Sunday, May 29, 2016

Birthday Email!!

Hello world,

Another one gone. I can't believe how fast the time is going. I guess I hit 14 months this week, so that was pretty crazy. It is going by pretty fast now. 

Also we had my birthday dinner last Monday! We ate at the Adolfo family, Sister Mericor is the RS president here in the ward. She cooks REALLY well. Reminds me of mom. She made us "Shanghais." They are basically these meat roll things that are fried. We KILLED them. I had like 20 of them and gained a lot of weight probs haha. It was good though! And then after that we were walking home and a member drove by and saw us, then he stopped and took us home but bought me ice cream. So that was the icing on the cake for my birthday.

Tuesday we had interviews with President. I walked in for my interview, and walked out about 8 minutes later. All he really said is that someone will be transferring out of me and Elder Webster, and up to this point we still don't know who. So just a quick follow up on obedience and that was it! So yeah, we got to see some people at the mission office who I haven't seen in awhile, so that was nice. Overall we learned some things from the APs and all that, we learned how to really "set our area on fire." Hopefully we can apply those things and make some good things happen. We also saw Elder Garol! He is assigned in Makati right now. I walked into their district meeting before it started and he like saw me and threw his books and like jumped on me!! hahaha. I love him though and I missed him! So Elder Webster got to meet his brother, so that was cool! 

This week was pretty rough in terms of work. We haven't really had anyone progressing in the past 3 weeks or so. We are just finding and finding, but we just can't seem to find the right people. When that happens, you just keep going! So that's what we have been doing. We have been teaching this lady named Irene, she is kind of crazy, but super nice and super willing to listen. She is just really shy. So long story short, the sisters in our district had a baptism this week and we invited Sister I. She ended up coming and looked like she had a good time! She promised us that she would go to church and said she didn't need to be picked up. I had a baptismal interview before church so I was a little glad we didn't need to pick her up. So anyways, she said she would come, and then didn't end up coming. So this next week, we will FOR SURE be picking her up to go to church. Also, our other investigator Sister M who said she wants to be baptized, went back to the province right as we showed up to the appointment she set for us. So that was rough. 

Now, not all this week was full of letdowns! We found some good new people to teach. We found this guy named Melvin and his wife (who I can't remember her name) that we taught last night. He is a stud. He actually works for haha. All of you should be familiar with that, he works at the call center and answers all the complaints of all of us whiny Americans! He is super cool and is a huge American music fan, so you can say we became friends fast ;). His wife is super shy, and actually half Spanish, but he said he will read and pray about the Book or Mormon. So we will see! Our lesson is actually like 65% English because he is so good. But we will see where that ends up. We found some other people this week, and will be following up with them tomorrow. So yeah! 

Things are good here though. Elder Webster almost got kissed by a drunk guy this week. He like leaned in for a juicy one, but Webby wouldn't let him land it. Sayang. So that was hilarious and that SAME drunk guy is convinced that I am the director of Harry Potter. So that was pretty cool. Super funny! Drunk people make life super fun here. (Oh dear....)

So one of us will be transferring this week, we don't know who. I actually really want to stay here. But we will see. So in preparation, we took some pics with the members yesterday at church. We will see what happens! 

Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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