Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Weekly Update

Good morning to all my lovely peeps. I hope all ya'll had a really good week! We did. We had a really good week. We are having lots of good success. Things are really starting to come together. We had 8 investigators at sacrament yesterday! That is a record for my mission. Some of them were the same, but we had some new ones who we taught on Saturday that ended up going to church with us on Sunday. So that was good to see some good success this week in terms of church. 

This week was a little trying in terms of some people, but really rewarding in terms of others. Sister Eugene Mae is still progressing really really well! She is really developing that desire to be baptized and kind of give purpose to her life. She is a really quiet, shy person, but she is really starting to open up to us. She jokes and stuff which is a sign of her starting to open up a little more to us. Also it helps her with wanting to ask questions and talk about some potential concerns. We are sure she will be baptized, we just have to get through the lessons and it can happen. She is at church every single week and is really just absorbing all we teach. We are doing our  best to teach her, but she is understanding more even if she isn't the best at Tagalog. Its been a blessing teaching her! She is from Mindanao here in the Philippines, specifically in a place called Zamboanga. Its in the deep south here in the country and in her area it is mostly Muslim. The "group" in her area consists of 4 missionaries and 2 members, so if she ever goes back to the province she will be a "pioneer" in the area. So that's a really cool thought. She is reading the Book of Mormon and from what I have been told she leads family prayer sometimes. So that is so so awesome! The Manuel family is doing well too. We are so close to getting them married, brother Alvin is just having a hard time getting days off so he can go with his wife to get the marriage license and all that. So its so close! But they are doing well. Also, the 3 new people that went to church were taught only once and then they came to church. If any of you remember the photos I sent home of the drunk guy last week, the girl sitting next to me in the yellow came to church kasama ng sister nya and her friend. I think the girl in the yellow has a crush on Elder Langi, so we will see how that pans out and see if she is actually interested. They had to leave early from church because of work, so that is another concern of theirs. We are working on that though.

Overall this week was good. The "golden family' that we found were busy all week long... That was super frustrating. One of the times we went over there and brother R had started to drink. He wasn't too drunk at that point, he was still all there for us to at least talk to him. We still aren't able to really teach him if he is even a little bit under the influence. So we scheduled to go back the next day. He said he would cook for us, so after the chicken feet extravaganza last week, I was a little nervous. Anyways, when we were talking to him at that point I was excited because he is reading the Book of Mormon! He is on page 11 and  has things marked that he likes. So that's really really awesome and a huge blessing! Sometimes its hard to get people just to pick the book up! He is 100% willing to read, even if he is hard to teach with his family, reading the Book of Mormon is the best thing he can be doing. So we keep trying and praying for him to give us some time to teach, 

I'm trying to think of a funny experience that we had this week... Hmmm. maybe wala haha. We are just working hard. Elder Langi ordered 48 bottles of Mountain Dew for the apartment hahah. Because here in the Philippines when you drink out of a glass bottle, you return the bottle and then the company returns it so they can refill the bottles, so yeah. He bought 2 cases of 24 bottles. Now, I am already super fat so I'm keeping it to 1 a day don't worry 

I have been reading the New Testament and it is INCREDIBLE. Now, we know how important the Book of Mormon is for our church. But I also encourage you all to read the New Testament! The life of our Savior Jesus Christ is contained in it. I have learned so much about myself and following his perfect example is what we are all striving to do in our lives. I love you all, and I love being a missionary here in the Philippines. 

Love you all!

PS i kind of got like no pics this week... 
Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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