few weeks. I love you all! 

PS here are some pics of the highlights ;) 

Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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