Monday, August 22, 2016

Hi World!

Hi world,

Finally I found a computer that I can actually email on. These internet cafes here are a little difficult to work with some times. So, we do our best. I am not going to lie... This week has been one of the hardest weeks of my whole mission. Tons of rejection and some let downs a TON of diarrhea. I guess I will give a quick run down on the whole sickness thing. Feel free to skip this part for those of you who aren't interested. So for about 2 weeks now, I have been having some diarrhea. It has been a joy! I have taken so many pills for it and nothing has been happening. I texted the nurse last Monday and she has basically put me on an all liquid diet. I basically haven't had a meal in about a week now. I have probably lost like 8-10 pounds now. It has been rough.Wednesday through Saturday were so long. I have never been so hungry my whole life. To top it off, I got the sickness that my roommate has had as well. So a nice sore throat for the cherry on top. I have been on straight liquids from about Wednesday really. I could count on one hand the food I have eaten since then. We didn't work Saturday or Sunday because my body has been so week. It has been hard. I am doing my best but you can only push your body so hard when you aren't eating very much. But, I have felt the hand of the Lord as we work hard! Its like the sore throat and sickness goes away when we talk to someone on the street, Its a really cool feeling. It felt like it was melting off of me. Really awesome :) The Lord loves us, he really does. So yeah.. There is the physical run down for the week ;) 

The work this week was also very difficult because of the sickness. Thursday me and Elder Cebuco had exchanges in his area. We taught 7 lessons and I thought I was going to die at some points. Going home to go to the bathroom gets a little tiring, even expensive too! It takes its toll on the work. The exchange went well too. Elder Cebuco will be training this next transfer. I am also assuming that Elder Langi will be transferring on Wednesday, so we will see who my new companion is. So we have been teaching Sis. Eugene Mae and preparing her for baptism hopefully for this coming week! We have been working so hard to try and get the ward to fellowship her and make her feel welcome. Its so hard though because she is a really quiet person... Anyways, to shorten everything up, she texted us on Friday and told us that she doesn't want to continue to be taught... It was a heart breaker. Not gonna lie. After what I was feeling and then that to top it off it was tough. Its hard not to think, "What did I do wrong? Or what could I have done better?" Sometimes we do our best, and people don't use their free agency wisely. What can you do. We just keep going. Other than that we went to some members this week and just taught them about missionary work. That is our goal, is involving the members. Hopefully something good comes out of that in our area. We are really working hard so we are looking for something good. Not much else to report on for the work. 

This week was stake conference as well! Those are always a spiritual boost. We were nervous about investigators like the Manuel family being able to make it to that, but hey, they did! They went with the members all the way to the Santa Cruz chapel to be able to see what happens as well as feel the spirit. The conference was of course great. President and Sister Ostler were there as well and gave some great talks. President Ostler spoke about forgiveness and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He really spoke about how we need to forgive people that have hurt us, even if they have hurt us over and over again. The Lord won't forgive us if we don't forgive the people who have hurt us. No matter how big it is. So that was a good reminder. The conference just was really good, they touched on missionary work a lot. The stake is struggling a little bit, and we are hoping and praying that people will get more involved with it. 

I am really hoping to see some miracles in this area, especially starting a new transfer. Based on history, this will be my last transfer here in Tondo if history is repeated, so we will see how that goes. I have some pictures from the conference. I will see if i can send them in a minute. It is a bit of a process, so we will see. I love you all! Thank you for your prayers:) I really feel them and I feel your love from every one of you :) 

Love you all! 

Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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