Monday, December 5, 2016

Dear World,

So sorry I am on so dang late. We are currently here in Puerto Princessa Palawan here at the church. So yeah. I will explain that momentarily. 

So this last week was pretty good. We knew it was going to be a busy week just because of all what was going to be happening this last weekend, but sufficeth to say I am/was really excited! We had a lot happening this weekend. So I will start at the beginning.

Friday: We had our weekly planning. And that was a joy, as always. We taught a few lessons to some people. We were hoping to teach Sister Michelle again, but she ended up cancelling on us after we scrambled for a member to work with us so that we could teach her. So yeah, also we packed for the weekend, since we were going on a road trip!

Saturday: So we ended up (as a branch) renting 4 shuttle/van things so that the entire branch would be able to go to district conference. We ended up going with the branch at about 6 in the morning all the way up to Narra. We road in the van with like 6 RM's and a couple of guys who are preparing to go on missions. Lets just say it was a troll fest, (or the new "slang" these days: Savage.) Everyone was so savage in that car. Lets just say we had a good time and then ended up sleeping. It was nice. We ended up in Narra at about 1 I think and then we had to go study. At 4:00 PM we went to the chapel to prepare for the Saturday night adult session. I was SO excited because I was going to see the Rizal members! Just like last year they were the choir. But this year i wasn't helping to direct it. They did a good job. Anyways, before the session, I walked by the room that Rizal was rehearsing in and Sister Mia saw me. I remember seeing her jaw drop and she liked yelled my name and they all ran out to say hi! I was so excited and basically almost starting crying. Several of them teared up a bit too. Boy I miss them a lot. It was GREAT to see them. The session was great as well. We had an area Seventy there that presided at the conference. Also President and Sister Ostler were there and of course spoke. It was interesting because they had a translator. A lot of the members here in Palawan speak very little English, its very different than the mainland. It was a great conference, we learned a lot and the area Seventy that spoke is awesome. It was interesting because he spoke TONS of English in his talk. So we understood everything he said. Sometimes it is a little difficult to understand that kind of stuff just because it can get deep. It was good though. After the session we drove the 45 minutes in a shuttle to Narra so that we can sleep in the Narra Elder's house. That morning, we woke up and went to the Sunday morning session of the District Conference. 

Sunday: At the conference, we started at 9 in the morning. Again I saw the Rizal members. They kept on telling me that I needed to come back to Rizal. I want to so bad, I just kept telling them that, but we can wait I suppose haha. It was a great session as well. They also reorganized the District presidency here in Narra District. The new District President is from Brookes Point. He will do a great job, and hopefully in the next few years we can see this area become wards and stakes. The vision for the area was really like layed out for everybody to see and understand. They can make that happen. it may take some time though. After the session we took some nice pics and I had to have another good bye moment with the Rizal members. So that was a joy. Immedietly after, we got into shuttles and made our way to Puerto Princessa for our Mission Tour. This year, Elder Allen D. Haynie of the area presidency came to our mission to speak and train us. That was actually this morning, since I am emailing at night time. 

Monday: I thought that I would be emailing on Wednesday (sorry I forgot to tell everyone last week) but then it changed and here I am emailing... So next week it should be back to normal next week. Anyways, after waking up in a NICE hotel bed and CRYING in my 25 minute hot shower, we showed up to the church for our conference with Elder Haynie. We learned about the gathering of Israel! It was pretty deep doctrine, but he made it sound so simple, and so true. It was a great conference, but because of my lack of time, I will have to talk about it at a later date. 

This week was super nice. We had a nice relaxed week this last week. We are kind of struggling in our area. My companion is still trying to figure out the area, but thats okay because it is forcing me to learn it faster and get to know the members faster. So no problems. We are doing well.  I really love the members here. The area is great. I am just kind of prepping for a nice Christmas again here in paradise. So yeah. I love you all. Hope you like some of my pics. Here is a few more. Also, I think I will be able to skype from Brookes, so we can discuss the plans for that in the next few weeks. I love you all! 

PS the hat that I just got like 10 minutes ago is of course too small for my giant ulo. 
Elder Lambert
Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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