Sunday, December 11, 2016

Good morning world,

We are just having another nnice hot sweaty morning here in Brookes
Point. I still love it here. We had a super busy week last week so we
ended up emailing on Monday night, when I was expecting to email on
like Wednesday. Its okay though because we got the fast internet up in
Puerto. We actually ended up back in Brookes Point on Wednesday
because the travel is so far away. It was nice though. It was a nice
couple days to relax and enjoy the Christmas spirit, especially with
the other missionaries from all over the island. Lots of stuff is
going on here. We will see how that goes.

So the 4 missionaries here in Brookes Point, we are are trying to
organize a Christmas proselyting activity where we can invite people
to come out and have some fun, and learn about the message! So what we
are doing, is we rented this like basketball court thing where we can
invite people to come out to this court where we can watch Meet the
Mormons and watch some of the church’s Christmas videos they have done
over the years. So far it is taking a lot of planning. We are trying
to get some money for it as well to rent some nice speakers and stuff!
So hopefully we can get all that approved. It should be a great
opportunity for people to learn about the church, watch a movie, and
have some light snacks. That will be going down on December 23rd.
Also,  this coming Saturday we have our branch Christmas party! I cant
wait for that one. I guess we are going to do a talent thing for the
branch. I think that would be the 4 of us, so we will see how that
goes ha. I look forward to that.

So the work here in Brookes… Hmmm. It is a little difficult right now
here. I mean it wouldn’t be right if it was easy. We are having just
some struggles just because the area is so big! Transportation is a
bit of a problem just because we have to make sure that we are getting
a good deal when it comes down to our transportation. It is a little
difficult since lots of people think that we are two rich white guys,
when in reality we know what the price should be. So that is a little
tough. We have to like work them down but they come up with some of
the dumbest reasons to raise the price. We do alright though. We work
in an area called Mainit. It is like a 20 minute tricycle ride up
there. It is like up in the forest. So it is a lot of fun to go up
there. It is like hiking through the forest and stuff. It isn’t too
hot either. There are TONS of members in that area too, which includes
Less Active members.  So when we go up there, we have lots to teach,
the problem is, is finding transportation when it is like 7 or so at
night. The other day we got a free ride in the back of a flat bed rice
truck thing. That was super fun ha. We had a ball on that one. We have
been teaching a few people. Some are progressing, but not a lot of
them are at a fast pace. Especially since we had a lot less work this
week. Some of the people are coming to church, others disappear at
random times and we cant find them. We really are doing our best . We
had a lot of investigators at church though! The issue is, is that
they are kind of on and off investigators. We are going to really
focus this week on people who will progress so we look forward to

I think that is all for the area. We are trying to get adjusted to
each other, me and my companion. Its very interesting, but it is
going. I guess we will skype in a few weeks! That will be good. We
will see how it goes with the internet here in Brookes. Love you all!

PS i will add some pics

Elder Lambert

Philippines, Manila Mission, Earth

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