Monday, August 8, 2016

Hi peeps of the world!

I hope all of you had a good week just like we had. It was a hot and sweaty and sometimes rainy week here in Tondo. Too bad when it rains it gets EVEN HOTTER sayang... Pero we had a good week! Lots of good people who seem to be progressing at this point in our area. I am really happy to see where things are going in the area. I think that we still can always do better! President Ostler said that our mission is pushing the limits of missionary work. So imagine this if there were no members in our areas, it was just the missionaries Pres. Ostler said that we are doing the best that we can possibly do in that scenario. We can do even better if we really involve the members. So that is what we are pushing for in our areas. I'm not going to lie, every area has its struggles that I have been in. Palawan was extremely primitive, Las Pinas was like Utah in its progression. Tondo has a TON of potential. The missionaries have worked hard here but some things that have happened have slowed some progression. Last night we met with Bishop Altre about what we need to do as a ward. I guess that the whole Manila stake is at its lowest point in a few years when it comes to missionary work. So we discussed it with bishop about what we need to do. The 4 of us as missionaries are doing the best we can, its time to push the members. So this Sunday, the 4 of us will all be speaking. Bishop said that between the 4 of us we will be discussing some topics that each of us can take to speak about. The 4 topics we came down to were: sustaining leaders, magnifying your calling, VT/HT, and member missionary work/fellowshippng. I have chosen to talk about magnifying your calling. Its a problem that I think a lot of us have. The members here need some kind of a wake up call. Or I think we all do. So I will be the last speaker this coming weekend. I actually don't mind speaking. Its not even that hard anymore. So I look forward to that. Also the missionaries will be singing prelude music. Bishop wants this to be a missionary week where we can kind of wake up some of the members. Should be a good week! Also in two weeks we will be teaching the combined RS and EQ lesson focusing on missionary work. So should be good.

This week I got some good news! If anybody remembers Melh-Jean Recones from Las Pinas she was our investigator. She got baptized this last week! So yeah that was something good to hear :) bout time she made it to the waters. So that was cool. Within the next two weeks we are looking at a baptism! Sister Eugene Mae will hopefully be baptized. We just have to finish the lessons with her and her interview will be this Saturday! So we look forward to that. Also the Manuel family is doing really well! Brother Alvin wants to be baptized so badly. Today they are supposed to go and get their marriage license for that. So hopefully in the next few weeks we can marry and baptize them! That would be so special :) So good things are happening! The other family we have been teaching is doing well in some ways in other ways they are struggling a little bit. Brother Raffy is reading the BOM and is on page 39! So that is pretty cool. They are struggling a little bit with committing and actually following through on appointments. So we keep pressing forward!I have pics of them so ya'll can see. We also have another girl named Lovely that we are teaching. I think she has a crush on my companion so we will have to see what happens when she transfers. That's about it for investigators. Some of our LA are so difficult. We are doing our best with them. They still have their free agency. So we do our best. 

Overall the week was good. Something funny happened this week. So the new president in the Philippines made gambling illegal so we were walking in one of  our more sketchy areas and then they saw us and all booked it away from us! Ha! They thought we were police. Pretty dang funny. I love that. Also we bought a cake the words we put on it are "Sebastian ❤'s Cibuco" thats the first name of Elder Lopez and then his companion. Just a joke  it was definitely a mango marshmallow so that was cool. I also bought a SICK star wars shirt so all ya'll can be jealous. I also don't know who the storm trooper is on it... So just bare with me. I love you all!

Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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