Monday, December 19, 2016

Good morning friends and family,

Merry Christmas to everyone! This was a good week. We had lots to do
and were super busy. Monday we had our P-day and just worked. Tuesday
we had zone meeting in Narra. Basically, we got home late from that
and had no work that day. We just had a good training from the zone
leaders and all that. We learned about really going out to find
scattered Israel. Basically we learned how to better apply the
training from our Christmas zone conference from Elder Haynie.  It was
really good to see some of the Elders in the zone. Elder Gibson and
Elder Monson go to Manila every month for meetings and they got some
stuff from my luggage. While they were in my luggage, they pulled out
2 of my ties that they thought would be funny to wear at zone meeting.
So that was a little funny haha. That was our Tuesday I suppose.

Anyways. Our first official day of work was on Wednesday. Me and Elder
Jones went on exchanges in his area. That was a nice rest if you know
what I mean. We taught 7 lessons in his area. We basically killed it.
It made me really see where our area is lacking. I came into our area
and it was kind of… kulang. (ya’ll can translate that if you want.) We
worked and just had a good day in his area. In the mean time, the
other two elders were supposed to be working in our area. I guess
Elder Carter got sick, so they were unable to work. So that was
another day in our area with no work. Thursday we worked hard and
prepared for the Christmas party that was happening on that Saturday.
We taught a few lessons. But for the most part we were rejected to be
honest haha. We were trying to go to an area and find new people, but
it just happened to be where there are lots of Iglesia ni Cristo
members. We just got basically told off all day haha. We had lots of
OYMs though! Nothing much came out of it though. We recontacted a
former investigator of Elder Carter’s from a while ago. Her name is
Anna Mae and she is like 19 years old and has a kid. She is actually
very interested, and we were able to teach her mom who was there as
well. So it was nice to finally get someone who was willing to listen.
We basically just ended the day very tired and sweaty. Friday was an
okay day as well. We weekly planned and I did my best to get a feel
for the area and what we should do for it. This area has a few
challenges, just like all of the areas, but it is a great area. We
also went to the church to have some of the RM members teach us a
dance for the Christmas party, but then we figured it probably
wouldn’t be a good idea, so we just ended up singing anyways. Friday
we worked, did some more finding again so that we can have some new
people to teach. Saturday was a day that I was really looking forward
to. It was a day where we got to go be at the church and feel the
Christmas spirit and spend time with the members. For various reasons,
we need to make some friends and build some trust with members. It was
a great opportunity to see and be with the members. I have a lot of
friends here who are new RM’s and some are preparing to leave on their
missions. We have a lot of fun together with those guys. I got to know
lots of new members and stuff. AND on top of that, we smashed a lot of
super nice food! We ate lechon baboy! It was another one of those pig
things that tastes oh so good. We sang songs and lots of the members
performed like dance number things. It was a lot of fun and some good
laughs. Another one of those stress reliever things.

Saturday we went to church. The thing is, is that there has been an
UNREAL amount of rain here in Palawan for the past 3 days or so. Like
it has hardly stopped. A lot of our area was flooded yesterday after
church. After all that, we had about 3 investigators at church again.
We are doing well in that sense, we just need to really push them
harder. That is what we are lacking in our area is pushing people to
baptism. We just have a hard time inviting people and teaching them on
a consistent basis. We are having fun though. Sometimes a little
rough, but not bad though.  I am really loving it here and I guess
Christmas is in a few days. So I will see some of you soon! Love you

PS i will work on some of the pics

Elder Lambert

Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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